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Vote for the best BF store of 2005

Guest Frieked

Which store had the best BF this year?  

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  1. 1. Which store had the best BF this year?

    • