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*** Official WHAT DID YOU GET? / YOUR EXPERIENCES Discussion Thread ***


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Darn it, I was at Central. I did call my MIL who was in the Albert Pike WM and she didn't see any...she apparently didn't look in the right place, oh well.:rolleyes:


Yeah, she didn't tell me where, but I called to have her check on something and she had to get out of the "Kitchen madness"


Did you make it to Old Navy to get the MP3 player?

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Got up at 2am and got to walmart by 3am with dh and my mom in tow. dh got the diego jeep for 79.00 and my mom got the mcqueen car for 10.00, plus i was able to grab some dvd's that target had for 3.98 and 5.98 and had walmart pm for me. went to target and got my reciept price adjusted for the keyboard, disney cars set, and doodle pro I bought on wednesday, then went to bb to get the 2gb sd card and two packs of the mini dvd-rw for 3.99 each. Oh..also at target, grabbed the eureka uno bagless vacuum they had for 64.00. I'm bored with my Oreck already..had it 7yrs...it was time for a new toy.
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BTW side note just got in from Walmart:


The still had several of the $3,5,& 9 movies, $4.00 crock pots, toasters, coffee pots, Games, dolls, tv's, games, hotwheels, stuffed pooh's and elmos, tool boxes, mens jeans & shirts, music cd's ($5), I could go on...oh yea Three PS3's and 2 each PSP's with games special packs with Dextak (i think) or the silver star wars (maybe not sure didn't really look at them)



I picked up one of the 2qt crock pots, and a wii rechargeable battery pack.

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I stayed in bed....since losing my eleven year old to brain cancer, it is better to pull the blinds and try to forget.....not in the mood.

I just saw this, and wanted to offer my condolences. I am so sorry to hear that, that is so sad. :(

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Went to Sears at about ten till 5 about 15 person in line...calmly walked back to electronics (while some of the fools ran past at full sprint) :eek: told first guy I saw I wanted the 46" Sharp 720p LCD, registers were busy so me him and another guy walked to the appliance section...got and filled out sears card app. bought the TV. Wandered around for a while.... went to Sams about 6:30, asked about the GPS was told some guy bought 36 of them out of the 40 they had. Had me some Jimmy Dean biscuits and coffee stopped in at BB and some lady cut me off and grabbed last GPS there too....anyway got my TV and should not have wandered around sears so long.....lessons learned!
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My Black Friday Experience


Oceanside, NY


This was my third Black friday as a customer. 5th total ( I worked for best buy for 2 of them)



Midnight-KB toys Tried to get the BOGO video games and found out they only had horrible games (Hanna Montana). About 15 people in front of me in the register line (2 people ringing up) we got my niece and nephew the basketball net ($20) and the princess vanity mirror ($20). It took an hour and 15 minutes to get to the front of the line, so we couldnt get any sleep before Koles


1:15am- Back to my house in Long Beach, forgot wallet at home (girlfriend paid for KB)


1:45am- Diner (Eggs Benedict...not on sale for black friday)



3:00am- Arrived at Kohls, waited in the car, was about 5th in line before I noticed that I was directly behind where the door would swing open, impeding my entry. I informed the rest of the crowd that if there was only one of the products I wanted was left, they can gladly have it...provided they take it from my cold dead grip. Got wireless speakers ($85), Margarita maker ($60), two duffel bags ($18 each)


4:30am-Went to dunkins donuts with 1 worker taking 45 minutes to make coffee! (THANKS!)


5:15am - Arrived at staples (next door to Kohls) and stood in line. During this process my girlfriend held my spot while I ran to Gamestop, introduced myself to the other people in line and convinced them to hold my spot for the wii.


