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*** Official WHAT DID YOU GET? / YOUR EXPERIENCES Discussion Thread ***


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Toys R Us

- Buy 2 Get 1 Free Wii Games with free $10 gift Card with purchase 75 or more, got Mario Galaxy, Medal of Honor 2, Lego Star Wars, and Tomb Raider. All in all games came out to about 33-34 a piece



- Havoc Heli for 15.00


Circuit City

- LC46D64U for 1299

- Sandisk 4gb Cruzer 21.99

- Wii Red Steel - 9.99

- Red Nintendo DS bundle with carrying Case and Nintendo Brain Age 2 149.00

- 2 Mio C220 GPS for 99.00 a piece

- 1Tb My book essential 199.00 after 50 MIR


Best Buy

- Sony 12" Subwoofer 99.99

- Harmony 880 Remote Control 149.99

- 4gb Memory Stick Pro Duo 34.99


All in all the only thing im really looking for now on Black Friday are any doorbusters that are gotta haves, and a Digital Picture frame for a gift.

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So Far


Rural King

Red Reyder BB gun (Yes I know I sound like a kid but i decided to live out my Child hood dreams lol) $29.99

Flannel Shirts $4.99

Flannel Pants $4.99

Jean Jacket $6.99

Brown Jacket $16.99 (Think of what a farmer would wear in winter)

Paper Towels and TP $4 a piece for a Huge pack



Resident Evil 4 for the Wii Edition $19.99

Gun for Xbox 360 $4.99

House M.d Season 2 $14.99

Bluetooth Headset $12.99

Ernest Dvd Collection $6

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So far:



House Seasons 1 & 2 $12.99

High School Musical 2 cd $7.99

The Office Seasons 1 & 2 $9.99 & $12.99

Kenny Chesney cd $7.99

Pretender Season 4 $13.99



3 Digital keychains $12.99

also still waiting for lots of dvds I ordered F&F night



Littlest Pet Shop Set 12 pack of animals $15.73

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Best Buy.com

SanDisk Sansa 2GB E250 MP3 player $69.99 FREE Shipping




SmartParts 10.4" Digital Picture Frame $99.97 FREE shipping


Thanks to the previous poster that mentioned HH Gregg online. I didn't think to look!


I now can sleep later! :yelclap::gdclap::gdthums:


Going to watch Staples online for a few things later and might try for the Zune online at TRU.



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My Kmart score this morning was good. I got 2 of the $10 disney digi cameras (had to get pink since it looks like the display had been out and people bought some yesterday :no:), 2 sets of joe boxer boys pjs (total 4 pairs for $20), a $28 bed in a bag and 4 of the b1g1 matchbox cars!


I was very happy for a wait that included heavy rain at times:fluffy:


Now on to tomorrow

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After standing in line at the electronic counter in Kmart for an hour..... I was able to get a Cars camera and a Tinkerbell one.


Everything else I went after they had sold out of. It was an unorganized mess at our local Kmart, but I got the cameras so I'm happy.

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Target - will go tomorrow for price adj

Hannah Montana Dolls $30

Leapfrog Word Whammer $10 (2)

Elmo Grins & Giggle Garage $18



B1G1 My Little Pony $5.49/2

Kitchen Playset $19.99

Spiderman Action Figures $2/each

Wine Fridge $50



B1G1 Leapfrog fridge toys


Can't wait for TRU tomorrow!

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2 Liters .77 each

Miracle Whip .99 each

Wash Clothes $2.49

Buy one get one for $1 shoes

and a paper for hard copies of all the ads lol



2 Liters .79 each, my mom just has to get a couple more lol

Popcorns tins 2/$10

Joe Boxer Pillows 2/$5 I got the last 2 and I had to practically climb the shelf to find the very last one that was hidden at the very top lol


Be back again tomorrow with an even longer list and hopefully a Zune will be on that list *crossing my fingers* lol

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Target (last night, will PA tomorrow):

Dirt Devil vacuum

DVD player (needed a cheapie for my room - rarely use one, but the one I have now hums so loud I have to crank the volume up to hear, LOL!)

House Season 2



Christmas Vacation


I almost grabbed the 500GB external drive and now wish I did. I really need one since my laptop is only 40GB. If they still have them when I run in to price adjust, I'll pick it up.



Best Buy:

TomTom One LE

Flight of the Conchords Season 1



I was giddy when I read today that HBO DVDs were half off. I went to pick it up the day it was released but saw it had no extras so decided to wait and let someone get it for me for Christmas since I already recorded all the episodes to DVD when they were on On Demand. But at $13.49 I had to jump.

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Last night I got: Western Digital 500GB External Hard Drive 99.99 from Best Buy online. That's what I wanted, and just happy about it.


Also, went to my local Kmart a few days back. They had a huge display of the Olevia 32" hd tv. It was odd to read some stores had so few. I counted over 125 on display. they also had a sign with the price, and the sale price for Thanksgiving sale.


My suprise is how few places are advertising portable dvd players. Guess thats because I need 3 for my boys.

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Kmart - Olevia 32" LCD TV.

I needed to get a replacement for the tube set that was starting to malfunction (audio kept going off and on). Thanks for providing the sales information for so many stores on this website. I was able to get early bird information more faster and get a good deal too. :smart:

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Last night I ordered a Sandisk Sansa e250 2GB MP3 Player at buy.com for $29.99 (using google checkout).


Today I shopped at Kmart and picked up two Joe Boxer Pillows for $5. The 20" Flat Screen TV and the Earbuds were sold out when we got there at 11am.


Tonight I ordered a Brown Zune 30GB MP3 at Amazon.com for $89.99.


I also placed an order at Aeropostale - hoodies only $14.99 and $7 for T-Shirts.


My shopping list for tomorrow is getting smaller and smaller. Now I just need to find a Casio Exilim Z77 on sale. Most stores only have the Z75 on sale.

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Kitchen playset 19.99

Spiderman toys 2.00

light cube 5 something

christmas lights 1.00


i got there at 5 and everything was already out on the floor-i grabbed mine while it was relatively not busy but 20 minutes later it was a zoo and everything was gone. people waltzed in at 5 till 6 and complained that everything was already out-i mean my god what do people expect? though they probably should have waited till 6 to bring out the toys-electronics had a line almost around the dang store-so glad im too broke for any of that kind of stuff :)

Gonna head to walmart tomorrow afternoon and see the aftermath-last year i was able to get everything i wanted at 2 pm.

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