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*** Official WHAT DID YOU GET? / YOUR EXPERIENCES Discussion Thread ***


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Guest Mom1979

Some of these stories have me laughing!


I got to Value City right before they opened their doors, around 11:56PM Thanksgiving day.

Got my coupon and bought: 5 turtle necks (school clothes) and a winter coat for the baby for next year; spent $25.85.


I went home for a few hours, from about 1:30 to 4am. I have minimal rememberance of it, :tired: , but I know I did laundry & made our bed.


I left around 4am to go to wal*mart. Wal*mart was mad!! I got there around 4:10am. They had 7 VW beetles and probably 15-20 of us wanting one! No one was at the front of the line; I didn't know where the line was so I walked up to the front of the line and chatted it up with the person right in front; we went to high school together. The closer it got to 5am the more people showed up & I was getting so worried (I'm a small person, and the guy opening the case was RIGHT in front of me, I thought it would hurt my chances of getting one, that someone might swoop in & get it while Barry; wal*mart associate, was blocking me! PANICK TIME)

The guy opening the stand moved, he was on the side so I had to rip into it myself all the while holding on so not to loose it; and it was covered w/plastic, and someone's dragging a beetle out that's on the plastic mine's on that & mines trying to go with!! Man that things heavy, too! I had a friend of a friend there say if I got one; just to hold on he'd put it into my cart for me that was so sweet of him!

And the only reason I got barbies is cus they were right next to the beetles.


Spent $102 for 1 VW beetle & 3 fairytopia barbies. I grabbed my 4 items and LEFT the store right quickly. Got into my truck around 5:15am and pulled out of wal*marts parking lot. It took a while because in all the rush I forgot where I parked, :tongue1::eyepoppin:razz::cheesy:


I got home around 5:20am. I stayed home for about 45 minutes, before leaving to go to Lowe's. Then I got gas & bought a capaccino, so I could stay up. Hit the highway & thought my car couldn't make it & back so I headed home to get my truck.


The rest of my day went:


Lowes: I got there about 6:30am. I shoulda waited, lol. I think they opened their doors around 6:50am though! I got the $40 blower; light bulbs & ornament storage box ~ Wow they had an over abundance of everything on sale, although the light bulbs went pretty quickly as everyone, like me, took 10-20 of 'em. AND I used my $10 coupon :) there too.


I left Lowes' and went right to Walgreens, for .99 bounty select a size & 1.99 tide

and then hit Big Lots for $2 dvd's. I got 6 of them, thinking well it's worth it to put the kids to bed early & snuggle on the couch & enjoy a movie. One of which I saved for Hubby for his christmas present.

Then I went home to put up my VW beetle, and other purchases.


All in all I'm thrilled! And I found out there was a cheaper MP3, we have a Radio Shack but it opened when wal*mart did so I couldn't hit it anyway.




And I went to sleep around 10 am and woke up before noon. LOL. Then I went to bed yesterday around 6 or 7pm and just now got up, wow that took it out of me.


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My experience. Got up at 5am, went to Best Buy, waited 2 minutes outside, scaned around for the X360 GH 2 Bundle, got it. Went on line, waited about 10 minutes on a very long line that would have been about 30-60 minutes anywhere else (I love BB's lines). When I got there I was told that the X360 I got didn't qualify for the GH 2 bundle, it was the older X360s they were clearing out. :( One of the guys almost gave it to me, but then decided against it. Oh well, I got it anyway, without GH 2.


Then went to Sports Authority, got my item and walked right out, no waiting.


Then stoped at Radio Shack was there about 2 minutes, didn't have what I was looking for so I left.


Then to the mall for my free JC Penny snow globe, browsed quickly to see what the lines were like, then left.


I was back home by 7:10am.


When I went back later to BB there weren't any new X360s left, but they still had about 10 of the old X360s.

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OK, now that I've somewhat recovered LOL


My DD (15) and I worked the Predators game at the Sommet Center TDay, so we finished there at about 11:30, stopped by On the Run (Exxon convenience store) and bought 4 hot chocolates--It was nasty, so we stopped by Mapco and bought 4 more. Then we went to BB to see a friend who'd been in line all day and take her some Hot chocolate. We gave the nasty ones (but they were still HOT) to some other people in line who looked cold. I did warn them that it wasn't very good and was too watery, but they didn't mind.


