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Official "What did you get?" / My Experience Thread


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Stayed up until adds went live around 2am cst so I got:


Target- 14pc knives set, razor lighted wheel scooter

Walmart- rubbermaid containers, kids pjs, ps4 camo controller

Best Buy- lego marvel super heroes game, a few movies

Toys R Us- ps4 and words with friends

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We lost power yesterday.  I have a generator.  On a whim, I plugged in my ONT and guess what -- we have internet.  This morning, I started going through my email and found a note from Best Buy saying their door busters were live online, so I hopped in and purchased the Sony - Smart 3D Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player (Model: BDPS5200/SKU:  3416003) for $59.99.  I got this for my brother whose BD player crapped out just last week.  If you are in the hunt for a BD player or even a streamer, you should take a look at this.  My favorite thing that distinguishes this from a Roku or Fire TV is that it has an inactivity time.  If I fall asleep watching a movie, the player shuts off after the movie and my tv shuts off when the player shuts off.  Here is a review of a similar model which I own and love...




Detailed specs here


Review of this model here.


This is the same price via Amazon and Sony.com.  I chose to purchase from BB via ShopDiscover for the cash back (5% + 5%). 

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I woke up about 7:00 and on a whim checked and there were actually a lot of items I wanted still available. I added them to my cart, but in the time it took me to enter my card number one of them sold out and put me under the free shipping mark... I guess I will try my luck at the stores. :)

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Been buying more than I expected to so far this morning lol


Petco - treats, bones and toys for dogs.  Done!

Victoria's Secret - bought yesterday due to early access.  A lot of items since I was able to stack 5 coupons together and had a credit on my Angel card, so practically free

Teavana - gift set for my daughter for the tea that she likes, a travel infuser, sugar, travel tin

Newegg - tv mount for the new tv I'll be getting for Christmas.  Great deal at $16.99 with free shipping.  Cheaper than I've seen anywhere else.  Previously bought the tv earlier at Sams last weekend due to the same deal they are having now

Express - jeans, sweater, tops all 50% off


Still debating on another Victoria's Secret order for pajamas for my daughter.   Will also still be going out later tonight to hit BBW and maybe Target or Best Buy

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I have to say how disappointed I was with Meijer this year. I have done their black friday every year except one since my store opened. The tracfone LG optimus fuel was gone well before the start time. One long time employee told me last week that they had a lot of them in the back room. Today, I was told by managment (blue shirt) that they gave them out at 6 to the long line. Well I was there before 6 and there was no line. I was also told that they only had 8 and that the store opened at three am. Another manager told me that the store opened at midnight. Employees (red shirts) told me that it never closed. My store was 24 hour for several years and then started closing at midnight and opening at 6 am. So now they are back to 24 hours. A customer told me that they started handing out electronics before 5:30 am. I know that the TV's were gone before 6. They did bring the Xbox one out at 6.


They legging that they had at buy 1 get 2 free, well no deal since they only had 1 pair of size small.


The movies that are on are also an issue. When they clearly adverize the number of titles availabe at each price point, I expect to see somewhat close to that number. The $1.88 dvd's clearly states choose from 40 titles, yet there were 12 titles. Somehow two layers of Dirty Danceing does not equal 40 titles.


So apparently this year you could go at any time, get the item and wait to check out at 6 am instead of their normal, the item will be out at that time. Shame on you Meijer. Oh, Walmart got my money. I ordered the phone and two DVD's online when I got home. While the phone was more, it came with a case and earbuds to make up the difference and I got free shipping.


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I stayed up till 2:30 last night and got everything I wanted from toysrus, walmart, children's place, jc Penney, target and amazon.



Thanks to everyone here for all the info leading up to it. It really helped me be organized.



I got too many things to list, but the main thing that I am happy about are the Razor scooters with lighted wheels from Target. I missed out on them last year.

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I managed to get most of what I was after the last week during various pre-BF sales. From Kmart I picked up the Monster High Catacombs doll house ($49 after SYW), Vtech alphabet activity cube ($29 after SYW), Lego Friends jungle playset (Free after SYW), Hungry Hungry Hippos & Battleship ($10 combined total after sales and SYW).  From Amazon I picked up a few Monster High dolls during their 50% off lightening sale. From Walmart I grabbed the $47 Nikon camera and $25 Chromecast online last night. Also picked up a wooden kitchen set on sale for $85 down from $115 for my youngest, and price matched Equestria Girls dolls for $7.92 and Mouse Trap for $8.80.

