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*** Official WHAT DID YOU GET? / YOUR EXPERIENCES Discussion Thread ***


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I overslept!!! I woke up at 5:00AM, the main things I wanted were at Wal-Mart ($15 coffeemaker, $50 digital frame, $19 toaster oven), I rolled into WM at 5:20 and proceeded to get everything I wanted!!! I've shopped at this WM for many years and have never seen it this calm on BF. At 5:30 they even still had the Kitchen Aid mixer! Too bad I couldn't use one! I guess the "boycott" affected WM (?).
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See, I think that kinda sucks. That means someon who waited all night to get a ticket for the TomTom didnt get one. And I'd almost be willing to bet a poor employee caught hell over it too!


wrong- they ticketed the Tomtom LE and handed out tickets for the minimum that they advertised and had stored at customer service. That way all ticket holders had one. The one I hid on wednesday therefore would not have been ticketed because they did not know to account for it.

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wrong- they ticketed the Tomtom LE and handed out tickets for the minimum that they advertised and had stored at customer service. That way all ticket holders had one. The one I hid on wednesday therefore would not have been ticketed because they did not know to account for it.

till, if the store rec'd 15 of them, one person who stood in line didnt get one. I dunno, I guess after spending 15+ hrs waiting in the freezing cold, I have a different outlook on it. If it was just a regular sale item, fine. But those were ticketed items.

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I was at two walmarts today because my sister and I were just going to all the stores we needed, and there happened to be 2 walmarts in a 5 or 6 mile radius... they were DEAD... NO LINES... and everything we wanted was still there except the $25 microwave... but we got the $30 one at Target so no big deal... we did however make it to the opening at kohls and big lots and made it to sears, target, fye, and walmart and was home by like 930ish... and we got EVERYTHING we set out for!!! great day... :)
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Woke up at 3am and was at JC Penney's by 4:10am. Bought a lot of Bobby Jack clothes for DD. Stood in line for opening at Target, that was a mad house. Didn't come away with too many things there, everything we wanted pretty much flew off the shelves. Did however price match stuff at Wal Mart, so that was wonderful. Went to K Mart at about 9:30am and actually found the Zelda DS bundle still there, WOW!!! It was a very successful day! The only two things I didn't find that were on my list were the $7 Lil' Pet Shop at Target and the $2.98 Spiderman movie at Wal Mart. I even bought two items at Best Buy.com on Turkey day. It was a great Black Friday for me. However now I'm beat. :)


Hope everyone had a fun day.

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I know some of you may not agree with this, and others may be able to use my tip..


There were so many preventable things go wrong with BF in our town. I wasn't as into it as I normally am. Plus, we had something come up last night, where we got very little sleep. I didn't receive the ads in the paper I needed to PM at our local WM, so I had to go into the city.


There was an assault in our WM. Strange, because we got there at 10 'til 5:00 and parked in the 4th spot from the door. I was actually the only one standing at a line of 5 toy pallets. For some reason, someone beat the tar out of a guy in electronics. (Plenty of people would like to, so it may not have been BF related).


Then, we decide to drive 25 minutes to the city that has very few stores for such a population. They have 1 Target, 1 BB, 1 CC, 1 TRU, 3 WM's, and 3 KM's, for 200,000 people. The Target traffic was backed up for 6 miles to get in the lot. Someone decided to go by and throw eggs at the shoppers waiting outside.


Then, we get to TRU, and there is a brawl, with cops everywhere. The line was snaking through every aisle in the store. We made it an 8th of the way in 45 minutes.


We headed back to Target, and picked up 2 things and the line was approx 2-3 hours long. DH was in a line, where an employee told him to go. 30 minutes later, it turns out, they put several of them in a line where you could only check out if you had electronics (which he didn't).


SO... I took my stuff to a dark corner with no BF stuff, and hid it (Target and TRU). We went out to breakfast, hit a couple of other stores, and when the crowds died down, we went and retrieved it. Of course, several people stopped us, wanting to know where we got the items, even an employee stopped us at Target.


But, I was there early, I waited patiently, and I got my items. But, when the line becomes that dangerous, I definitely felt fine with skipping the lines. We walked right up to an empty register!