6am- Staples opens. I got a laser color printer ($100) and my girlfriend got a cybershot camera ($100) and a 11.3 inch digital picture frame ($100). Funniest moment was me yelling out in the middle of the store repeatedly "Has anyone seen the cybershot?". People started telling my girlfriend i was like " a bull in a china shop"


6:15am - Went to Gamestop and tried to convince the other people in line that you would not get a Wii without a ticket (I brought a raffle ticket to make it look convincing)...didnt work and I was 6th in line for the wii. They ended up having about 30-40 Wii's in store.

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Went to Sears at about ten till 5 about 15 person in line...calmly walked back to electronics (while some of the fools ran past at full sprint) :eek: told first guy I saw I wanted the 46" Sharp 720p LCD, registers were busy so me him and another guy walked to the appliance section...got and filled out sears card app. bought the TV. Wandered around for a while.... went to Sams about 6:30, asked about the GPS was told some guy bought 36 of them out of the 40 they had. Had me some Jimmy Dean biscuits and coffee stopped in at BB and some lady cut me off and grabbed last GPS there too....anyway got my TV and should not have wandered around sears so long.....lessons learned!

Forgot to add while asking about GPS at watched the wii bundles slowly disappear from behind customer service...in the 10 mins I was there went from 15-2...

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Slept in - didn't get in my first line until about 2am - Babies R Us/Toys R Us


Was smart and brought my dvd player and a hoodie. It wasn't freezing so that was nice, hovered around 48-52 degrees. Some nutties were wearing short shorts (butt jiggles visible) with tank tops, and flip flops of course they were travelling together and were the loudest crybabies. It was entertaining to watch people try to cut in line that's for sure. Everyone was pretty vocal that that would not be accepted. Well. Wouldn't you know it? When the door opened a very large group of people tried to rush the doors to get in.


I'm not exagerrating when I say there was bloodshed.


Now. I really lucked out! Because the whole mob of folks that were in line all went to the Toys R Us side! So doors opened at 5am, and I was at checkout by 530, out the door by 6am because their computers crashed and also because the cashier couldn't comprehend coupons.


there also was debate over whether or not the diapers (reg. 22.49) were really on sale for $10 Lucky for me I printed out the ad scans and the manager looked at and said they'd honor it that he had seen it mentioned before. So I shared the printout with 3 other ladies and we all got our diapers!!


so. ok. yeah. what i got.


Babies R Us - $114 spent, $167 saved. :D

6 cases of 100+ count diapers (store brand)

14 Gerber Grins & Giggles soaps & lotions

16 Gerber stage 2 food

20 Earth's Best stage 3

2 (FREE) boxes of baby cereal


Ben's Bagles - $8.31

1 bagle w/cream cheese and an OJ

Bakers Dozen of Bagles


Walmart-$126 spent, no idea how much saved. haven't figured it out yet.

22 CDs

LeapFrog tv gaming system for toddlers

Huge bag of megablocks

Christmas Stockings

Holiday Cabbage Patch Doll


Now I'm done christmas shopping with the exception of finding an ipod. my bro wants one. and i've no idea what to look for. i'm still using cassettes. :confused:

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How many Zunes did your store have? We got there early and were 1,2, and 3 in line ... when the doors opened at 5am many people had been there a long time and they said "we only have 3". I thought it sucked but since I got mine and they didn't say how many they had in the ad I couldn't complain. What did tick me off is when I went to the electronics dept to get mine the clerk smiled at a guy behind me and handed him a Zune as well. (Someone who had not waited all night). I asked a manager about it and she said oh that was an employee and he waited for it when I said, no he didn't she said well he was stocking inside so we let him go out and get it. I asked her what time he started and she gave me a time and I said we were here a half an hour before that and the person behind me should have gotten it. She said oh well we have to take care of our employees. I have worked retail before and have not gotten to purchase items ahead of time. I work for AT&T and employees could not even buy iPhones, they had to have someone else wait in line for them, and then they had to go on a consumer account so the customers would get first dibs. I was a bit irked by the whole thing.