I left there about 12:45 and went to WalMart. I only needed the Portable DVD players from there and the Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I went ahead and Price Matched all the Best Buy and Target DVD's that I wanted and the Life game (Monopoly was OOS by the time I thought of it at about 3:30) It was a HUGE MESS. The DVD player wasn't out of the back room until 4:30 and some rude lady in pink with an empty cart hit me with her cart!! I tried to move the cart and she got really rude, then they moved the cart that the DVD players were on to behind the photo center thing and the line disjointed and I got lost in the line. Luckily my DD is FAST and Small!! She ended up #4 or so in that line and got 8 (YES, 8 ) of them and gave the other 6 to people that were there with us since 1 who didn't get one and an older lady who was near the end of the line who she said didn't stand a chance and one to a girl about her age she says who looked frightened LOL I needed them for my nieces Christmas presents, so she did very well!! While she was doing this, I went up front to the line and waited for the registers to open. I let 2 people in front of me so that she would have time to get to me because they were adamant that they weren't giving them out until 5. The Cabbage Patches were another thing--I started looking for them when we got there at 1 because it was what I wanted for my other niece. I buy her one every year. They weren't out and they weren't a doorbuster, so I asked for them--I asked about 6 random employees, then I called the store about 3 and the manager said he'd have them brought out and he didn't realize they weren't out. At 4:45 when I went to get in line, they still weren't out.

I ended up with the 2 Portable DVD players, about 20 or so movies, Dog food, cat food (I know, not BF worthy, but my cats are picky and will ONLY eat the Wal Mart Green bag) and Life.

I had a prepaid Visa Debit card rebate card from AT&T that the cashier couldn't figure out how to use. The PIN pad kept popping up and she kept telling me I had to enter the PIN. After the 3rd time of her telling me this and it not working, I just hit the Cancel and proceeded as a credit (like I told her the first time) and it worked just fine.


Next stop we split up. I dropped my daughter at Target and I went to Staples. I love my Staples. They let us get the tickets, then come back for the items, so I got my Memory card tickets and the BT headset tickets and went to Target where my DD had gotten the 2 fuzzy blankets and the Monopoly game, so life was good there too!!


Our next stop was Chic Fil A. Breakfast time LOL Walgreen's opened at 7 and it was only about 6:30 then, so we went through the drive through and ate in Walgreen's parking lot. I got 2 of the mini digital frames for her to give to her bestest friends and some candles and some of the paper sacks for my class. Not a bad stop at all!


After finishing there at 7:20, I'm a glutton for punishment, so I went back to the Walmart to see if they'd found th CPK's yet. They apparently had, but were all sold out at that point GRRRRRR. Pissed OFF. Anyway, we left without buying anything and I decided to call the other Wal mart. They were much nicer on the phone and when I asked if they still had them, they said "Yes, we have a lot left, would you like for us to hold one for you" OMG--I'm never stepping foot in the Hendersonville store again!! I declined their very kind offer, and drove to Gallatin to get the CPK. My daughter likes to pick the name for my nieces doll. We ended up with a Snowman and a tree. The tree was just cute and it's name is Harmony Grace, so my daughter wanted it for herself. They still had the $398 laptops, the Portable DVD players, the frames, the TV's and most of the other stuff that the Hendersonville store was out of, and their employees were singing Christmas Carols in the front of the store!! I found the Rubik's cube that I couldn't find at the other store too, but since it wasn't a big price drop, I wasn't worried about it and Spiderman3 with a bonus Comic book for $12 that I didn't even see in the sales papers!


All in all, a great day--We made it home about 9 or so and went to sleep. I'd been up for over 27 hours at that point (23 for my DD LOL.) We woke up about 4 and just watched movies for the rest of the night. It was an interesting day!!


I think I cherry picked well and was very happy that I Price Matched so much Loss Leader stuff at the first WM!!

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Guest Mom1979
I tell you I did feel sorry for one gentleman, he was after that $44 parrot at wal*mart; before the sale started, around 4:30am. 4:40 (the times all run together); he was an older gentleman; he had one in his cart..I didn't leave my spot to go talk to him but I hope he argued with the cashier & got it for $44. ...I've heard some of you say that you've done that in the past..
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I love BF and plan for weeks. Just that feeling of anticipation waiting in front of a black plastic-covered pallet at WM, wondering if I will "outplay, outwit, outlast" is all I need to get me through the shopping. I always seem to make a few friends in line, and we help each other out.