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We went to Walmart at 4 a.m. and the parking lot was empty. We stood in line back at electronics for a video game and it only started to get crowded around 4:45. To top it off they didn't even have the game I wanted. They said it was sold out. I was one of the first 10 in line and nobody else got it. They just never had it to begin with. Walmart sucks! I wasted alot of time for nothing.
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Had a friend come over this morning and we left my house at 5:15. Went down the hill (2 miles) to Frys..WHAT A ZOO!! She jumped out of the car, went inside to try and find the 9 inch digital picture frame. She said she got hit left and right with carts and that the line already 20 minutes after opening was all the way to the back of the store. Meanwhile, I couldn't find a single parking place in the Fry's lot or the new Lowe's next to it. I called her and she said "there is no way I'm waiting in this line." I went across the street and parked on the side of Staples next to Target. There were about 20 people in line for Staples and about 100 plus in front of us at Target. It was cold (28 degrees) so we were talking to people behind us to take our minds off the weather. We got in at 6:03. We grabbed the next to last 500 gig Western Digital Hard Drive. We grabbed a couple of the pillows they had on sale as well. Then I saw these flannel sheets that I had a raincheck for and had been waiting weeks to come in for $12.99.That was less than the raincheck so I grabbed them. Out the door at 6:30 and on to Radio Shack. My friend got a Zune from Buy.com last week and wanted the Zune Travel Pack. Line wasn't too bad. Sales lady met us at the door and said "Oh we are all out but we can order one for you and send it in about 4 days." My friend got in a line of 5 people only to find out that they were checking online and there were none left so that was a waste of time.


I spoke to one of the sales guys there. He said they only had 1 Zune and 2 travel packs. Wow, way to be prepared Radio Shack. We went across to Joanns because my friend's mom and granny are into cardmaking and knitting. We got there about 7 and were out by 7:30. Went to Walgreens for a few of the buy 1, get 2 candles. No wait at all. Went to Sams which was absolutely DEAD!! Got a good parking spot. Walked in, got the Oster Wine opener, down comforter, checked out and got free breakfast within 20 minutes. They still had 10 Wii packs left..boy I was tempted but I kept walking. We then went to Fred Meyer where they have the famous, half price sock sale. Home by 10:45. All in all, no problems and now getting ready to take a nap!



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We went out about 7pm to see how the lines looked. Best Buy's line was around the building but circuit city only had about 5 people in it. So we left and came back at and 9pm and settled down. We managed to stay up the whole time until they opened. I got the Acer desktop. They only had 7. It was advertised as having a 160gb. Well being the birdbrains there workers are. They couldn't find mine in the back. When they finally found it. I checked it out and it came out having a 260gb hard drive. Their mistake. It was fun night. even though there was a shooting around the corner further down the shopping center. Fun and Dangerous labels my black friday experience.
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I went to my local Walmart at 4 am. Parking lot was crowded and lots of people in the store. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Lots of cashiers, many employees telling people where things were located and looking for things we couldn't find. I will say that many items sat for a while and wagons were not very full. Some people were there for big items but many seemed to be after the smaller items.


There I got:

Two scooters $15 each

13 Going on 30 $2.96

Spiderman 1 & 2 $2.96

Zathura $2.96

Kodak 2 Gb Memory card $12.98

Are you smarted than a 5th grader? $10


I wasn't after anything else so I was happy.


No employees could find the Chris Brown combo or the 2gb usb stick so I am thinking they never got any. I must have talked to 10 different employees and with all of them radioing others...no one had seen them. Never saw any in other people's hands/wagons either.


Went to Walgreens by 6 am it was dead. No one there. Got two Hannah Montana and Miley dolls for 9.99 an hour before sale officially started.


Headed to Gamestop. They must have had 40 Wii's in stock. I wasn't there for one(love the 360) but they had plenty to keep the crowd happy. Got a Gamecube and 3 games for 6 yr old. Used 10% off with the edge card, and b1g1f on used games and spent a total of $62. Not bad for a game system and 3 games. :) We already have a gamecube but now there will be one for both kids rooms and the little one will be thrilled!


Headed to the mall and it was crowded. Walked into JCPenney's and walked right out. it was hot , crowded, people were pushy, and it looked like it had been ransacked! Didn't need anything there that badly.


Great deals at Bath & Body Works. got a few purses and totes filled with lotions etc. With every purchase of $30 you got a $10 off $30 card. Which I proceeded to use, get another, use, get another, 3 times over!! I still have one in my purse! The receipts also have an area where if you take a survey you get another $10 off coupon, so check your reciepts!Also loved the purse sized spray combos they were giving out with the $30 purchases. Ended up with 4 of them.


Stopped at alot of other places and picked up small things here and there. All in all it was a great shopping day.