I have a cousin that worked at Toysrus years ago. She said that is one thing they do. Employees get first dibs on whatever they want. She said back then if you seen something in the back you just grabbed it before it even went out to be put on the shelfs. She said that was the only thing she liked about working there around the holidays. :(

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Went to compusa at about 7:20, huge line built up, so I left, depressed for not getting a zune. I called up Walmart to see if they would price match, and they said they would. I got there at about 9:15 with compusa ad, found the same guy, and he checked it out... for twenty minutes. In disbelief, I told a friend about the $100's cheaper zune, and she went down to try it... Where they said it wasn't the same model. She argued with him, even stating a friend got the deal, and was told it wasn't supposed to happen, and the employee is being reprimanded. I kinda felt bad, but woh!
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Radio Shack at 5:30 AM

Digital photo frame (Seems decent, has anyone heard anything?)

49.99 mini camcorder for my aunt

SD card, 14.99

CD pack of 10 for 9.99 (not sure if the best deal ever, but a good one, TDK)

32 in 1 card reader

2 tripods (7.99)

Olympus Camera 200 down to 129, came with charging battery, nice, very small!


SD card holder, card reader

cooling pad for computer, usb

a few other odds and ends


Target, tons and tons of DVDs!


Staff in both places were really nice, but the RS scanner kept ringing up full price so had to go back 2x to fix!


Target manager was great, came out and told people if they ran, they would kick them out! They only had 3 of the TVs, so he took the first three people to get them the TVs

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best buy:

sony laptop $399

hitachi DVD camcorder $199

wii sonic rings 19.99

insignia sport mp3 player and bluetooth headphones $129.99


only my second time doing bf at best buy and first in line this time- wanted the blue tooth mp3 player and headphone package but no one in the store knew where they were - they certainly werent in the mp3 section,so ended up ordering them online. Also wanted to buy the latest in the spongebob DVD collection but they didnt have any in stock.(and sold out online too)

As a side note- unlike last year which was pandemoneum,we self policed our line making sure that no one was able to butt in line or rush the front door. As soon as the employees came out to hand out vouchers we informed them that everyone who has been waiting would be lined up against the wall and anyone out of line was a person who wasnt in line to begin with. It worked out well. It helps when you have cooperative employees!

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GEEZ where do you live? There was about 300 in line at kohls, around 150 at Belks. and I'd say a 200 at Target. I seemed to show up at each store as the doors were opening and was last in line LOL. No one here pushes or shoves or takes things out of others hands, here we all walked in in a orderly manner.. everyone tries to help each other actually. I live in Tennessee. maybe you should shop in Johnson city, Tennessee next year. :D

Hey I live about an hour from JC! Its nice to see someone "local" on here! :o


I didn't see much I wanted this year. Jumped online at WM around 3:15 and ordered five or six things. My dad went to our B&M. They must have started early because he arrived at 4:30 and everything was GONE.....He was soooo mad. :mad: All the TV's were gone and that was what he was after... He went to another WM about 15 minutes away and got everything he needed.

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Most of my shopping online.


CC -$278 Acer laptop, Vtec phone,1gb laptop mem., 2gb data traveler


Office Depot- APC battery backup & free cookies,Hammermill paper


Staples-Electronic labeler


In store arrived at WM about 8:am in & out in no time,no lines.

3 Didg. photo frames, large Elmo, Read & write Leap pad & books, moon sand, barbies other things, can't remember. I was too excited.


Best deal of all,

Secret Sale Dell laptop $388 reg $798 with better specs than the one in the sale ad for $598 , it's $900 at Staples & Dell! And everyone said Walmart had nothing :holiday16

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Thanksgiving I got over 65 items from CVS which included my digital picture frame and 3 of the digital picture key chains spending less than $23.00 out of pocket and using my extra care bucks. Still have nearly $50 in ECB's left.