Tonight at walmart we arrived at 4pm with hopes of getting a $98 32 inch TV.  My husband and I decided to split.. I would go wait by the toys and he would try to get the TV.  I stood by the step 2 wagon for 2 hours, and as I'm finally being allowed to put one in my cart a woman walks up and tried to take it out of my hands. That's the first time I've ever had someone do that to me.  I got the wagon in my cart and then headed back up the aisle to the $5 monster high dolls where I watched a man and a woman block off the display and then pick up every. single. doll and put them in a cart.  I zig zagged my way through for some cheap pajamas, picked up some play doh and tinkerbell dolls in the process and then I saw a guy with the plush Lambie from Doc McStuffins in his cart. I kind of sank, because I'd forgotten all about it and was planning to get it for my youngest for her birthday next month. I asked him where he'd got it and he pointed me back to the paint department. As I inched back that way, I could see the box with just one more Lambie left in it. I asked the lady ahead of me if she could help reach one back to me, but she couldn't get it, either. The people in front of her handed it back to her, and she passed it back to me. Birthday saved!  As I made my way to check out I finally caught back up with my husband who showed me he had the almighty wristband for the $98 TV. We were standing in a checkout lane and I was telling him about what happened with the Monster High dolls and the lady beside of us taps him on the shoulder and hands him one while saying she had saw two left at the very bottom of the display and had picked up one as a "just in case I need a cheap gift later" kind of purchase, but that we could have it instead. Lo and behold, it was even the specific character doll we were looking for. We checked out, and DH brought me home to relieve my poor MIL of kid duty while he went back to pick up our TV.

Still have to go to Kmart in the morning for B1G1F laugh and learn toys, and DH is heading to Tractor Supply for their $99 chainsaw. After that we are DONE! :D

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The Big One plush blanket

Olaf charm


Best Buy:

Logitech wireless mouse

Big Bang Theory S7 DVD

Dirty Dancing DVD

Temple of Doom blu-Ray

SanDisk jump drive

Titanic blu-Ray





Heated throw blanket

Goldbergs S1 DVD


Staples: trash bags and Bounty paper towels



Men's flannel shirt

2 pkgs Genie bras

Breakfast at Tiffany's Blu-Ray

2 Elsa plush dolls



And I spent entirely too much money. As usual. :)

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First time in 20 years I'm not going out at all. However I stayed up last night and waited on some sales. I got a bunch of clothing from Penneys, bearpaws from Dicks and then this morning some hoodies from the Cabelas Thanksgiving sale. Edited by leefamily23
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Khols I ended up just getting Luke the Daniel Tiger trolley set. Spent like 22.00 with shipping. Online, easy experience


Walgreens- pull ups (the 50 something count), 30.00 iTunes, 2 tins of royal danisk cookies, 3 rolls of wrapping paper, a newspaper, 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, and coffee. It was 30.00 and some change and I got a 10.00 gc. (Used 35.00 points) 1st in store. Not bad at all


Walmart- RCA tablet (MIL is sick so I picked it up for her), 2 girls hoodies, 2 girls jeans, slippers for Luke, 2 3 month Xbox live cards, coffee pot, pair of girls shoes, picture frame, wipes (Luke was almost put lol), dish soap (was out), destiny for the Xbox one (not on sale). Spent 190.00. Absolute craziness! As always. 4 hours in store. 1 hour waiting to check out!!


Justice- 2 pairs of pjs and earmuffs. It was like 50 maybe? Online, easy


Tomorrow I'm shopping more online.

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I only went to 2 places, because I shopped online (thanks to Gottadeal!) and have everything I need!


Target --  Apple Mini 2 32gb (with $100 GC)  

               assorted movies


Bath and Body works  -- wasn't expecting them to be open, but they were -- buy 3, get 3!  Filled up on Wallflowers at $5 for 2 and soap!  Yeehaw!

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Michaels: Melissa and DOug toys at 50% off plus an extra 30% off. Some craft storage, bead, etc...