Total spent: $306 tax included

Total Saved: $325 and still have $30 in BBW Cards and $20 in Kohls Cash =$375

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Thanksgiving night


Polaroid camcorder from Target for $69


Up at 3:00 a.m.


Toys R Us Line at 4:15 it was HUGE so went 2 doors down to Target Line.


Doors opened to Target and got the Portable dvd player for $84 and a Leapfrog toy $10


Kmart b1g1f Joe Boxer Pjs. IM Me $40


Sears HIT the jackpot

Price matched the Zune from Toys R Us and Sears gave me some kind of price match discount along with it. Got them for $72 total with tax but they are on order and will be here Dec. 4th which is fine by me. I got 4 of them.


Price matched the DS Bundle for $139 from Circuit City and again game some kind of price match discount. Got them for $142 total with tax.


Price matched some video games.


Walgreens for a video camera


Bass Pro Shop for shirts.


Couple of other smaller places and home at 1:00.


I had a blast and took some teenagers with me. They were really good and had a blast.



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Adding to the majority of gifts, I bought online, I'm now done:



Guitar Hero I/II bundle

2-pk LeapPad books

13' trampoline w/ enclosure

Shop vac


Tractor Supply:

30-gun gun safe



DH bought a tool cabinet last week that was advertised as getting a bonus ($80 value), so went in and picked it up


Shoe Carnival:

Doc Marten men's shoes

New heels for me


Kohls - walked in, but when I heard from a friend that they'd been in line since 4:30 (was now 6:30!) put my ornament and reed diffuser back and walked out


Home Depot:

Garage door kit

(2) Poinsettias


Hawk's (local hunting store):

(2) pj pants

(3) shirts

Compound bow for DD


The Camo Shop (local hunting store):

(2) tees





(6) rolls wrapping paper B1G2

(6) rolls 125' ribbon B1G1

(4) pkgs robe boxes B1G1

(2) pkgs shirt boxes B1G1

(2) Dove cookies

(2) Hershey Symphony king-size candy bars

(2) Twix peanut butter king-size candy bars

Twizzlers family-size bag

Christmas CD $2


Home eating leftovers before 11! ;)

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Wow these are some pretty tame experiences.

Arrived at Best buy at 10am thanksgiving day and was 15th in line. It was freezing also. It looked like tent city where we were. Everyone had a tent. Saw many of the same people from last year and the first guy arrived at 9am. We had several problems with line jumpers. The police were called out 3 times and the 3rd time they just stayed until the store opened. The management was great about the line jumpers making sure they did not get tickets or inside the store. There were several people who madde a tremendous difference to the outcomes of ticket availability. The guy at the front of the line (whom several people were initially concerned with) stepped up huge and took control of the line to help the staff. Things moved pretty smooth after that. The did not however have tickets for the TomTom LE. But we were informed that they had over 130 of them. Here is the list of things we picked up.

$229 laptop

$55 2GB Ram memory for said laptop. (installed today and works great)

2 tomtom le's

$399 compaq computer

internal dvd writer

2-2mb memory cards

micro memory kit

2 wine fridges

We were out of the store by 6:30 and headed to walmart. Walmat was EMPTY! (as in no people). They had everything we needed. Actually they had tond of the tv's, computers. It looked like no one went there. This is a huge contrast to past years.

8" portable dvd player

sewing machine

8" digital frame

sit n spin

tonka truck

chicken dance elmo

mega blocks


Then off to home depot. to pick up

Pressure washer



Then home to sleep by 7:30am!


What a night

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Went to Walmart around 4:20 for the kids pjs. Went back to where they were and the store manager was there with who I am guessing was his wife. Anyway, he was telling her which pjs to get and she was taking them out from under the black plastic wrap. So I asked him if we were allowed to get them and he said yeah go ahead. So myself and a couple other shoppers proceeded to get the pjs we wanted. Another clerk came by and yelled at us and I told her he told us we could and she got mad and went to ask him and he told her it's just clothes so what? As I was walking away another clerk asked me did you take them from under the wrap? I said yes, xxx told me I could and kept walking. The other clerks were MAD! But if he was going to let his wife take them and tell us we could, I was getting what I needed too!
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I had the best Black Friday ever, thanks to this site! I did a ton of research here...I knew I didn't want to try to go to Wal-Mart and Old Navy--too crazy, but there were a couple of things I wanted on each. I filled my cart earlier yesterday and then at midnight last night, I logged on to Old Navy--the half off was applied!


