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Official "What did you buy?" Discussion Thread


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As we always do, let's have this thread for you to share what deals you scored, both online and in stores, as well as any experiences you feel like sharing about the online or in-store shopping process this year.

Also, if you went to any physical brick & mortar stores, let the rest of us know how that went. What day, how big were the crowds, etc.

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I was going to get the 65" TV but found that the wall where it goes is too small.

So I bought the 50" Onn TV and it was delivered this morning while I was at work.  

Glad no porch pirates came by before I returned at 1:30.  

It is replacing the 50" Emerson that I bought on BF years ago from Wal*Mart.

That TV quit this year and I was forced to watch a small 43" that I won at a car show 6 years ago.

No one should have to watch such a small screen!!


Hope everyone gets what they are looking for. 

BF is not the same as it was 20, even 5 years ago and has lost its fun.

I liked lining up the day before and waiting all night for the doors to open on one store, then hurrying to

all the other stores on my list.

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All from Kohl’s: Ninja Air Fryer, pair of earrings and a pair of pajamas earlier this week. Tonight I ordered 2 cheap tshirts and threw in a cheap pair of house shoes so I could get free shipping.


Not one thing from any other store and I still have no gifts purchased other than my Secret Santa :(

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2 55" TVs--one for living room to replace our 32" that broke and one for our daughter's room for Christmas
Ring light kit (for daughter)

pair of jeans for hubby to work in

Monkeyball (Switch)

Mario Party (Switch)

Cuddleduds blanket (for aunt)

one DVD


several Kohls throws

Jeans for hubby
a shirt (for friend)

and a shirt for father in law

Temu: I had never heard of them but saw on a YouTube channel so checked them out. They just happened to be running a BF special.
A few dresses

Cow print shoes for daughter

cow print wallet for daughter


and a few other small items

I did go in Walmart for the first sale so I could get my 2nd TV.  There wasn't anyone there.  There were only three people in line when I got there, one wasn't there for sales and the other one was a truck driver who just stopped to get snacks..lol.  By the time I checked out, there were more people in the store but from what I could see, most were there for just regular shopping.

I am still going BF shopping Friday with a friend, but for, probably, the first time ever, I am just going to browse and don't really have anything specific I need.

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Pokemon card set

Dickies shirt-coat


Womens sweat pants

Little Critter book

Yankee jar candles (2)

Muk Luks Cabin socks

Samsung Buds Live



Meta Quest 2 (online purchase for pickup)

Fisher Price Farm (toy coupon)

Craft/art supplies (daily deal)

Nintendo and Meta Quest gift cards (B1G1 15% off)

Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness 4k


Target in-store on Sunday. Not crowded at all on first day of sale, normal Sunday experience.

Table top easel


Amazon (matching or beating other sales)

Sonic Frontiers



Joanns (online)

Assorted ornaments and picks


Michaels in store Sunday and Monday. Not any more crowded than usual.

Ornaments and picks

Kids craft kits




Towel set

Hand towels

Under Armor Hoodie

Google mini

Flameless candles


Lego VIP weekend (double points)

Birds of Paradise


Will get more on BF or Cyber Monday



I also got quite a few rings, more toys, on the October prime day sale.


I am making pretty good progress so far. Still a few things on my list. And then soon starts the "trying to figure out what to get" for several others.

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I got a swing set from Walmart on a deal for days sale. It was a good price. It has since more than doubled in price.

I've gone in Walmart in person and saw no crowds.


I've browsed in several stores with no crowds even though they had "Black Friday" sales going on.


It's not the same with all the ads spread out. On the plus side, there isn't pressure to buy quickly so you think about making the purchase more. You don't see a lot of other people buying a lot of stuff so you don't even consider buying a lot more than you intended. On the minus side, you don't see many people shopping and notice things you consider and end up  buying. Unless you just walk around the store, you do not know what is on a Black Friday sale pricewise. The excitement isn't there. I hope this isn't the future of Black Friday. It seems like all the stores collaborated this year to do away with Black Friday as we know it.

