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*** Official WHAT DID YOU GET? / YOUR EXPERIENCES Discussion Thread ***


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Wii famliy bundle wii @ Sams online on Thursday. All sams sale items were on sale a day early on-line. $498


Tom Tom @ circit city on line also online Thursday $129 free shipping.




Went to:

Walmart 2 portable DVD players $49.99 showed up 5:05 long line


Staples 20" monitor $119 not on ad, the 4 gig usb, $50 photo frame, 500 usb drive and DVD's 5:30 in line most high demand products gone by coupon far before me.


JC Penny lots of clothes.


The thing I learned was my buddy was on the phone to me. He everything inculding the lap from Staples and walmart on about 15 before the stores opened. Next year I am staying home and shopping on line starting on Thursday!

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My earlier elation over getting the Navigon 2100 online at Staples appears to be premature. Got home and decided to see if they had updated my delivery date, and say that the order total was $0.00. Called to ask "WTH" and was politely told that they were sold out and sorry. I explained that I had a copy of my order confirmation, and that I'd gotten a preliminary ship date of 11/30 but to no avail. "Sorry...":mad:


So sent then a very "not so nice" email telling them that if I thought that was going to happen, I would have been at a B&M to get one. In fact, the reason I didn't go to Staples until later was driven by the fact that nothing else I wanted was an earlybird. I did leave them the option open to satisfy me by offering a 5100 for a comparable discount.


Other than that, got everything else I was looking for:



Hand tools for $1.99 AR

2 Ionic Air purifiers ($69 ea)



Lightscribe DVDs and CDs

Motorola Bluetooth $14.99 AR

Photo Paper



MS Office 2007 Pro Military Appreciation ($69.99) and used a $20 off on it


Wally World:

2 of the $25 Vacuums (one for my DD's business)

The Circut machine

Some of the $5 lounge pants for me :)


Not bad...but would have been perfect if Staples hadn't screwed my online order.

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Picked up most of the things we really wanted on bestbuy.com when they started their online sale:


- HP 42" HDTV

- Sony Receiver

- $25 printer


Went to circuit city when they were opening this morning, line had about 750-1000 people in it, but there were police on hand and everything went pretty orderly. Picked up the Polk 5.1 speaker set, and checked it out at the Audio dept. checkout with one person in front of me, we were home at about 6am.


As soon as my wife gets up, i'm dragging her back out again though :yawn:

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Camped out at BB at 10am Thursday morning....number 20 in line.....fought off numerous line jumpers late into the evening....management came out at 3am with vouchers....none of the "secret online items" were ticketed!!!.....at 4:15 am management let only those with vouchers inside the store....was able to shop in peace until registers opened at 5am....Was able to snag:


2 desktops

2 229.00 Toshiba laptops

3 digital picture frames

1 Kodak and dig. pic frame bundle

1 Sanclip MP3 player

1 Hanna Montana DVD game

1 H.S. Muscial II CD


assorted other small goodies.......loved getting in store early but not sure if all stores did this...............what an experience tho

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Wow! TRU here was packed, but for the most part everyone seemed "normal" except DH who had his camera phone set to record just incase he was trampled (there were a lot of parking lot rushers!) He wanted to be able to take a picture if he needed police evidence! He was terrified, he'd never done BF before, or again! We were able to get everything we wanted (I wore my lucky socks, and t-shirt!) The guy in electronics was nice enough to honor my 10 off coupon on my games too! Got out under the $150 I promised DH, and saved $156! I'm sure somewhere in the mayhem there were people ready for a fight, but we didn't encounter any, thank goodness.
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I just could not bring myself to get up and go out in the cold this year. I did all of my shopping early or online Thanksgiving Day.


I got DS the 8g ipod that Walmart had a couple of weeks ago for 197.99 w/ free $25 I tunes card.

This morning I got DD the Nintendo DS Lite Bundle for 189.94 online. I thought it was a little better deal since it came with 2 games that I could pick out.

Circuit City

Wed the DVD/VCR in the family room died so on Turkey Day DH and I found the one they had in the Black Friday ad for 49.99.

Best Buy

SanDisk 2GB microSD Memory Card for DS phone 19.99

SanDisk 2GB memory stick PRO Duo for my camera 19.99

Dynex 7" Widescreen LCD Digtila Picture Frame 49.99


Just this morning 2 dressy tops for me, I really needed them honest.