I got two cashmere sweaters and four pairs of jeans for $130. Then, we got up at 3:30 to get ready to go out...I logged on to Wal-Mart and got both of the video games I wanted for $27 shipped site to store. So I didn't have to go to either place.


We went to Target...we were about 15th in line at 4:15 a.m. By the time the store opened, there were several hundred people. Of course there were the terrible line crashers, but security did a pretty good job keeping them out. One lady made it in right in front of me, so when we got inside, my boyfriend went for the goodies but I went to the other security guard (she sees us there all the time) and told her that she jumped the line and they grabbed her and held her until the whole line got in. WOO HOO!!


Anyway, we got two of the 22" Westinghouse monitors, the $44 3 handset phone, two queen size airbeds, two kids camping sets, a few DVDs, flannel sheets, and a couple other misc. things. We were in, checked out, and on our way to Home Depot by 6:15 a.m. (they opened at 6).


At Home Depot, we got the $29 Rigid Shop Vac...then we tried Menards, but there were no parking spots...so we went to Shopko and picked up the hunting game and teapot set along with some socks. We then went to Kohl's looking for down comforters, but the line was outrages at 7 a.m. still (even though they opened at 4 a.m.) so we went to Younkers and got the same ones, pretty much, and just walked right in and out. We picked up a few more video games at Game Stop (buy two get one free for used games). Then we went back to Menards and they still had everything we wanted (mostly kitchen stuff).


We shopped from 4 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and got everything we wanted. We didn't wait in a checkout line for more than 2 minutes anywhere. It definitely helped to get Wal-Mart and Old Navy done online...thanks to this site!!:cheesy:

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Pep Boys: Mini Bike $159.00 (with the $10.00 gift card for the first fifty cust)


Home Depot: 2 Coleman Generators 5000W Reg $599.00 Unadvertised Sale $399.00

Robi 6inch Bench Top Grinder Reg $39.99 Sale $19.99

3 Pak LED Flashlights Sale $5.00

Plastic Tool box $5.00


Walgreens: 2 Keychain Digital Photo Reg $20.00 Sale $9.99 each

2 Remote Helicoptors $9.99 each

Rolling Laptop Caddy $16.99


Ace Hardware: Level Sale $1.69

Binoculars $10.00


K-Mart: Infrared Trash Barrel $29.99 7Gal I paid less for my 13Gal one

Hamilton Red Wide Toaster $29.99 Full Price but going back if it goes on sale.:gdparanoid:

Rock-em-sock-em robots $7.77


Couldnt get near Circuit City even two hours after they opened. Wife went into Toys R Us and bought 4things and came out two hours later. She waited in line two hours while I waited in the truck.

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Waited up Thursday morning for the BB items to come online and got the 19" LCD monitor for 99.00. No BB lines for us.


Hubby and I left the house at 3:30 this morning and were at Kohls by 3:40 am. The lines were not bad, but we got there at a good time because in the next 10 minutes they were huge. The doors opened at 4:00 and people were running through the store. The register lines were wrapped around the store in less than 5 min. Luckily customer service was open and we were able to pay there.


We got the portable DVD player for 79 with a 30 rebate and a cook top for 19 with a 10 rebate.


Next Inkstop, which opened at 4:30. We got a 100 pack spindle of DVD-Rs for 12.99 and 50 pack of CD-Rs for 3.99.


Meijers B1G1F Bionicles.


Then Target right when they opened. The crowds were crazy and yelling at people to get to the back of line just walking through the parking lot - this was not a nice crowd. Of course, Target could have done a much better job of crowd control but that is there choice I guess.


Kodak MD853 Slim Digital Camera for 89.00

Kodak 1 GB Memory and Flash drive for 9.88 each (4)

Magnavox 5 Disc home theater for 79.00

Big Brain Academy (Wii) for 28.00

8 pc luggage set for 49.00

Ntl Lampoon Christmas Vacation for 5.98


Stopped at home and woke up the kids then went to the local mall and they made a few purchases.


All in all our BF was pretty good. I just think if people are going to the store they need to be nicer...whether it is to the person standing in line to get into the store, the person waiting behind the counter.


Happy holidays everyone!


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-vans graphic t-shirt 3.47 orig. 26.00

-C7P skull hoodie 19.99 orig. 55.00

-sport hoodie 9.99 orig. 24.99

-boy's hoodie 9.99 orig. 24.99



-50% off entire store-jeans 19.99 orig. 39.99


American Eagle Outfitters

-15% off entire store-sweater 33.58 orig. 39.50


Bath & Body Works

-Buy 3 get 1 free plus free perfume-4 bottles of lotion 29.99



-B1G11/2-shoes 13.99 orig. 17.99

-socks 2.99 orig. 5.99


Saved: $139.99


Most items on the list were for me though. I'm 15 by the way. Then were giving away free snow globes at JCP and Red Bulls at B&BW Also wanted to get Cranium turbo edition from TRU, but didn't get a chance.