This is my list:


Online on Thursday:

Best Buy

PS 2 with Singstar set 149.99, guitar for Guitar Hero (brand?/price?), dustbuster cordless for 9.99, HannaMontana DVD game.9.99

3 SanDisk-2GB Secure Digital Memory Card for 19.99 each

SingStar '80s-PlayStation 2



Wireless Guitar Mania Guitar for PS 2 $19.99 and some other stuff


I thought I ordered stuff from ToysRUs, but I guess that I did not hit enough “Confirm Order” buttons, because the stuff is still in my cart today, and no longer at sale prices. It all was when I entered my CC number...Oh well...


I went to work in the ER and finished my shift at 3am. I did a little more on the web, rechecking prices, ads, plans. I headed to WM at 4am.


My husband was going to go to Harbor Freight anyway for a saw, so I thought he needed a real BF experience. I talked him into going to Target at 5:30am to wait in line to get the Kodak camera for my daughter because I would be a Staples closer to work, 25 miels away He took our 4 year old son, was successful, and is quite proud. Maybe I wil have a sidekick next year forhte first time ever!


Online BF Morning:



Nintendo-DS Lite Nintendogs Best Friend Edition Bundle $149.99 , but they charged me for the free starter kit and the free Over the Hedge game. Then I got a “backordred” email. I called BB and they said as soon as it is shipped, I can call and they will see I ordered it on BF (directly by clicking on the photo in the ad on their site- should be the right price- ARGGGH) and will be credited the amount I was overcharged. I do not understand why they cannot credit me now.



Cars Toddler PJs $5

Guitar Hero I & II Bundle (Game Only) PS2 $39.82


I got to WM solo at 4am or so. They were great this year, telling us which pallets had what we wanted.


In the Stores


Two 8i n DVD players 49.98 each and two cases with car chargers 9.97 each

Diego ride on Jeep $79

Cars Slumber set sleeping bag, flashlight, and tent $15

Tonka dump truck $10


I checked out in the garden center where the jeeps were- no one thinks about this register! and was in my car at 5:08, heading to Staples.


I first passed by a Starbucks looking for WiFi, to see if Staples had the Navigon 2100 available, I was in WM when the website reopened. SB WiFi would cost me $9.95 for a day pass, so I drove around hte corner to Staples. I learned they have free WiFi in their parking lot. The Navigons were sold out. So I got in line at Staples.



Navigon 2100 GPS with lifetime traffic reports $99 (See my post on the Navigon message board about this experience)


I then called Radio Shack- see below.



Got there at around 6:40 a.m. The line to check out was looped the length of the store 4 times, and was going to be over 2 hours long. One lady not even halfway through told me she had been in line over an hour already. I decided to forget the regular toys I wanted and to only get three Nintendo DS games. I could not even see the end of the line just to get into the video game area, so I walked out.


Wolrd Market Place

Izze Fizzy Juice (for me!) and free Ghiardelli super dark chocolate bar for being one of the first 100- yea chocolate and shoppin at at 7am!

BOGO earrings

Half price stuffed animals- they charged full price ($2 and $10), so I went back to the register and the manager, just gave me the $10 one for free because he said it was easier than to do the refund, price adjust, repurchase!



Radio Shack

Second Navigon 2100 GPS with lifetime traffic reports $149 by calling the store and paying for it by phone!,then in the store I got

Two two-packs of walkie talkies with 5 mile radius $9.99 each

VTech laptop $9.99

Baseball which tells speed thrown $9.99

40 AA batteries and 40 AAA batteries free for $19.99


Bakc to a different WM for the Tonka dump truck $10 and a DVD for $2.97


Home somewhere around 10am, miles driven: approx 60.

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We left the house at about 4:30 and headed over to Babies R Us for diapers (My how things change after having a little one)


We then headed over to Staples DH waits in line for the GPS while I went into Starbucks with DD. There was a Target a couple stores down so I took DD and we got our "survival pack" at the door. We weren't in there very long when DH called and said No Luck on the GPS! So DD and I rushed out to the car picked him up and we were off to Radio Shack.