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iPad from Best Buy (through Verizon network) for $209.


Walmart I got:

Pioneer Woman pot and pan set

Mickey Mouse blind bag

Snackin Grogu

Tangled doll/dress up

LOL Doll set

Samsung A03 Straight Talk phone for my son

Purse Pets toy

12 inch bicycle for my youngest son

Swingset (it's been on sale but I ordered it today so including it)

32 inch Acer Gaming Monitor



Amazon I got:

32 inch tv for my daughter's room (I missed the 40 inch)

Little People Farm playset

Little Live Pet Mama Surprise (Amazon early sale with coupon)


Target I got:

Xbox Series S


Kohl's I got:

4 throw blankets (my kids get a new one every year)

Little Live Pets toy



I normally do way more but this year I was thrown off with all the early sales. I grabbed what I could. Going to finish up in December. I got about 50% shopping done so far.

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So far:


The infamous throw blankets

Washcloths (to donate to homeless shelter)


Dutch Oven






Clothes for son


Wife and I both had gastric bypass surgery this summer, and none of our clothes fit anymore.  I'm sure we'll try to get a few more things over the weekend, but haven't decided.


I wish roofing companies ran Black Friday sales.  That's what we're really needing right now.

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So far nada. I need to order Rubbermaid containers from Walmart if I'm going to mess with it at all but really not feeling the spread out sales. I did get kid clothes the first week of sales from Walmart.


This year feels so weird.... I was debating Bath and Body Works on Friday but after a minor heart attack from price checking online, not doing that. $15 a bottle!?! Officially on the rare treat list now, even with coupons ☹️ Probably not going out at all unless it's a Pepsi run at DG.

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Mainly because toddler is sick and we're about out of Tylenol (note, I got the second to last bottle, apparently it's the new door buster and has been selling like crazy today) I went to Dollar General.


3 bags of Reese's/Rolos B2G1 Free

2/$2.50 Pepsi/Schweppes Ginger Ale

Children's Tylenol ($1.50 coupon)


Jingle Bells (thought those were supposed to be on sale but didn't ring up that way and I wasn't arguing over 50 cents)

And pregnant lady chip craving.


Unless something awesome pops up on Amazon, I'm done. Not going out tomorrow with a sick kid at home who just wants his momma and cuddles.

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Only items bought so far were from the Grim Oak Press Black Friday sale. I purchased a limited edition of the second and third novels in Stephen R. Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever: The Illearth War and The Power That Preserves.


I wanted a copy of the limited edition of Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight, but it was my first time doing this sale, and I was too slow.

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Finally bought my iPad from Amazon thanks to an email from GD alerting of a coupon for the 2022 Air.  Excited about that! Also decided to get myself the Apple Pencil so I’m all set for awhile.  Now to move on to gifts…….the hardest part for me this year.

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Well, for a year with such bad ads/sales, I sure am exhausted. And broke. LOL


We started the day at Ollie's at 5:00am. I had never even heard of that store, but we bought so much we had to drop stuff off at the house before we could go anywhere else.


We hit Target next. We first went to the one in our hometown, but they weren't open yet and there was a LONG line out the door. I asked my sister if I should roll down my window and tell all those people that the sale started Monday. Whatever they thought was worth standing in line for was already gone.  :sidesplit . We ended up at the Target in the next town over (where we were headed anyway). Bought a couple things I hadn't had on my list. The store was busy, but not super busy. I don't think we even stood in a line to check out.


Then Bath & Body, Academy, and Walmart. My wallet got a little lighter at all 3. B&BW was the most crowded of the 3, but that's probably because it's the smallest space. Academy was the only one we had to stand in a checkout line for, and that wouldn't have been as bad if the cashier in our line hadn't been so slow. I appreciated her friendly attitude though, so all good.


From there, we went to Atwoods (regional store, kind of like Tractor Supply) where I got some cute Christmas PJs...Bed, Bath, & Beyond, where I waited in the truck...and finally Home Depot. Home Depot was kind of busy, but not too bad. Of course, it was afternoon by the time we got there. 