Thanksgiving night went to an auction which had lots of the items from Target that looked like were left over from previous clearance. Some of the items were in bulk from Target from what I could tell on the outside boxes. Also selling things from QVC and Rite Aid. They were lots of great deals and good stuff not like all the flea market crappy stuff you find. It was actually fun to go there.


BF I got..

Guitar Hero III (purchased previously and got price adjustment from Target)

Net Jet Gaming System

4 Net Jet Games


Wii games Sims Pet 2, Chicken Shoot, Red Steel

Green Day CD

DVD's Wedding Singer, Click, 300, The Holiday, King Kong, Happy Feet

Ben 10 figurines and some other toy.


Thats was it for BF nothing really exciting. My ds 8 Christmas list is super short this year. I really didn't see anything I needed. Next year I am hoping to replace our TV with a lcd hdtv and upgrade my ds laptop.

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Pulled up to Kmart, just as they were opening. Line wasn't too bad. Went straight back for 12 inch bikes, but they only had 2 pink ones left. :( Also were out of dvd players & a few other things we were looking for. Found my sewing machine, but wasn't going to put just one thing on layaway, so we ended up leaving with nothing. Hit up Target next-picked up the 300 movie $6, one pack of playdoh- 50 mini containers $5. My brother picked up a couple of movies & some socks from the dollar spot. He also grabbed one of the $30 Robo Raptor toys. Next to Walmart- I bought a cup for a swap. I didn't buy anything else, because I had a couple of things I needed to return, so I could use the credit. Brother price matched axe body spray sets from Kmart. They had plenty of the doorbuster toys left. Toys R Us was next- they had absolutely nothing, except for a huge line that snaked thru the whole store. Hit up a different Toys R Us, where we were able to get 2 of the DS accesory packs $5, and one of the $10 DS games. Waited in line here for about a half hour. After we left TRU, we hit another Walmart & returned my game & book- credit for $82!! :D Picked up Ratatouie & Shrek 3 for $12 each, Bon Jovi Cd for $5, a $5 Barbie & $5 Hotwheel pack to donate, pullups & wipes. I tried to pm the Monopoly Banking, but the CSS wouldn't do it, because Walmarts had a bonus box of pieces. @@ A quickie stop at Circuit City, netted 2 of the game boy advance $5 games. We had brunch at the casino (only cost us $5 out of pocket, after using points on our gaming cards), to end the day. I was home around 1:30pm. Came home and took a 3 hour nap. lol Money was really tight this year, but I'm glad I still got to go out for a while & pick up a few things. I'm really proud of myself for keeping up with my brother- I'm 6 months pregnant, and it is hard enough to keep pace normally with him. lol The only thing I am disappointed in, is that I really wanted to get my tree out today. Can you tell that didn't happen. lol I need to pull my stuff out and see what I have to still get. I should be almost done! Yay! Now to get wrapping. Hope everyone had a great day- can't wait to start planning for next year!!! :)
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God bless the internet! I was able to get most everything online before we set out this morning which was fantastic since I live about an hour from the nearest BB.


Oldnavy.com: some jeans, a sweater for me and fleeces for the kiddo, wasn't able to get the cashmere sweaters (I assume they had sold out online quickly) No big deal, wanted to go try my luck at getting a free mp3 player anyway. (no luck) but did grab two cashmere sweaters for the wife at the store.


Bestbuy.com: picked up a few Wii games that my TRU did not have in stock during the B2G1 sale that I wanted and also the Envision 22" monitor. (already recieved a shipment email to boot)


Walmart.com: I hear everyone else in the nation had empty walmarts, which was not the case in Alabama.. the parking lot at the closest one to my house was FULL @ 4:30 when we left. All the better since I order a step 2 desk I was going to get anyway to ship site-to-store and picked up some sopranos seasons for my F-I-L for $20 each.


Went to Kay-Bee and got the B2G1 fisher price toys (Little people A to Z farm, Easy internet launchpad and a backyardigans guitar which will give my 2yo something for us to "play" guitar hero together with) :) Got the $10 bonus bucks for spending over $50 so I'm going to use that to get her the Barney character for the easy link.