On the way to RS I talked to my dad, he said he was right by one so he would run in and check on the N2100 for us. He called back and said they didn't have it on sale and that it wasn't in his ad! It was in ours,so the ad came out for verification and there it was. My dad held onto the MIO while we cont. to RS. We get there no luck! Off to another RS, we call ahead and they say they still have them, umm well no he changes his mind he doesn't have them but he can order them for us for the same price! Great! We tell my dad to hold onto his and we will call him in 5 mins to be sure. We get to the store and nope they can't order it UGH! So we decide on the TomTom ONE. I call my dad and tell him to leave the MIO we are set.


We pass the house on our way to Walmart and drop off the diapers (they take up soo much room) We get to walmart about 7:30 or so. DH drops me and DD at the door and we head straight to the toys, on the way I see the toaster oven ( ours recently broke and we needed a new one)

Should I stop for it or keep going?

I stopped grabbed it and put it in the cart.

(Thank goodness because when we went back by there about 10 mins later they were gone! Phew!)

We make our way to the toys and sitting on a huge pile of something was a chicken dance elmo. Great the still have them! I rush up and get it! Again I was lucky there was not another to be found and I knew DD would just love this! (Again how things change after having a baby!) I then grab a baby doll and meet up with DH.

He is in electronics, they had almost everything still there, TV's, laptops etc. DH notices the Garmin GPS and wants that one, so I say lets get and we will compare the TomTom and Garmin at home and return which ever we don't want. We then head out of Walmart.


Next we go to TRU. It really wasn't as crazy as I thought but it was also after 8 by the time we got there. We grabbed the fisher price jungle toy for DD and a leap frog table. We also got 2 cabbage patch little sprouts as gifts. DH waited in a well handled line while I took DD on her first mechanical horse ride. LOL


Off to the mall we go! We went to JCPenny's and KB TOys and then DH decided he was hungry, so we ate. Why am I slightly bitter we ate? Because we missed the Disney Store's extra 20% off by about a half hour!! It is my own fault for not knowing it only went until 10! Oh well we head over to Carson's to use our $10 off $10, stop a couple more places and head home.


I did some online shopping and DH and DD took a nap. Hmm when would they wake up? So I head out to Kmart for the 3.99 candy (got it) and to Hobby Lobby for some scrapbooking supplies. Wehn I come back they are awake but we are done for the day.


On to today! I think we are headed to the outlet mall and maybe another, longer look at Target!

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I was so excited about my a find on BF. At walmart at 3:00am looking for the secret in store special- laptop for $388. No one seemed to know what I was talking about, even after showing the manager the print out of the secret deals. Stood at the electronics check out. The manager of the area came in at 4:00am. She said she knew about the special and they were locked up in the "cage" area. The only had 4 and I was first in line!:D The special was supposed to be a brand name computer with 1gb, but what the special turned out to be was........................the Dell computer Inspiron 1501 notebook. 15.4 wide screen, 2gb ram, 120gb hard drive, cd and dvd player/burner, AMD dual core processor, wireless, with windows Vista home premium package. It was in the flyer for $598 on BF but sold for $388. Was the best BF for me ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I pick up the PS2 game for 19.99, and the video rocker for $30. Then I was off to Staples, got in line and picked up the Tom-Tom for $120 with the $20 dollar gift card that I then used to purchase the shedder they had on special for $19.99. The I went to Radio Shack. Out of the telephone that I wanted but I did get the wireless mouse for the new laptop for $9.99. Buy this time it was 7:30am and I was done. Went home and back in bed by 8:00am.:yup:
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Guest Mom1979

the Dell computer Inspiron 1501 notebook. 15.4 wide screen, 2gb ram, 120gb hard drive, cd and dvd player/burner, AMD dual core processor, wireless, with windows Vista home premium package. It was in the flyer for $598 on BF but sold for $388. Was the best BF for me ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


now that is excellent congrats :)

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Lexmark all-in-one printer-25.00

Bissell bag less vacuum-25.00

I really wanted the 8piece comforter set for 49.95, but they were sold out...:eyepoppin



3 piece oriental rug set (red)-25.00....I had to fight through the isles for the very last one! :D


Radio shack:

twin pack web cam- 14.99

notebook wireless mouse-9.99


This is my 3rd year as a 'black fridayer' and this been THE WORST year at Wal-mart....all of the pushing and shoving! The credit card/debit card machines went down for 2 hrs....:yuck: But, it SNOWED the whole time we shopped!!! That was really nice!! I got almost all I wanted, and I'm not even broke! YAY!

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at our BRU/TRU combo store there was definately a fight. a huge group of people kept trying to cut in line. Then when the doors opened they tried to rush in sideways through the line and cut everyone off. Those in the front beat the heck outta them.


They were a bloody mess. The cops were there before the fight even started, they didn't bother arresting anyone - which I think was smart on their part. They had been patrolling the parking lot since 2am (or earlier!) so they knew what was going on. Instead when the police finally stopped the fight they separated the line cutters from the line and wouldn't let them in. They were still outside when I had finished checking out!

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I started my day at ToysRus. My daughter was happy with all she got while I was the space in line holder. A few people asked me why I was in line with nothing to purchase and I said my daughter is still running around with the cart and they grumbled because I was holding her a spot in line. Went to Penneys, Boscovs and Kohls and although there were people out we felt the crowd was done by half, practically no lines. Walked past Bath and Body and only sales help in there. Also went to Linens and Things, Kmarts, Walmart, Fye and out to lunch and never felt the crowd anyplace was close to previous years. We started at 5 am and got home around 3 happy with all we got. Most places were free standing buildings so lots of driving and looking for parking but again no real problems. Sales have to be way down in this area or else people just aren't into Black Friday that much anymore. We were not looking for electronics so can't speak for that type of store.
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Walmart Wow - I was at Walmart @ 6 a.m. NO LINES inside or outside. Walked right up to the checkout counter.

8 inch digital picture frame 49.xx

5 speed mixer 3.98 each

Pyrex portables 15.00 each

Barbie VW care 10.00 each

Hotwheels 10 pk 5.00 each

Barbie Mermaidia & Ballerinas 5.00 each

Huge megablock bag 10.00

Moon Sand 10.00


BestBuy @ 6:20 a.m. - no lines inside at all

22" flat panel monitor - 149.00

Toshiba HD DVD player w/7 movies- 199.00

Borat/Monty Python/Big Daddy - 4.99 each

300 - 6.99 each


TRU - @ 7:15 a.m. line looped thru the store- horrible set up

My 1st leap pad books - 7.99 each

Barbies - 4.00 each

Large bin of magnetics - 49.99

Little Einstein books - B1G1 free



Hooded kids bath towels - 7.99 each



Cricut mats - 50% off with coupon

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It was a great day. My mom,sister, and this year my daughter went out. We were prepared thanx alot to this site. We had fun got some awesome deals. Sears was great online. I'm still exhausted and ready to go back shopping at the same time. What a rush. :tongue1:
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12 "4.99 movies" at best buy and a $3 game for the playstation there


clothes at old navy and got the free mp3


a creepy crawler bug oven, 2 super hero guys (normally $15 i got for $3), spiderman flash light, dinosaur bucket at toys r us


some clothes for jeremy for work (hoodie, sweatshirts), gingerbread house kit, color wonder stuff, and boots at kmart


6 movies at target


me and a friend left at 3:30am (have to drive 30 mins to town we shop in) at got outside old navy a little after 4 this morning....we got home at 9:30am this morning and dh and the boys were jus getting up to eat breakfast


thanksgiving morning i got:


2 sets of 3 playstation games for 8.99 each


2 (b1g1free) board games


another game that was not included in that sale


a hannah montana slumber party set for my neice

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I talked to my friend who was in line at TRU on BF (she was 10th in line). When the doors opened, the first 2 guys RAN and I mean RAN back to the display of the Zunes. They had said they had over 25 of them. The two men shoved the 3rd person out of the way and picked up the whole display and brought it to the checkout inside the game department. People were yelling and demanding a manager. Manager comes up and said he was sorry, but no limits posted so they had the right to purchase any amount.... Heres where it gets horrible....


The one guy took one of the zunes and lifted it in the air. He yelled to everyone "These will be on eBay in a half hour- you can buy them then!". How ridiculous is that??!!! I swear I would have beat down those two. How rude.


BUT, due to other sales on Zunes listed here, she went online and paid $90 and free shipping. Thankfully I was on yesterday and was able to tell her about them.

