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*** Official WHAT DID YOU GET? / YOUR EXPERIENCES Discussion Thread ***


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WhooHoo we got the Wii bundle from Sam's Club this morn!!


Owensboro, KY Sam's Club had 40 bundles. That Husband o' mine was there at 4am, said there were about 20 or so folks waiting with him then. He called when he got there, when he got his ticket and when he was securely and finally in the vehicle and heading home now at 5:20 am.


~~WHEW~~ NOW the FUN part of Christmas shopping can commence lol...this was our first and hopefully last time to do the earlybird panicky thing!

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Guest Mom1979

Just got back from Wal*Mart.

Got the $79 VW Beetle; (they had 7!)


and 3 ($5) barbies whoop, a really good BF and now I have to leave to hit Lowe's....

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Got the Dora and Spongebob Tv's with Dvd Players for $49.99 from meijer WOOHOO!! Got the Panasonic Phone for my parents(meijer 1/2 price), the small shark vac for $10 at Target and those helicopter airhog toys for $15) and a couple other things WOOHOO!! Now home waiting for the next shift of babysitters to get here, then off again
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I wanted to get DH the brown zune but I mentioned not liking the color and he said he wasn't fond of it but wanted it anyway. So I found the black one on Buy.com for $94, used 5% off coupon - so I got it for $90 shipped. $10 more than at TRU and the color he originally wanted. ;)


Only online shopping thus far.. (I'm on the west coast)

I also got DH flannel pj pants ($10) & a cashmere sweater from Old Navy this morning ($14.75).


All toy shopping is done in-stores since I am so picky. ;)

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This will probably be my last year I will do it only because the people there are just plain a-holes. This years deals weren't even THAT great to begin with.


I arrived around 3pm to scout the bestbuy, and there was already 14 chairs..ALL EMPTY

outside the bestbuy...


I'm like okay maybe they went to get food or something. 3 hours later they show up

and say they had placed their chairs there to save their spot. 1 lady said she had

put her chair there Thanksgiving morning to save her spot. I told her she wasn't supposed

to be doing it like that and she said she didn't care. Towards the end of the nite when

tickets were about to be given out..massive amounts of people tried to cut the line.

I ended up getting what I wanted, but its total insanity. Everyone was pushing and pulling

and it really was a sad moment for just people. Yeah there are some deals but to be

doing all that to just get a ticket..i mean come on.

Then you had people getting tickets and selling them. 1 guy sold the toshiba ticket for

250 bucks!!! I couldn't believe that someone would pay that.


I don't think i'll be doing it next year...unless they have some REALLY crazy deal.

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Guest ZeroGravity107
woke up at 5. got to staples for 5:20, got the tom tom, 2gig flash drive, and 2gig ram kit. got 20$ off and got a 20$ gift card. at best buy now, waiting in line with the 22inch envision, all in one printer and 160gig portable hard drive. got everything i wanted so far.happy bf everyone
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I got in line about 3am myself, and I wasn't even looking for anything special. I just wanted to get there early, get my stuff, and leave before the mad rush, and I'm not much of a sleeper anyway, so it was perfect for me.


As I was nearer the front of the line, there was a large group of people simply hovering in the parking lot across the street from the entrance. They were incredibly obvious, and it appeared they were just going to stampede the entrance once the doors opened. Thankfully, Best Buy had a few cops on-hand, and the line policed that itself. The mass of BOOs could be heard down the street when the people tried to push in, and they were summarily ejected and had to wait until the line had filtered in.


I've done BF 2 years in a row for little things. I'm not really sure next year will be worth it, unless I have a big purchase to make and the price is right. I'm not interested in $250 laptops, because I don't have family to buy those kinds of gifts for. My children are too young for them, and my wife and I couldn't do any of the work or entertainment things on them that we'd like to. I have a big TV and all the trimmings, so I think I'm about consumered out at this point.


Here's hoping you got everything you wanted with a minimum of hassle.


Happy Holidays.

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YAY! I went to Sears for the Zenith DVD/VCR combo ($39.99 AR) & a Coby DVD player ($9.99 AR). It was my first BF on this side of the counter. So I went mainly for the attraction, LOL. Also picked up a DVD for Hubba for $4.99 (don't ask, I don't remember which one). Almost got a Tom & Jerry one for the kids, but it wasn't on sale *poo*


Anyhoo, I wanted to hit a couple more stores, but Hubba has to work today, so I cam on home.

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Hubby on 6 month deployment so I am stuck here with 2 kids and elderly bedridden grandma so I shoped online. Got the 10 packs of paper from office depot last night and today I ordered from old Navy 5 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses, and 6 pairs of flip flops. So happy old navy put their doorbusters online and with 5 dollar shipping it was great
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Whoo Hoo! DH stayed up all night so we wouldn't oversleep!

Wearing my lucky socks, my "cranky" t-shirt, and dragging a very terrified DH.



3 am --toys r us...about #15 in line

3 blastzooka guns

4 mp3 players

2 DS games

1 Wii Game


Doll Clothes

Guitar (for guitar hero)


While waiting in line I logged on to Walmart.com from my phone and got the DVD portable. (shipping was high but i got it!)