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I went to Walmart in Hadley, MA. Got there at about 4:15 and was about 50 in line. I was getting the Lexmark printer. They usually have what we need in Hadley and they handed out maps of where everything was located 5 minutes before opening. My sister called her friend who works at Walmart in Chicopee and at the same time there were about 1000 or more people in line. We used to go to Chicopee because it's closer, but they would run out and when we went to Hadley they always had what Chicopee ran out of. Another reason we go to Hadley is Target, our second store is right across the street and in Chicopee we would have to go Holyoke Mall which is a madhouse on bf. I got everything I needed at Walmart except the boys pj's for $5 because they never got them in. On the way home, we stopped at Kmart in Holyoke and my sister finally found the pink and crimson DS systems so she put them on layaway and I price adjusted a phone I bought last week and saved $7. We were home by 8:00. Hope everyone has fun and gets most of what they wanted.

You didn't miss much on the pj's. I was going to get them for my boys but they were paper thin.

Hope that makes you feel better.:)

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JcPennys I bought 2 pairs of Arizona jeans for dh--13.99 each

Target--2 pokemon sets--$10 each, Playdough, petshop pack $7--the store didn't get any of the Hannah Montana 3 packs :(

Meijer--$5 barbie, 19.99 air mattress

Big Lots--5 Electric blankets ($130 total, but got $20 gift card/coupons)

Kmart--axe gift set ^6.99

Walmart--price matched Meijer's Pet shop playground for $12.50, 2 more $5 barbies,


not really a whole lot at any store--spent the most at Big Lots, but we've been looking for a good deal on electric blankets.

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Guest CS.Dean

We got to Best Buy and we were #1 and #2 in line @ 11:00 am. Few people showed up by 1:00 pm ( maybe 12). As the night went on the line grew enormous. by midnight it was more than 200 people. the line was like 400 by 4 am. When the morning came so did some line jumping back in the mid tweenties area.

Toshiba's disappeard quickly ( our store had 29). We got ours. Did the mmeory upgrade as well. Got the laptop bag, Mini-Dvd RW pack (3).

Went home

Went to CC later and got a few small items the called it a day.

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In additon to what I got online yesterday, I had a good day.


Woke up around 4:30 am, clicked on this site first and found out how to get the HD from Staples. Hopefully it will ship!


Since I am on crutches, and it was snowing like a banchee here, standing outside was not in the cards! My original plan was to go to Radio Shack for the Sansa E260, 11 inch Digital picture frame and the 2 GB CF card ($17!). Well since I ahd gotten 2 of the 3 online, I decided to just take a look at how many people were in line. Seeing that only 10-15 were in line, I said what the heck, lets try and get the card and if they have the MP3 player I will get another one. Arrived at 5:50 am and stood behind a woman that arrived at 4:30 am .... she was in the van and didn't want to be cold. (So now she is 15 people back instead of number 3.:eyepoppin) Had a few line cutters that tried to get in, but those crutches came in handy :yup: made my path inside. I went right to the one and only CF card, and mom went looking for the MP3 player. This is where being polite, listening to the managment and being kind comes into play. Everyone else went right to the reigisters, Mgr then tells everyone to line up by the "yellow line". Mom just happened to be standing there when he said that!! So we were second in that line! Needless to say the folks that did not listen were now behind us :yup: (Including one woman that was talking smack about me being on crutches in the snow ;)) When it was our turn, the assistant manager that I met the other night when scoping out the store, he was so kind and went and got me everything that I needed including the MP3 player!


One guy in the store was asked to leave when he got a bit loud when they announced there was only 1 Zune! Glad I got out of there in a hurry!!


Headed back out to the snow went to JC Penney where there really was not alot of people at 6:30. I think I got one of the last snowglobes! This is a store you need to know your prices. Most of their "doorbusters" on clothing were the same prices they had last week or are their regular sale prices. Still picked up a few things, before heading back to the snow.


Drove through the parking lot at Kohl's and Target and it was a madhouse in the parking lot. So just kept going, there wasn't anything there I really needed. Then went to Staples. Picked up some of the HP DVD-R. I did not look real hard at what they had left, but there were still stacks of items behind the counter. Took 10 minutes for the line.