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Went to K-Mart, got the PSP Star Wars bundle for 149.99 + 25$ gift card for buying the bundle. The ad wasnt very specific, so I debated the ad, and there were so many people, they gave up the argument. Which was a legit argument, based on the ad. Also went to Pep-Boys, the gave the first 50 people 10$ gift cards, there werent that many people, (ended getting two cards), got 5 quarts castrol, fram oil filter and fuel filter for $19,

so the gift cards paid for the purchase, plus got a $5 mail in rebate with the oil/oil filter purchase.

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We started out on Thanksgiving going over the ads and regoing over the ads. Finally we came up with our game plan. My sis's and my cousin stayed at my cousin's house. (he lives closer to the stores). We got up and 4:15 to head over to Walmart. Cousin needed the tv stand, middle sis needed some toys, I wanted the pre-lit trees and the robes, and Baby sis didn't need anything. After Cousin got his Tv stand he went to Staples to get TV, Middle sis went to Target to get our list and Baby and I went to Menards. Baby sis and I had so much fun there it wasn't even funny. We got everything on list. While we were waiting in line cousin came and helped us out. It was funny because Middle sis kept calling and telling how she was waiting forever at Target. It ended up mid sis got to Menards just in time to put bought items in van. Sis's went to Hebergers and Cousin and I went to BB. We were in BB a total of ten minutes, got everything we wanted. We met up with sissies and they headed for Jcpenney's and We (cousin and I) headed to gamestop. Got what we wanted then we met up again, just as we were leaving gamestop they were walking right towards us. We went to Mcdonalds for a well deserved cup of coffee and something to eat and we payed each other back. Ate, cousin went home to sleep had to work at 2. We then went to hobby lobby, got a few ornaments for my new tree (wink, wink) we were done by 9:3,and went home to seperate all the stuff, wrap some, put up my new tree with new ornaments and went to our towns parade of lights had some dinner and watched my DD6 and DNiece5 sing rudolph the red nosed reindeer. This was the best BF I have had in a long time. I ended up with 120.00 in my pocket and a smile on my face.
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Thanks to Gottadeal my Christmas shopping was complete prior to BF. However I just couldn't bring myself to stay home.


I left home just in time for 6AM opening at Bath and Body Works, but appears they had been opened a little while. There were two small lines. I got what I wanted and waited in line. Only four others in front of me, but my cashier had to keep helping the other cashier. Everyone was nice and patient.


I was able to use my 10 off 30 coupon and get the free gift. After using my gift card from mypoints, I ended up paying tax only. I passed by a few other stores, tried my CVS which was closed. I lost my BF rush and went home to nap before work.


Now just waiting to stock up on the after Christmas sales.

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Here is what happened at my BF.




3pm -- Met with my PSA and they pulled all of my non-ticket items


6pm -- Set up camp in front of BB. Store manager came out and welcomed me. He made me Mayor of tentville and made sure I was comfy. People asked why I was out there and I told them.


7pm -- Shopper saw me outside, freaked out and went home to get there tents and stuff.


8pm -- Port-a-potty showed up


10pm -- Store closed and 30 people showed up by this time.




1am -- Day labor center behind BB caught on fire and called Plano Fire Dept.


3am -- Store employees leave BB for the holiday and 50 people showed up by then. Over night lows were into the lower 30s with winds up to 20 mph. Propane camp heaters kept us warm.


10am -- More people started to show up. Up to 75 people.


12 Noon -- It started to sleet and snow. 100 people by now showed up. Temps still in the 30s.


1pm -- My parents brought us thanksgiving dinner (meat and veg) for 50 of us. They brought veg since alot of my friends are Indians and eat veg only. Over 50% of the people in line were Indian and did not know I spoke there language.


3pm -- Still snowing and about 100 people are in line now. Cowboy game starts.


6pm -- More people start to show up after the game. Up to 150 people in line now.


8pm -- Local NBC news shows up to do an interview and set up for live shot for 10pm News. More and more people start to show up. Up to 300 people by 930pm.


10pm -- Local NBC news does live shot from BB and interview us and others.


1030pm -- Dallas Morning News shows up to take pictures and interview.




1:00am -- Steady people showing up. Line around building


2:00am -- BB employees start to show up. People get excited.


2:30am -- Camp is broken down.


3:00am -- Tickets are start to be passed out. Excitement starts.


4:30am -- 6 Plano Police Cars show up with lights running. They got a call of a civil disorder and showed up with riot gear.


4:45am -- AP Business reporter showed up and did an interview.


4:50am -- Our group does last minute planning.