Went to wait in line at Penneys-it was cold out, around 14 degrees-got a $10.00 off coupon. Saw the pyrex 18 pc glass container sets for $14.99 after $10.00 rebate. Hurried over to the checkout and rebate didn't print out. She said they weren't a rebate item. So I ran over and brought the sign back. She had to manually adjust my receipt and I think she did it wrong because the prior total was 15.89 and the credit was 12.95 which makes the whole set 2.94!

Off to wait in line at Younkers. Another cold half hour there. Got a $20.00 coupon. :) Bought the two things I wanted asap and put them in my car. I went back in to use the $10 off a $10 purchase and there was hardly ANYTHING in the store that qualified! I did find some Hefty glass store/serve sets so I got that. Had other coupons so got another set and some socks (girls) that ended up free. I also found some 5pc Sophia sets (3 smaller figures, 2 larger figures, reg 44.00 for 9.97. I'm going to see if my cousin wants them for her granddaughters.

Then to Gymboree and Crayz8.

Back to Younkers.

Target-bought popcorn, saw long line and left.

Over to Walmart where I didn't get anything and there were no lines (around 8:30). Looked but didn't buy anything except a banana!

Over to Kohls-bought two Melissa and Doug toys and a FP baby toy. I tried to check out at jewelry but you needed to buy jewelry so I went over and grabbed a clearance bracelet (1.40) and was able to check out there.

Back to Michaels for a few stickers.

Home to rest for awhile. I may run back to the mall again later. I want some of those Target washcloths if there are any left.

I wore a turkey hat I got last year at the dollar spot at Target on clearance. I had sooooo many compliments from old, young, men and women! That was fun. :)

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Got most of my items online

Old Navy: Clothes for my daughter.

Best Buy: Beats and S5

Walmart:Kids table set

Bath and Bodyworks: the buy three get three free and the 2014 bag for $20.


In store items

Target: iPad Mini 3, more beats for my sister, iPhone 6


Actually I'm still at the Target store for the iPhone because their servers went down.


All in all happy with my experience. Impressed with the amount of TVs Target had.

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I wasn't going to go out...   but too much family in too little space led me to escape to walmart for some people watching and bargin hunting.


Despite not being there at the start of the event I was able to stroll right back and get the DVD player I wanted.  I walked around and was able to pick up some little things like the socks, promo dvd's, and sandisc, 


My walmart had everything laid out according to their map - and for the most part the traffic went along pretty well.  They had yellow tape everywhere marking traffic lanes and helping keep people from jumping lanes.  I heard some people complaining about things like the hot toys being in the produce section.....  but hey, at least it was on the map!


Even the check out seemed to go pretty fast.  Overall a positive experience.... I'm just still not thrilled about the Thursday sales.  I checked it out.  It was ok, but it definitely didn't motivate me to spend any extra money - and I wont be going back for Friday or Saturday sale stuff.....



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Best Buy for gopro bundle, chromecast, and infinity 2.0 .. bought in the camera department.. 5 minute wait...
target for razor scooter.. saw the LG sound bar we wanted but it was $249 asked if they would price mtch... nope.. so we went online to BB bought it for $147 and went back to pick it up
Kohls- carry on suitcase, shark mop
michaels for ornaments as we are changing our entire theme

Bath and Body Works
Victoria Secrets
Lego Store
Toys R us

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I headed out to Walmart at about 10:00pm knowing it was too late to get any of the big doorbuster deals. Was hoping for a laptop. Its usualy more calm at this time and I have fun looking thru the abandoned carts they park near the fitting rooms. Sometimes you can score a smaller item you thought sold out. But I was able to get the toddler pj's, $1.96 movies for stocking stuffers and quite a few pair of the Wrangler jeans. They're good for my husband to work in for $9.77.

As Im in the very short checkout line I see a family. Theyre discussing in a language I dont understand, but I hear the teenage boy say laptop, like he's not too excited about the one his father is holding. They speak some more and I hear the words 'next year.' The father looks down at the box in his hand then looks around for somewhere to place it. As he sets it near the checkout I say, 'sir, you dont want that?" He hands it to me while I dont know which doorbuster laptop it is. I was hoping it was the one for $159. But it was the $249 HP touchscreen laptop. It was a 6pm DB and I scored one after 10pm! :gdyes:   I hesitated but my daughter had said she needs a laptop. I went to 3 Walmart locations. The stores were very organized. They were constantly condensing. Everyone very friendly from staff to customers.