Home Classics Coolmax Quilted Pillow one for each of us 11.99@

Candie's Bras and Hanes Panties for DD not a great savings but hey I didn't have to go outside.


Got DH one share of Disney Stock I had no clue what else to get him and we love Disney :cheesy:


Still working on this one :yup: in the cart right now

Boxer Briefs for DS 13.99 probably not a great deal but again something he needs and I don't have to leave the nice warm house ;)

Crayola GlowBoard 15.00 missed the 9.99 because I couldn't come up with enough for free shipping.

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2 packs of the 3 flashlights for $5 at Home Depot.

3 packs of the Nexxtech 50 DVD+R disks at Circuit City.

A number of the free after ECB items at CVS.


I also stopped at JC Penneys, Macy's and Goody's. Didn't buy a thing at those stores....


Was it me or did it seem like not as many people were out shopping this year?

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Ugh I'm pooped! But I got just about everything I went for


Toys R Us


Got 3 of the 9.99 PS2 games

one 9.99 MP3 for me!

air hockey game

not much else it was so crazy!




20 shop vac

Spring action light saber



Christmas Tree Shop

Nice 30.00 Isotoner gloves for the guys for 2.99 a pair

and a few other odds and ends but saved 20% on my total purchase


Harbor Freight



Circular Saw

digital mulity meter


angle grinder

a few other items





got two 7.99 games





boots for me and my step son

PJ's for my son

20 Q

Rock Tumbler







Guitar Superstar


Radio Shack


spiderman digital camera


Game Stop


6 games Buy 2 Get 1 free




instant Coffee


Christmas Tree




I think that is it I'm so tired forgive the spelling errors. And I'm sure I forgot something. At least I got most of what I went for this year unlike last year which was crazy and impossable!! I'm off to take a nap

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I didn't get much (I'm way too picky) but I did get the following:



Stick Vacuum-$10

Jewelry Armoire-$35

Family Guy Volume 4-$15

Planters Nuts Gift Pack-$7



Travel Mug-$8


I may continue shopping later since I'm refreshed after taking a nap. No real annoyances today other than people walking way too slow for my liking. I haven't experienced any out of stocks either except for the $25 Hamilton Beach mixer at Target but we have a raincheck for that anyway.

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Best Buy



several differant seasons of series

2 DS games

DS bundle w/ Zelda $149



bunch of movies

2 Sansa clip mp3 players

32 lcd $449

tv mount w/ surge protector $79


We didn't get to BB until after 7:30am. I was surprised that we found alot of the stuff.



2 bluetooth headsets

2 50pk dvd+r

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I left the house at 9:00, dropped off the kids at 9:30 and got on the roads!


First stop Target:


Graco Baby that comes with everything - 50.00

Video Rocker chair - 32.00

Ele griddle - 19.00

Sienfield Season 8 - 14.99


Put everything in the car and walked to Belks.


There I got 5 purses for 62.00 (TH, Fossil and Sak)

3 men's shirts for 21.00 each

1 dress slacks for 16.00


Then to Sears


I got 2 paif of gemstone and diamond earrings for 100.26


Now I'm at work!

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Well this a.m. I picked up the following:


Deck the Halls movie

Video chair


Radio shack:

light saber flashlights


Home Depot:

2 pks. of 3 led flashlights

2 screwdrivers



3 pks. of hotwheels


Staples: at 9:30

navigon2100 gps



Sports Authority


Utah Jazz "Boozer" jersey


Now I just need to wait to bring it all in!!

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We got EVERYTHING we wanted. My husband, his 1st time BF, went with me. Here was our schedule


Left at 4:10 scoped out the line at KMART only 12 cars there, called the hubby prepared him for the Plan of Action. I told him to go there no later than 5. He did good got in line and was #10!

I headed to pennys for the snow globe.

Hit KBTOYS @ 5

My little pony 2.99

Betty Spaghetti 4.99

Littlest petshop 2.99

B1G1 Fisher Price (got a boat tub toy, police crashers car and card game)


Headed to KMART @ 5:30

Kodak Digital Camera 69.99

COBY DVD Player 10.00 (after 15 MIR)

Little Tikes Basket ball hoop 22.49

B1G1 Free Joe Boxer jammies (for me and the hubby)

Route 66 Black Boots 9.99

Mega Blocks Fire truck 14.99

Lincoln logs 14.99

Barbies B2G1F

3 outfits (top and bottom) for kids 18.00


Walgreens @ 7:30

Wrapping Paper B1G2F!!

