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How far along are you in your shopping?


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Just curious... How far along is everyone with their shopping?


I get strange looks from people when they hear that I have made a pretty good dent in my shopping list... I do plan to be ALL done by Black Friday. That's my goal anyway. I have 3-4 more gifts to buy for my extended family, and then I can really consentrate on DH and my boys. I have gotten some shopping done for them as well, but I am far from finished. I know what I am buying, I just have to get the money together to do it. :)


How about you?

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I have my children (DS 15 and DD 9) just about done.


My twin nieces are done (age 6)- thanks to Target's toy clearance.


My nephew still hasn't told me what he wants (age 10). He isn't into much of anything so I will wait till I hear from him. Other wise he is getting money.


Done with my parents.


Still have to buy for my MIL. I'm thinking glade basket and a gift card.


Teachers- done (each are getting a glade variety lol)


Husband- DONE.


Dogs DONE.

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I am 85% done. For those I haven't bought for yet, I know what I'm getting them, just haven't gotten it yet. I went out over lunch today and bought everyone's stocking stuffers. I'm holding onto all of my receipts, though, just in case something goes on sale!!
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kids still at home ... done

grandkids... done... 3 times already ;)

hubby.. .needs one more gift that should be on sale on BF

daughter/son in law... I know what they are getting, currently looking for a sale

work .. done

hubby's work... done

sister/family... still need ideas for the adults... kids just need gifts picked up

friends/other family... 70% done and know what I am lookign for deals on...


hoping to get some wrapping done while I am waiting on more BF ads to find my deals :)

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Not nearly far enough :D I've bought 12 gift cards for my husbands employees, and his parents. I've got four children to buy for. So far I have a couple of wii games, a my generations doll for my youngest dd, a pet shop center for oldest dd, and a movie for my youngest ds. This is very unusual for me, still plenty of time though



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I am behind also this year. I am usually done by now. DH has been out of work since July so things are going to be very light this year. If one of the previous posters could give me a couple branches from their money tree or a shoot of it for me to grow my own :D


DD's 2 teachers done

DD's 2 religion teachers done

DD's bus driver done


DD have a few things need to get her main gift if I can figure out what that is?????

DS got a few things know what else to get but they are on pre-order video games & have to order his tennis rackets.

DS Birthday on 12/21 to buy for.

2 DNs will get gift cards or money.

My Sis & BIL not exchanging this year

DH got one gift but not worried if I dont get anything else.

FIL have no idea

DH's Grandmother have no idea

Dogs nothing yet

cat nothing yet

birds nothing yet


After putting all this down, I am actually surprised how much I have done. At least I have some ideas.

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I am probably about 75% done. Some people are just impossible to shop for. Have to sit down and think about it. Also need to decide if I am going to continue to buy for the people who refuse to by for anyone else, but will get pissy if they don't get anything. I don't want to, but I don't want to waste money one someone who will not appreciate whatever I get them either.
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