By far the best deal of the day I found was at Bed Bath and Beyond. They had a 10 pc. Emerilware set for $200 and gave a cast iron griddle and 7" chef's knife (all of which are things we wanted to get anyway) with a $200 purchase but also let me use a 20% off coupon after including the "gifts" so got all the for $160 bucks. My wife also found a bedding set she loved on clearance for $160 so it was $127 with the 20% off.

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Man what a night. got to my local staples at 430am and was 8th in line. had a good time talking to folks, i was there for the tom tom and the navigon. only one guy in front of me was there for the gps's so i was good or so i thought. mananger came out around 5 and said they would be passing out tickets to the popular items starting around 530, well that did not pan out as the only tickets they gave out was for the tv's, moniters and tom tom.


so i was fine for the tom tom but since they did not give out tickets for the laptop it was nuts when they opened the door, nobody knew where to go or what to do. me and the other "gps" guy walked in as the 7th and 8th person asked the asst manager where the navigons were and he said to follow him as they were in the stock room, cool we thought as there was a mad rush for the laptops. well 5/10 mins go by and we never saw the asst manager so we saw the store manager and asked him and he said we had to get in a check out line bc they were up front. oh buy the way that is where the 10 laptops were. so needless to say each line was about 15 people deep at this point. so we get in line and make our way up to the cashier and my "gps" friend gets the last one. not to happy i get my tom tom that i had the ticket for and asked for the manager. another asst manager come and i tell him the story and he said "sorry not much i can do" he did offer me 20% off any remaining gps's but that was about it. so he says he will find the store manager for me. store manager comes up hands me a $20 store credit and so i tell him my story and then he goes and looks to see if he can find one anywhere...nothing except the display model. so he takes it down for me!


go to the cashier to pay and was able to use the $20 store credit that he gave as well as the $20 gift card from the tom tom, so i got the navigon for$65 after tax!! so alls well that ends well, i guess. oh and since it was a display and he was not paying attention he also put the wall charger in the box as well. now i just have to make sure the free traffic goes through as there was no card in the box. but the manager said if i had any problems to come back and he would fix it. sorry for the long post, just wanted to share.

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Stayed home this year. Was able to get things I wanted online. I personally didn't think there was anything worth waiting in a line for this year. Tv's if you have been watching internet prices and deal posts have been as good or better than bf with a couple of exceptions, same for lappys. Though the wallyworld secret lappy woulda been good and probably relatively easy to pick up.
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Well, I had a terrible experience at TRU. I posted over on that board about it though.


I went out again at 7pm to Kohl's. I didn't want any early birds, so np there. I needed maternity for me, and found a bunch of it! :D The store was a mess, but it wasn't crowded or anything. I got some clothes for me, an electric toothbrush for DH ($79.99, Sonicare brand), and then a gift for someone. Spent $167 and got $30 in Kohl's cash. :D

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I spent Wednesday night at Kmart and was 4th in line to get a Wii!!! My son is going to be so excited! I am still tired as hell from being their from 10pm but it was worth it! Our Kmart had 20 wii's and was very organized about handing out tickets! My SIL got the 32" flat screen. (and she showed up at 6:30 and NO, she did not get in line with me! ) Our Kmart had a ton of them! When I left at 8 am there were still lots of them on the floor! Also got the $449 HP Laptop at BB online T-giving day!!! After the horror stories I've heard about BB BF lines, I wanted no parts of that! Thanks for the great website- Brad and anyone else who has helped him!
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Got to BB at 8pm about 100th in line got TomTom and XBox 360 w/guitar hero bundle tickets left for


Got to walmart at 4:30am in and out the door by 5:25am with the Go Diego Go Jeep


Tried to go to targe parking lot was scary so back to BB to pick up ticket items, 1.5 hrs in check out line. Yuck!!!!


Wandered the mall for a couple of hours picked up a few small things no door busters.


Back to target got the 8.00 picture frame wheel things.


Overall good experience, WalMart being the most efficient and quickest (shocking)

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Got up at 7:30am and had to wait 20 minutes to get in Circuit City as they were only letting people in 6 at a time. I didnt want a door buster so i didnt expect this kind line. Then I had to wait in the computer line for 2 hrs just to check out.


Best Buy: alot of non door buster items were sold out before noon. I was looking for the WD external HD and it was gone. I got went back tot CC and got them to price match even though they called BB. I guess the cashier told them he had 1 left.


Staples: my first stop at 7:45am. Sold out of Micro SD cards already.


Sears: Got in an d out without a problem. Bought a stove and microwave which really hurt my wallet.


End result..... I am typing on my new computer now, got my backing up my files on my external HD. I will enjoying gourmet meals from the wife shortly....;)

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Albertville MN Outlet Mall


Until about a week ago, I never thought about going to an outlet mall for BF. I am usually far too busy with Best Buy/Circuit City/WalMart and Target. We were at the Coach outlet (where my wife was deciding what she wanted for X-Mas) and then we went to the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store. I love some of their Sweaters and were then at work every day. For the last year, their prices were crap, and they rarely had the styles I wanted. So I was floored to go in there and find a bunch of sweaters I liked, in my size, already 30-40% off. I then found out that there would be an extra 20% off on BF-and they open at midnight (so I could still go to Wal-Mart for 5am).


Got to the Mall at 5am. Coach had 300+ people in line (with no signs of any additional sale/discount that I could find). Nothing else had a line. I sat in the warm car until 11:30, and they let us in early.


Here were the deals (The 3 prices I will quote are the regular outlet price, the price when I was there 2 days before, and my price).

-3 Wool Cable Knit Wool Sweater (solid color)-$98/$50/$32

-3 Cotton Sweaters (solid color)-$90/$40/$32

-3 Polo Shirts-$50-$55/??/$22-$28

-2 Leather Jackets (Brown, and Black-both Bomber Jackets)-$400/$300/$240

-2 Woll Sweaters (patterned) $50/$80/$62


So, yeah, $32 each for 6 Polo Sweaters? Sold!


Was out of the Store at 12:10.


Went to the Coach Store, and the line was still insane. Fortunately, we bought everything my wife wanted since they were already in short supply. Glad we did. Still have no idea what the sale was (if any). The sign next to my wife's bag was the same as 2 days earlier.


When I left, there was a backup of cars 2 miles long to the Interstate. Then I-94 had a backup of cars 3 miles long trying to get off at the Outlet Mall!


Had a great time at Wal-Mart too. Got there at 1am (24 hr Wal-Mart-so I waited inside). Got this:

-2 DVD players (upgrades to 1080p) $35/each.

-Sopranoes Season 1-3 ($20/each)

-Zune 30GB Player $80 (TRU Price Match)

-Wii Mario Galaxy $35 (Circuit City Price Match)

-Wii Sonic/Secret Rings $20 (Best Buy Price Match)


-Out the door at 5:15am and in bed bt 6am (thank geedness I had the day off!).


So, anyone get any good deals at outlet malls? And, I think Coach had an extra 10% off, anybody know for sure?

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Well, despite us buying a new putt-around car last weekend and thinking that I'd stay in on BF.....I couldn't help myself and found myself in line at Best Buy on Thursday. So...I have a BF addiction....sue me! ;)


Anyway, was first in line at the Augusta, GA Best Buy....quite a feat due to the line was 50 deep by around noon on Thursday. The line, by 5AM Friday morning, was almost completely wrapped around the entire building Best Buy is in......and it houses a Best Buy, a bridal shop, and an Office Depot. Line went down the front, up the side, along the back and almost turned that last corner to come back out the front. Over 400 in line......and they still came in and stood with the hopes of getting the doorbuster laptops and desktop computers. Cannot tell you how many people came up to us when they drove up and asked if we thought their chances were good to get any of those....and they were well past 200 in line.