Bows B1G2F!!

set of 5 shirt gift boxes B1G1F!!

2 Moon Sand 1.99 each

Gain 4.99


WALMART 8:15 (couldn't believe they still had everything on Pallets!)

Barbie beetle 10.00

Hot wheels 10.00

Shrek Boxed set (All 3 Shreks!!) 34.96

All of the stocking stuffers


Breakfast Dennys 10:00


Ahhhhh, I am VERY pleased with what i ended up with. everyone was super nice and friendly. There were some people that cut in line @ KMART right when the doors opened, but we by passed them :) Associates at our WALGREENS were AWESOME!! Helpful and quick check-out! Not to mention I bought the DVD Camcorder I wanted on-line yesterday for the sale price today gonna go pick it up later at my sears! I think my husband had shopping fever more than i did, I think he's weened in for next year too :fluffy:HAPPY BF EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Till next year.

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got in line at 11pm at walmart had to i wanted the diego jeep for my son also got the megablocks,a barbie beetlea graco baby set for dd and the mcQueen car i looked and looked for the transformer optimus prime he was nowhere to be seen i found out that there was none shipped and they said they would give me a raincheck on this but when i went to the cashier they said no and i told them a manager gave me this info and they brought another manager and told me no
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Our Walmart is open 24 hours but I started out at 5am. I was impressed that our Walmart seemed to have plenty of everything in stock. I got the video rocker chair for $30. That's all I was there for but had an hour to kill before KMart and Joann Fabrics opened. I also got the Eagles CD for DH, a scrapbooking kit for DD and a (kids) digital camera for DS. I spent $80 or so there. Then I waited in line to get into KMart for about 15mins to return a birthday gift that my son got 2 of. I walked around the store but only bought B1G1 free fuzzy socks to go with some GC's that I am getting my nieces. Then I was off to Joann Fabrics. THE REAL REASON I even went out this BF. I got fleece for $2.79/yd and flannel for $.99/yd to make DD and DS pj's and to make DD, DH and the dog fleece no-sew blankets. I spent $40 there. I also stopped in Hallmark, Bath & Body and JcPenney but didn't find anything else I couldn't live without. Plus I was exhausted from standing in line to get the fabric cut for 2 hours.
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Woke up @ 7AM, got out in the street by 8:30AM. Didn't want much so I figured if they had it, they had it. If not, so be it.


Home Depot:

-Ryobi cordless drill $19.99


Circuit City:

-2 ea. Kingston 1GB laptop memory $29.99-$15 MIR. Funny story; There was one blister pack hanging on the hook. I needed two. Looked around the other hooks, no luck.Getting ready to leave when sitting right below the hook for the memory I wanted was 2-3 boxes (hard drives I believed). Moved them around and eureka! Another pack of memory. The last two in the store.


While I hate rebates (my name for CC is "Rebate Sh!ty") the memory was a deal at $29 per. With the rebate it's a raging bargin.


Going to JCPenny Outlet here in Atlanta for the $99 15" Magnavox LCD TV tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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4:00 am woke up


4:02 went back to bed:tired:.



I'm waiting until the day after christmas to see some real deals.


Did you plan on going to a store? LOL

Too funny, however, I have to say deals were not GREAT like years before. If I couldnt have gotten out I wouldnt have been upset....well Yeah I would have, cause its a tradition. But other than that I wouldnt have. And I cant belive it! :shock:

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honestly, i feel like i shouldn't have even bothered going.