Visited K-mart which was a ghostown. Hardly anyone there. Picked up a couple of Disney fleece and a few pairs of pants. Went to Value City, which wasn't horrible! Bought some pajamas, and really only stood in line 15 minutes. And it was only that long because half of the stuff that is on sale is not in their computers. So the man in front of me had to look everything up in the paper to show the cashier. Little did I know, I would be doing the same thing in a few minutes.:rolleyes:


Did breakfast, stopped at Walgreens for the Tide and was home by 11 am. Overall it was a good day. Would have been easier off crutches, but what can I do!


Thanks again to everyone on this site! It made life alot easier.



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Sounds awful! You think these stores would know by now and better prepared for crowd control They also should limit it to one per person. I didn't go anywhere this year. Just bought a couple of items online and stayed away. Sounds like it gets worse every year instead of more enjoyable.

our tpys r us had a 2 per person limit. my first year going to TRU first and we had a great experience.

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Went to Staples bought Tomtom, digital picture frame, plus we received a 20.00 gift card. Then went to walmart for sit and spin, dvd player, then went to ACE Hardware for card table and chairs, pet bed, icicle lights, and an outdoor decoration. Then went to bj's for some b1g1f on food. Target for the xmas movies. This has been the best black friday ever!!!!
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I went to more stores after going to Kmart on Thanksgiving day and picked up some additional items. My sister said that Wal-Mart was nearly empty this morning. Guess they did not have that good of a deal. They also did not have the advertised toaster price ($3.99) that was shown on the online ad. Maybe the company has a varying price policy for their stores? :confused:


CVS - Softsoap body wash (free after CVS savings bucks), Hershey's dark chocolate (free after CVS savings bucks), Colgate toothpaste (free after CVS savings bucks), Ferrero Rocher candy($1.99)


Target - $10 stick vacuum, $35 Dirt Devil vacuum, $4.50 toaster


Staples - Zenith Universal remote (free after rebate)


I also stopped by the Giant supermarket and it was very quiet there. Guess no one is interested in shopping for food at that time. :rolleyes:

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Went to BB Thursday night at 5:00pm. Was #65 in line. At 3:00 they starting handing out tickets. Then after all of the tickets were handed out, the first 100ish people got a personal shopping assistant. Employees came out and were assigned 3 people/famlies to get their orders. I gave him my list that was already made out, he filled out his order form, took the other two family's orders and went back in to pull our goods. They came back out about 4:40 and told us the order that we would check out, 4:50 we were taken inside. At the door, the PSA had to inform the door guy as to who was with him. Walking in, all of the rest of the BB workers stand around cheering for you. I felt like a celebrity! Anyhoo, they took us to the register that we were to check out in. My order was already rang up!! All I had to do was swipe my card and we left! I was out the door within a couple of minutes! Grabbed my 42" plasma from the large BB truck that they were storing them in (had to give my receipt) and headed to Staples.


Got what I wanted at Staples, but waited in line for 2 hours. All of the ticketed items (laptops, digi frames, HP camara, Tom Tom, and a few other items) were required to pay at customer service, however, CS only has 1 register!!!! It sucked! The wonderful service at BB made up for it though...it was just awesome! I asked my PSA if other BB's did this because I know from being on this website, not many did. He said they've been trying to convince corperate to do this for a while but they won't listen. Just as long as my BB keeps doing it, I'll continue to sleep out for that! It could NOT have went any better!


PS- I was not in KC for this for those of you that see I live in Olathe. I was out of town.

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LOL... I needed to pick up some soap and a couple of other non BF type items, so off to wallys I went. I had time to spare so I cruised the outer perimeter - lo and behold - nearly every "special" item was still in stock. Even most of the big electronics still had 5 or 6 on the pallet.


Guess Wallys (at least here in WA) didn't have all that big of big sale day.:D

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LOL... I needed to pick up some soap and a couple of other non BF type items, so off to wallys I went. I had time to spare so I cruised the outer perimeter - lo and behold - nearly every "special" item was still in stock. Even most of the big electronics still had 5 or 6 on the pallet.


Guess Wallys (at least here) didn't have all that big of big sale day.:D

It was the same here in York, PA. Walmart wasn't busy at all compared to all of the other stores. The first thing that my wife and I thought was that it looked like any other average day at Walmart. Pretty much every door buster was still in stock. Employees were just standing around with nothing to do. I'm thinking(or maybe wishing) that most Walmarts didn't do all that well today.

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