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  1. I always used to say if Microsoft made good software I would have been out of a job a LONG time ago.
  2. Sounds like a bad windows update. Fixed plenty of those over the years. You also boot to sag mode with networking to get files off if you want.
  3. Don't know if you can remove the battery but sometimes that helps. Also try just holding down the power button for up to 60 seconds to see if it will force on. I don't know the make/model but sometimes there are reset type thing you can do to get them to come back up.
  4. Supposed to be a big storm headed this way to start off a new month. Booo lol Ready for the warm weather to roll in and stay.
  5. My wife goes there for Fabric, but she always gets the stuff on sale due to high prices.
  6. BOOOOOOOOO Hate these lame time changes.
  7. I wish they would just pick a time and stick with it. Hate this swapping back and forth. Can’t believe it’s March already.
  8. Pretty sure the one near us will close, i think that may be a fact if the mall itself is going to be mostly torn down and turned into some giant neighborhood.
  9. I honestly finding ourselves buying online less and less. We will order online from brick and mortars for store pickup though.
  10. Give it time someone will come out with a Feb BF sale.
  11. It was your birthday? Well happy birthday. My daughter wants one of those Stanley Cups (dad wants the Wings to win a different Stanley Cup lol). We just ordered her one last night for Valentine’s Day.
  12. I’ve run the snow blower a few times here. Makes me wish I had bought the bigger one and got a self propelled one lol. Tried to be nice and do at least the sidewalks for my two neighbors while I was out there.
  13. Super cold here. Wife’s school had a cold day today and then tomorrow she is off again and my daughters school is closed also. With windchill it’s supposed to be like -22 tomorrow.
  14. I made that one a while back and haven’t made one in a few years now.
  15. At least it’s a blast that can come with some relief for you.
  16. Merry Christmas all. May Santa fill your stockings with all the good things in this world such as family and good friends. I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day.
  17. It could be the year you’re introduced to Chinese turkey (one of my fave movies quote)
  18. Crazy that Christmas Day is one week from today.
  19. Should buy yourself some stuff and wrap it.
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