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I went shopping at like 830 there really wasnt lines anywhere. Wen to michaels bought some kinetic sand as a joke gift for my mom after hearing her tell me it looked like fun shed probably enjoy it. Then walked to walmart and grabbed 6 or 7 movies and some of the one piece zip up pjs. They were making announcements over the intercom for ipods and laptops they had left. I Looked for sd cards and flash drives but couldnt find them so i went to the other walmart thats like 5 mins away and found both in the backshop carts in electronics. Then I went to the mall because i had a $10 dollar off coupon and found two shirts and paid 2.15 for them. Then went to kohls because i had a $10 dollar coupon there too and found the shirt my mom was wanting me to buy last week was on sale for 9.99 so i found another clearence item to make it over 10 and said $1.60 something for the two items and while inline placed a preorder  for da truths new album.. Then went back to walmart to buy cool whip for my mom and found a movie i didnt see the first time.


earlier in the week I had placed an order for a bunch of seasons of scrubs from amazon, a doll stroller for my little cousin from tru, new sheets and electric throw and a shirt and socks from kohls, a disciple tshirt, and grown ups from target.

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Almost everything I wanted I ordered on the Best Buy Early Access sale on Monday. The only thing I didn't get was Maleficent on BD. It appeared online later in the week but was sold out. Went down last night to grab one. Got there at 4:30 and was out by 5:10. And that was also picking up an online order of the 32" Samsung Smart TV and SOA Season 6. And wouldn't you know it. Maleficent is now available online again. Oh well it got me out of the house while dinner was cooking.


I will also note it was amazing the amount of people that got there at the same time and a little after and started crying foul because they were already sold out of the $199 Panasonic TV. States in the ad tickets are handed out 2 hours prior. You want a deal that good you need to get there early. Don't expect to roll up 30 minutes before opening and expect to grab one of the biggest doorbusters.

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So far, here's what I got...


Earlier in the week, scored the Rachael Ray cookware set my wife's been wanting for $149 from Amazon, along with my Samsung Tab 4 tablet for $229 ($20 less than anyone else) thanks to the Gottadeal Instant Saving emails.


Left the house at about 3:45 PM headed to Dick's for their 5pm opening.  Was about #30 in line, and got both the .22lr and 5.56 ammo they had on sale real cheap.  The .22lr was actually a ticketed item!  Was out in 15 minutes.


To Walmart #1, arriving by 5:30.  Didn't really need much, just got socks, underwear and the rubbermaid.  Didn't have the flannel shirts nor the cheap bathmats.  They had aisles roped off creating traffic lanes, so things went VERY smoothly.  Also, on some things (everything I wanted), they had the displays open, so no fighting over the cheap towels or PJs.  Movies, appliances, and toys were wrapped and guarded (sort of) but I didn't need any of that stuff.


To Walmart #2.  THey had the shirts, but none in my size.  Still no bathmats.  Home by 7PM for pumpkin pie.


Got up early and Sam's had those Kreuigs online finally so ordered it, So now no reason to head out real early, as everything else will just be non-doorbusters or leftovers.

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I went in Wal-mart last night.  I was driving past the store a little before 7:00pm and things were busy.  I decided to take a peek since there was no line at the door.  There was no line because the front doors were locked and everyone was coming in through a side entrance.  The line was entering the store twenty at a time as people departed twenty at a time.  The gatekeeper assured me that anyone in line before 7:00 would get the guaranteed items, so I made my way into the store.  He lied.  I walked around and saw people already queued up for the 8:00pm items.  They marked the queues with balloons.  The whole event was pretty well organized though a little too busy for me, so I left empty handed.

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Slept an hour last night! Went to Pauls Discount (local store) to try and win a 50" tv at 6:00 and a tablet at 7:00 but didn't win. Went to Joanns between drawings and got some stuff. Then I went to Menards. My sister is there checking stuff out so I can go to bed! All in all another fun Black Friday! Now, off to bed!

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