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Potential Hoodie Color Poll for Next Year


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As I mentioned in the size poll thread, I am considering doing hoodies next year instead of t-shirts.
Thanks to everyone who has voted so far in the size poll (if you haven't yet, go here to do that).
Now the question is color. The hoodie I am likely going with only comes in 4 colors. I have samples of all 4 colors and I personally think all 4 would look great as a GD hoodie.
I've attached a photo below showing what the 4 colors look like in 2 different lighting styles. The top is more of what they'd look like outdoors or in bright light and the bottom represents how they look indoors or at night.
So all you have to do is vote. Since those of you using the app can't see the polls, we'll just use replies instead of a poll for this one.
Reply with your first and second choice from these options:
1. Shadow Gray Heather
2. True Navy Heather
3. Charcoal Black Heather
4. Royal Blue Heather
Thanks for your help!

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1. True Navy Heather

2. Charcoal Black Heather


EDIT: I love ordering sample items of swag. I have a terrible addiction to swag, and since I order swag for work, I have samples everywhere. I love it. I also have a ton of clutter... hmm. I haven't done clothes yet, I need to do that next, haha. (we just ordered jackets, but no samples of North Face jackets provided this time...)

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