Got in at 5AM.....cold, very windy, and had rained a bit during Thursday.


We acquired a Toshiba laptop, Sony laptop, the eMachines desktop, a Garmin nuvi 200 gps unit, two 360GB Seagate hard drives, one Western Digital 500GB external hard drive, a 7" digital picture frame, the Logitech MX Revolution mouse and the Microsoft mobile wireless mouse.


We were out of there by 5:30AM......pays to be in the front of the line.


The "new" car needed struts on front, so went to PepBoys....took advantage of their free install special and 30% discount on struts. Did drop the price of it by quite a lot! Left the LeBaron there and we both took back off in the Blazer.......headed over to Target.


What a mistake. 6:25 AM and the place was a zoo. Couldn't move inside at all. Gave up in there after 10 minutes.


Piled back into the Blazer.....drove out to Office Max. Picked up two copies of Kaspersky Internet Security suites for us.....$20/ea.


Forgot there was a Target next door.....went inside and what a difference 5 miles makes! Store was darned near empty with cashiers just standing around with nothing to do.


Deb got some tops she needed for work.......I got the Audiovox 10" portable DVD player. It'll be used on trips pretty much exclusively. I know it's cheap but it works great and has a good picture to it.


While I was in there, went looking for the Westinghouse 22" widescreen monitor, the one for $167. (I know, BB had a Samsung 22" for $200.....I walked right by it and forgot I wanted it....sheesh!!!!)


None on the shelves....asked a salesman if they had any left in stock. He checked....came back and said they had one but the frame was broken. Smiled and started to say "Thanks for checking, appreciate it!" just as the salesman said "Would you like a raincheck for it?"


Never thought they'd raincheck that price on the monitor. Took it.....price is good through first week in January, so I have that price "guaranteed". Gives me a benchmark when looking at other monitors from now to then for price compairsons.


All in all, we overspent on Christmas this year for everyone, but had a great time.....frozen and all!


Cheers everyone!

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I already had about 80% of my Christmas shopping done, but still had a few small items to buy. Also, wanted to check the prices on some household stuff that would need to be replaced soon.


Depending on what time each store ended their doorbusters that's the order I hit the stores. I headed out at 8:00 a.m.


BBB: Bought a WW scale and some wireless headphones also picked up some items in their clearance section and used 20% off entire purchase coupon. No lines.


TRU: Bought a Leapfrog Phonics Writing Desk for a b-day coming up but if I see this at a better price within the next week or so I will return this one. No lines here either.


Sears: Bought a Kenmore Progressive Vacumn and a Craftsmen Blower. I had 2 of those 10 dollars off any 50 spent, so I used 1 per item and saved about 180 on these 2 items between the sale price and coupons (pretty happy about that ) :) This Sears was actually more packed that my TRU :eyepoppin but the lines were still pretty short here as well.


Came home and dropped everything off and headed back out.


Kohls: Bought 2 pet beds, some Fisher Price Imaginext toys and some My Little Pony stuff. Also bought one of those fuzzy , soft blankets that originally was 40 but was on sale for 8. The line here wrapped all the way around the inside of the store , but moved quickly. The line was so long that they extended the early morning specials from 1 to 2:30.


Stopped at White Castle for lunch and then went to the next stop.


BB: Bought their last on sale laptop bag w/optical mouse :banana01: They didn't have any more of the flash drives but I was able to pick up 2 of the Carnival games for the Wii for me and a friend. No lines here either


Target: Bought their 1 gb flash drive. Also, a few movies ( Shrek 3, Ratatouie, First Wives Club, Sense & Sensibility and Polar Express). A small line here.


That was it. I found pretty much everything I needed and also bought some things I wanted and will probably head out to some stores this morning just for the heck of it..:D

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