4:59pm -- Count down starts 10 seconds before 5am.


5:00am -- Doors open. I lead the pack of frozen shoppers into the heat!


5:30am -- Checked out and heading home. PSA pulled all my stuff so I did not have to run and grab much.


6am -- Got home, showered and went to bed.

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Got a Cannon Digital SLR for DW from Best Buy.com on Thursday morning. Went to TRU at 2:45 am in NW Indiana, and there were two fights, one behind us in line about 15 minutes before the store opened, and one as the store opened as the "parking lot cruisers" tried to jump the line. We got the last RoboSapien V2 doorbuster (which was our only goal at TRU). Headed over to Radio Shack, they opened 45 minutes later than advertised but got the 11.3" Digital Frame for Doorbusters.


Went to breakfast at Bob Evans, then casually finished up at Michael's and WoodCraft. Home by 10 AM

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Wow! I love looking at all the deals everyone got, and reading all the interesting experiences.

I had no plan to actually shop at B&M stores, was planning on online buying only. What I wanted wasn't available online or shipping costs killed the deal for me. So out I went on a cold BF morning.



1st year ever at Menards. They opened at 6. We got there at 530, and I about sh@t bricks! The parking lot was FULL! People were actually parking at the nearby mall and RUNNING to get in line here!!! The lines outside were huge, I swear, was I at Best Buy? Nope. My best friend needed 2 things that I knew were hot items, and I truly did not think she'd get them. But low and behold, a little running, grabbing, and a smidgen of pushing my way in I got what she needed and gave it to her.

Honestly, the chaos was too much, we did get in/out quickly. But for me, way too many people, so I am sure this was my 1st and last year at Menards.


My Purchases


24 Pack AA Batteries - $2.99

Barbie - $2.99

Wrapping paper, 3 rolls - $0.74 each

Total = $8.69


Walgreens - We got there at 630, sale didn't start until 7, but they gave us the sale prices :)

Acoustic Guitar for oldest dd - $19.99

Vivitar Microscope set, for my son - $9.99

Wrapping Paper, 3 rolls - $1.99 for all

Tide, 50 oz, bought 2 - $1.99 each

3 toy sets, 1 was Dora Flashlight - $12.98 for all

Total = $50.81



Dora Play Doh set - $5.00

Let's Go Fishing game - $3.99

Total = $9.53



I just bought online:

High School Musical CD @ Buy, using Google Checkout - $1.90


I am not 'done' yet, hoping to get some good Cyber monday sales online for a few more gifts.

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Destination: Target.


Mission: To get there at 4am *crosses fingers* and scoop up DVD's.



Outcome ~ I woke up at 3:09am, I was already dressed and though I was still tired from not getting but a few hours to rest (excitement, nerves, et cetera had me staying up well past 12 o'clock) I garnered some inner strength and headed out the door close to 3:40 to go to my parents house and pick up my little brother & sister (Ages - 17 & 18) who decided to come along for the trip (last minute but I digress...).


Anyways around 3:55 I arrived at my parents house, the siblings were lolly-gagging which almost tempted me to leave them...this is BF after all. :tongue1: So finally around 4:15 we left the house, I got in a very long line at 4:47(had to be about 100-150 people ahead of me) my lil bro and sis decided to stay in the car (lmao...oh boy). In line I met two nice ladies who decided to tell me their life stories which I didn't mind because it kept me entertained and made the time go by faster. 5 minutes before opening (5:55) many people decided that they were gonna be line jumpers but oh no no no (we had state troopers/police whatever) out there to keep everything in order (later on I would find out that some were also inside the store as well).


So I get in, grab a cart and browse around- it felt like I was there all alone (little did I know) so I go to my destination...and HOLY HECK BATMAN...the place is swarmed, me being raised with manners I'm all like excuse me...excuse me holding a shopping cart that has a carseat type thing attached to it (I don't even have kids)...so I'm like bump that and ditch the cart to snag my DVD's, I then grabbed two CD's, manuvered my way to appliances somehow- there wasn't anything that I had my heart set on but I was like why not?. To my luck I found an abandoned regular cart and went to pick up a few more things...I kept seeing people pick up these chair things that I passed when I first got into the store so with closer inspection I decided to get one for myself...went back to electronics to pick me up an new DVD player and again to my luck I picked up the last one that was on sale...this woman I believe was contemplating getting it but she was too slow so... SNATCH.