• got to CC around 4:15, expecting to be #100-200 in line (wasnt really going for doorbusters) - boy were we shocked to be more like 400th! after 10 minutes we said 'screw this' & left

• drove down to BB just to see what the line was like - not as long as CC but literally 4 people WIDE, lined up very neatly, so there were prob about as many people there

• went back to where CC is to go to Old Navy - got there at about 10 to 5, we were maybe the 25th on line max - wound up getting a $15 womens pj set & $15 jeans, but no mp3 player (they told us they only had 30, but whatever, they were crappy anyway)

• meanwhile, before going into ON our small group was witnessing the insanity at CC next door...a few minutes before 5 the usual groups of people started getting out of their cars & walking toward the door. lots of yelling, etc. and eventually 2 police cars came. i was explaining to my friend, & prob to the others near me who i noticed were listening, that this happens every year, & the people who have been in line since yesterday afternoon are ready to duke it out with these new people. CC gets a FAIL for not dealing with this

• back to BB, where there was no parking in the entire 15-store strip mall thingie. no line to get in (this was around 5:45), but the things i wanted were all long gone. i was very disappointed & left, tho my friend actually stood in line to buy a full-priced item :confused:

• back one more time to CC - it was now between 6:30 & 7 and there was still a line to get in, but a short one. got almost everything i wanted, incl the sandisk 2GB mem card ($7 AR) & 2GB mem stick ($13 AR i think), west wing s7 ($15), night at the museum ($9), shark tale ($6) & walk the line ($6). my friend, while standing on the long line with me, found all the things she thought were sold out - $199 19" tv, $8 (AR) notebook chill pad, & $15 madden '08 for ps2

• got to the mall around 8:30. crap at b&bw. friend got $120 back massage pad (not on sale) & $70 peacoat (reg $160) from sears. i got the cross pendant morning special at macys for $25 (reg $80), & a pin for $15

• finally stopped WM on the way home - friend got...i don't remember what. i got the queen cd for $5 for myself...this was like 12:30 - place had, surprisingly, a lot of stuff left, esp toys (but not the $3 dvds)


my biggest victory was at 3am E before i went out - got on amazon when their BF went live & got a $200 2GB sansa mp3 player for $50 + free shipping!


i think next year i'm doing all my shopping online!

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-Gilmore girls seasons 2 and 3 ($15 each)

-Sans disk 2gb memory cards (2x$7.99)


Disney Store (20% off everything in store...and most items at least 30% extra off!)

-Ariel head

-Enchanted doll

-2 sets of pjs

-3 ornaments



-GPS for $129.99

-PS3 game for my BIL (that i noticed someone else picked up for the same price plus a $10 gc at CC...i'm bitter)



-Dora house furniture ($7.00 each x3 sets)

-Littlest petshop set $20 (50% off)

-Barbie head (not sure if she'll like the little mermaid one from disney or this one better...so going to try to figure it out before x-mas and then return one or the other).

-had a 15% off coupon...but that brought me to under $50 so they wouldnt let me have the $10 coupon! not a fan of them this year. They also took all the heated mattress pads off the shelves and wouldnt raincheck them!!!

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Here is my list of goodies that I got. All of them from the comfort of my computer chair:



Air compressor $69

5 drawer rolling anniversary tool chest $69

Pressure Washer $129


Ritz Camera:

2 of the Sony ds700 cameras that were door busters everywhere else w/ free Sony carrying case and batteries $99


Wal Mart:

Moon sand $10

Wet Dry Vac $20

Transformers Double Pack $10

2GB SD card $12.88



Portable DVD player $69

paper shredder $19

Motorola Bluetooth $15

playstation 2 w/extra controller and game $129


BACK TO BED AT 6:30 am


The only thing I didn't get that I wanted was a laptop and the video rocker chairs:(



It was a little cold in my room though



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Husband and I stood in line at BB for 10 1/2 hours, since 5:50 P.M. Thanksgiving day. We were about 35 and 36 in line. Were able to get 2 Nintendo DS bundles, the $229 Toshiba laptop for our teenager, the TomTom GPS, lots of the cheap DVDs, then off to Walmart for the $10.00 2-pack Transformers, $49.99 portable DVD player, $5 PJS, $10.00 memory slippers (I was tired and they were for me right then and there) :tired:and seasons 4 and 5 of 24. Got some good stuff on Thanksgiving day from Kmart, including the SD cards for buy one get one free. Pretty happy with my buys, even though I froze my butt off and it there were snow flurries in St. Louis for about four hours of our journey. Most people were nice, but the line jumpers almost got shot by those of us who had been there for almost half a day waiting...:mad: I am almost done with shopping for all five of my kids, just need the Fashion Designer for DS, Bratz Life game and a couple more kids DVDs for the 7 year old baby... and I'm all done with everyone but hubby..:yup:
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Sounds like quite a few of the Targets were crazy just like the one here. I don't get why such the huge crowd and the ones trying to bum-rush the door. There wasn't anything that spectacular. Again I gotta commend management and security for doing their best to keep it under control.
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Went to Target at 4:30, the line wasn't too bad. We were probably about 35th or so in line, but people kept leaving, so all the better for us. There were people trying to jump in line when they opened the doors, both from the parking lot and an impromptu line formed on the other side of the doors, but Target had a bunch of its employees standing shoulder to shoulder to form a barrier so they could let those of us who stood in line get in first. YAY TARGET!! They are DEFINITELY receiving a letter of appreciation for that one. We got our Olevia 37" HDTV, component cables for our Wii, and an extended warranty. Because my husband manages a Target Optical, we got 10% off, then opened a credit card for an additional 10% off. We really got a great deal on that TV!!