Best Buy (in store)

Dust Buster

4 Wii Games (they price matched Wal-mart, and Circuit City!)

3 Movies

DS game


Best Buy (online)

Wii Game


And interviewed on the News!


Yesterday I scored a Wii


Hubby is still terrified, and will probably never go again!!

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Kohls - in line at 3:25 - $89 indoor outdoor speakers


Meijer - in line at 4:15 - $30 Dollar Fire Truck, $130 Under Cabinet TV, 20x Hotwheels cars for $10, Nerf Football for $2


Target - in line at 5:15 - 5x $19 Tool Kits, Nintendo DS for $149, Baby Doll Twins for $30, Hannah Montana Dolls for $30


Toys R Us - Bowling Kit $15, Toy Work Bench $10, Fording Trike $20, PIrate Ship $30


Sears - Laser Measuring Tape $79


Left the house at 3:15 :yawn: and home by 7:30! :)

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I didn't go out this year either. First time in years I didn't go. There was nothing in the ads I wanted this year that I didn't find cheaper before BF. I did go online this morning and buy a movie at Walmart but thats it. It was so much better than gettting out in this cold and I got to sleep.
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Target: $85 Audiovox 10" portable DVD Player, Seasons 7 and 8 of Seinfeld for roughly $14 each, Gears of War for $38


When I was in line at 4am, there were only about 6 of us. By the time the store opened, there were at least 300 people.


Old Navy: $98 coat for half off


Best Buy: Half off Spongebob seasons. The S2 isn't really half off. It ring up at $20, even though the half price would be $18 (a glitch that was online earlier, but is now fixed.)

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today 11/23/07



Kodak 10x Digital Camera

2 gb sd Card (for the Camera for now: it takes SDHC cards :) )




Navigon 2100

Tom Tom one(gift for Mom and Bro, to share)


Big Lots :

2 Dvd Recorders(1 for my Bro if he don't get one)


Family CHristian Stores:


Casting Crowns album; The Altar and the Door

2 cd's by Plumb("Blink" and "Chaotic Resolve")


overall everything i thought went smooth.Here in Upstate SC I only had to wait outside in line(at Staples but i was there at 5:30am today) in the cold, Walmart did give me a Map that was almost hard to read(one side was suppose to be the map and the other side a key, but the key side had another map printed over it).Traffic wasn't too bad and AFIK no one got hurt or Ugly trying to get something


one funny note though, I dress kinda peculiar most of the time, I wear spiked wristbands on both wrists(I'm a afficiando of Heavy Metal and other Hard Music) and some people behind were kidding with me that I was their new friend and i could be a shield for them with my Wristbands :)





Radio Shack :

Battery operated Soldering Iron and 2 packs of their AA digital Batteries

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1:30am got on GameStop.com.... Whole BF games online w/ BF pricing. Ordered by 4 games w/ free shipping... WHEW.


Walmart... In-store by 2:10am

Madden 08 ($14.99- PM'd)

NBA 08


Crayola GlowBoard $15 (PM'd)

Hannah Montana guitar purse

Hannah Montana pajamas

Journey Greatest Hits $5 (PM'd)

Pink Sp starter kit w/ pink case, headphones, etc


Macy's... In line by 5:40am

2 Hannah Montana Hoodies $16.99 each- Used $10 off savings pass.. $22 for both

(High School Musical hoodies didn't come in :( )


Walgreens... In line (yes a line) by 6:30 or so


Moon Sand

Photo Keychain

Bounty paper towels

Tide Detergant

wrapping paper (super deal- buy 1 get 2 free)


Home by 8am

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Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage $99

PS2 Bundle $129

3 Wireless PS2 Guitars $19.99/ea

4 Bucket of animals $4.99/each

Sing & Explore Pablo $11.99



More things then I can count/remember


Great experience at TRU this year. It was our first BF TRU experience & I was very impressed with their organization and supply & even checkout times weren't bad. We weren't after the the Zune, but they gave out vouchers about 4am for the 20 they had in those, but never told the back of the line. So lots of people were rushing to electronics & asking about the Zunes that had already been spoken for.

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I didnt go either. I've delivered papers for 7 yrs, so Im always out anyways... This yr, I didnt work today, so I wasnt up for it., I was too tired, the deals, to me, werent good enough, and I just didnt know what to get for the girls...


Overwhelmed perhaps? maybe. Just wasn't up for it.. plus I ate/drank too much yesterday, enjoyhed it a lot, so... :)


Ill go out later with the girls though :)



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I went to Walmart in Hadley, MA. Got there at about 4:15 and was about 50 in line. I was getting the Lexmark printer. They usually have what we need in Hadley and they handed out maps of where everything was located 5 minutes before opening. My sister called her friend who works at Walmart in Chicopee and at the same time there were about 1000 or more people in line. We used to go to Chicopee because it's closer, but they would run out and when we went to Hadley they always had what Chicopee ran out of. Another reason we go to Hadley is Target, our second store is right across the street and in Chicopee we would have to go Holyoke Mall which is a madhouse on bf. I got everything I needed at Walmart except the boys pj's for $5 because they never got them in. On the way home, we stopped at Kmart in Holyoke and my sister finally found the pink and crimson DS systems so she put them on layaway and I price adjusted a phone I bought last week and saved $7. We were home by 8:00. Hope everyone has fun and gets most of what they wanted.
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