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GottaDEAL 2023 Prize Club Discussion Thread


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So, I have seedlings popping up all over my garden box, far heavier than I remember sowing. I thought maybe they were my golden beets, but I know I only sowed the seeds on one side of the box, and these are spread throughout.

Another gardener walked by as I was working yesterday, and commented that I had planted a lot of melon or squash. I told her I had only planted spinach and beets, other than the obvious broccoli, garlic, and collards. Her English wasn’t great, but she was insistent that what was popping up was neither. So, I decided to ask my section mentor, who was training me today to come look at my garden so we could discuss it.

She also felt it was a type of squash, and we spent time speculating where it could have come from. It’s far too heavy to have been dropped by birds, and even if some seed from a neighboring box had somehow blown into mine, it’s really quite a lot of plants.

I did take the free wheelbarrow of compost from the community pile that was offered, but no one else seems to have this happening.

Then I remembered I used some of my own compost in March from my rotating tumbler, and I had tossed a broken up pumpkin to compost after Thanksgiving…

My garden box definitely won’t accommodate all of these pumpkin plants, so I’m going to let them mature a little more and then dig them up to donate to the food bank garden. I might keep one or two.



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Middle of May already!  We have had some rain to finally break up the drought, and now I just want to see the sun again. After today, my boys have 9 days of school left and then we can get our summer started, if the weather will cooperate.  We've been cleaning up our property, moving flowers around and cleared one flower bed entirely except for some black raspberries planted by birds a couple of years ago.  Maybe this will be the year I don't eat all of the berries and we can have jam.  Not likely, but a girl can dream!


I need to buy a lawnmower, but there's no big savings on those this year!  My local Kubota dealer doesn't even know what is being shipped to him to sell - he just has to wait and see.  Crazy!  

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Congrats to all the graduates that have graduated and anyone else that has had special life events this month! Can't believe we're halfway to Black Friday already. This year seems to be flying by quickly.

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