All in all I got everything I wanted plus a few more things. The lines were the worst of it...I was in one line for about 30 minutes only to be told that they were only checking out those with just electronics...I got lucky and found another line that *gasp* didn't wrap around the entire store (just half of it...lol). By this time my little brother and sister called me to say they were going to Burlington Coat Factory (which is like a 5-10 minute walk). I was in line for about 25 minutes and everything was smooth until the blank CD's I bought rung up as the regular price when they were $5..everything got cleared up pretty quickly and I got them for their sale price.


My BF Target List ~


DVD's ~ (Prices: $3.98 - $5.98) Elf, The Goonies, Benchwarmers, Batman Begins, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Holiday, 300, A Christmas Story, Music and Lyrics, Polar Express, The Departed, Monster House, The Devil Wears Prada (replacement), Click, The Notebook (replacement), Blood Diamond & Hitch.


Phillips Compact DVD Player (Price $25)


Extreme VR Rocker (Price $32)


CHEFMATE Coffee Maker (Price $4.50)


Linkin Park/Kelly Clarkson Cd's (replacement) (Price 2 for $15)


Energizer 24 Pack Batteries (11.99)


CHEFMATE Blender (Price $13.99)


Memorex 50 Pack ($5.00)


and a few other things like gum, magazine, et cetera...



Total: $210.



Thoughts: This was my 2nd BF and I had a blast, the weather though cold (my fingers thawed about half an hour into me getting into the store) wasn't horrible and I also met two nice ladies who helped me get through my wait. My Christmas shopping hasn't really begun since I mainly shopped for thyself (lol) but nonetheless I was happy with everything I got.



Mission Accomplished. :)

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My congrats to all who were able to get the items they waited for. Not unlike Big JIm, we had a camp out routine @ our store as well.


4am Thanksgiving morning set up tent and camp( group of 4)

5am next in line shows up

8am Part of the group goes home to cook T-giving dinner for all--line about 20 deep

8am line wraps around building. next guy in line brings battery powered tv and we watched Cowboy game in snow and sleet.

1am employees start to filter in

2:50 line starts to bunch in anticipation of tickets and a fight breaks out(police not here yet)

3:00 am -- tickets handed out and line starts to disperse when all handed out.

4:45am PSA opens lounge for our appoiuntments.

5:00 store opens and we check out and leave for Target

5:15 in line @ Target

5:45 they hand out tickets for big TVs and Xbox Halo

6am STAMPEDE---everyone runs to electronics and the battle ensues

6:50 on the way to Walmart

7am in and out with small add ons

8am --SNOOZING @ home

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Walmart was a madhouse in electronics but I was back there to get the Dale Earnhardt collection for a friend who was in the front of the store in line for something else. All heck broke loose about 4:40 and people started grabbing stuff and all the walmart associates were freaking out because poeple were stampeding and grabbing way before time. I was right at the box of Earnhardt collection and a lady just handed me one. The panic spread from electronics to the rest of the store and were had already payed for the items and were headed out the door when the manager announced that is was 5am and all associates could now unwrap the pallets. Most of the stuff was not being purchsed, people were walking around but most of the pallets had barely anything taken off of them. Of course, electronics stuff sold out but I bet we could go back today and the pallets would still have stuff on them.


We then went to Target, I got both Wii games I wanted, grabbed the $25 dvd player for my friend, then got 2 of the air mattresses and 2 armor all kits and headed to the front. My friend grabbed a bunch of stuff that wasn't even on her list because she saw it and got through the ruch to get it.


Friend's mom went stood in line at Staples and got herself the last ticket for the $350 laptop (30 tickets) and got a TomTom GPS for me and the Navigon for her other daughter.


Got to Sears across town about 6:30 and got everything there I needed including pricematching Super Mario Galaxy to Circuit City (we don't have CC around here) and a few other games. The down alternative blanket and bonus pillows that were in the ad had a sign up for $19.99 but were ringing up for 29.99, cashier overrode that. My other half got all the tools he wanted and we left. Went to BBW and got a bunch of wallflowers. Sat in the mall waiting for the other stores to open and then went into Boscov's and got a 1/2 ctw diamond anniversary band for $150, orginally tagged at $500. Went out to eat and went home to sleep. Overall, a productive day. Everyone got what they had on their list.

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