Back home, and I ventured out again at about 11:30. Got to CC, hoping they'd have some House DVDs left (they didn't) and From the Earth to the Moon DVD set (didn't have that either). It was a madhouse in there, and the employees were way less than helpful.


Then I went to BB and got my husband The Orange Box. Easy peasy. I was hoping they'd match CC's price on From the Earth to the Moon, but they wouldn't :(


Went to Payless because I had a giftcard and they're doing BOGO right now. Picked up some very cute shoes for our upcoming trip to Jamaica.


Went to Target after that to pick up some hand cream and found The Shawshank Redemption for 3.98, so picked that up for my husband's stocking. Went to Kroger for some groceries, picked up lunch, and came home. Good day all in all :)

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HEB Plus: 60GB Playstation 3 for an unbelievable $349!!!!!


Circuit City: PS3 game with $10 gift card


Linens & Things: Cook at Home 16 piece cookware for $59.99


Macy's: Tag 5 piece luggage set for $39.99 with $10 off coupon


Express: Sweaters for $29.50 plus an additional 20% off everything


Overall, best BF i've had. Got pretty much everything I wanted. Almost didn't get the ps3 but i lucked out!

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I woke up at 3:30 and thought " I have 30 minutes left before the alarm" .....woke up at 5:10 and FREAKED...alarm must have been set for pm....


It threw my day off so that was annoying. No chance in getting some of the things for sure. I walked into Walmart when I'm normally leaving....



PM Mario GAlaxy WII $34.99 [pm from Circuit City]

PM High School Musical 2 CD $6.99 [pm from Circuit City]

PM LIttlest Pet Shop Playground $12.49 [pm Meijer]

Character PJs $5 each x 6 [3 kids; 2 each]

Flannel Bottoms for DH $5

I grabbed the 8" LCD Picture frame for $49.99 and the 2GB SD card because I could LOL but I'll probably return

They didn't have the games I wanted already at 5:30 [connect 4; twister] so I'll try later since it's 2-day sale


PICKED PICKED PICKED over at 6am; left

Home Depot:

Set of 2 animated reindeer $29.99

Cute Lighted Snowman $19.99

7 Pointsettias $1.86 each


Robes for kids not fantastic deal, but good $12.99

Electronic Dart Board $8.99

Littlest Pet Shop ARtic Zone $7

Air Hog RC Heli $15 [so excited they had this]

Clearance Spiderman toy $2.48 [yipee]

RAdio Shack:

Crazy long line so I left


$10 off $50 x 2 [went to 2 stores]

Bubble Jackets $12.99 each and Thinsulate gloves $5.60 each x 3 each

2 hooded Sweaters $13.60

Magnetic Tray and Tool $7.49 each [checked receipt and double charged me for one...grrr..have to go back later]

Gummy Ear Buds $4.99






$30 for another visit [$10 per $50 x 3]

Women's flannel PJs $9.99 x 2 sets

2 Turtleneck Sweaters $12.99 ea.

2 Velour Outfits; $14 each piece so $30 total each

Boots for girls $14.99 each x 2

Dress Shoes for son $10.99

Jeans for DH $12

2 Mock Turtlenecks for me $4.80 each


Dearform Memory Slippers x 2 pairs $7.49 each

PJs not on sale for son $8.99

Best Buy:

Didn't walk in until Noon....see that extra hour does matter! LOL. Left


I shopped Thanksgiving midnight for Gymboree with their early 30% off plus my santa 20% off card! Woo Hoo.



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