Had lunch at Denny's, where I got my annual grand slam breakfast, and now I'm home seriously considering going to bed. Oh, but I can't get to my bed because that's where I piled all my packages. LOL

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Ordered one book on Amazon that had a 45% price drop. Been watching it for almost a year and it's not dipped under $10 before so jumped on it.


And that's it. I browsed Amazon but even the toys that were on sale my kids would like, weren't enough of a discount to buy/store til birthdays. No diaper deals aside from Mama Bear which my first two were allergic to so not buying for new baby.

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I did go to Bath and Body and picked up the holiday box along with 3 bodacious washes, 3 body mists, a soap holder and foaming soap, used 3 coupons and paid $50 so did well there. Next to Menards for a $20 dog bed that I used a $10 rebate check on so only $10 for the bed. Had to go to Hobby Lobby to replace some decorations that were broken in the move but at least they were 60% off instead of 50%. Not bad for the day
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Well, for the first time EVER, everything I bought was for me, and there wasn’t really all that much.  Actually, a lot of it wasn't even in a Black Friday sale.  We had extended family over for Thanksgiving dinner, so it was about 1am Friday morning when I crawled in bed for a catnap and I was back up and on the road by 3:15am headed to Tulsa which is about an hour an half away.


 Got to Kohl’s about 30 minutes before they opened and there wasn’t really much of a crowd yet, I had no trouble being one of the first 200 for the scratcher card, but Kohl’s website had a big issue for awhile with the promotion, it went up for maintenance and you couldn’t see what you won for a few hours.  I had already bought a Ninja Air Fryer Oven online from them, and had a little fiasco with the order before I got it so I wasn’t really after anything big.  Mostly I just NEEDED to feel it was a normal Black Friday this year by doing the stand-in-line, wait-for-the-store-to open thing.  At Kohl’s I ended up buying some really cute St. Nicholas Square Mickey Mouse melamine plates, a couple of rugs for my living room, and a Kohl’s Cares Stitch with a little book. On one side of the store the line was only back to the sign that said at that point your wait would be 15 minutes, walked to the clothing side of the store where the line was nonexistent.  That was the strangest thing to see because I’m used to their Black Friday lines crisscrossing at the back of the store!!


Then I went to Shoe Carnival and they were out of my size in all the shoes I wanted to try on, so I went to DSW where I found the same problem.


Next was Bed, Bath & Beyond to look at curtains that were on sale.  They were out of the size I needed but I just ended up ordering those online.  


Then I went to Tuesday Morning and Ross, not because they were having a sale, but just because I wanted to look in there.  Between the two I found some Disney Christmas kitchen towels with Mickey & Minnie and some with Stitch on them and some everyday ones with Stitch on them, and a couple of Mickey Mouse Christmas rugs.  


Walmart came next where I bought two boxes of the requisite Rubbermaid.  I buy that every year to replace the pieces that disappear through the year.  


I went to a few various stores in between, just to look around, but I didn’t end up buying anything.


I stopped at Steak and Shake on the way out of town for breakfast, lunch and dinner rolled into one and got home about 8pm, tired and kinda disappointed in the overall day. It was just too weird not having lines at checkouts.  I didn’t even go to Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s or Best Buy, stores that there is always at least one thing on someone’s list to go buy.  I just want the REAL Black Friday sales days back, not this fake, lets have sales for a month before Black Friday thing that posed as Black Friday this year!!!  It’s too hard to keep up with that many sales and I’m sure I missed out on something great, but, at this point, I really don’t even care.

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Didn't see much exciting in the ads.


Browsed Amazon online. A lot of the stuff was cheaper the day before with the coupons they had on than when it was on the lightening deal. Nothing I couldn't live without.


Went to Walmart. Not many people there. There were only a couple of people in each manned checkout. Didn't buy anything there.


Wendy's for lunch where I did buy a few of the keychains to get free mini frosties with a purchase. They make good stocking stuffers.


The sales throughout the month dampened the excitement of Black Friday.

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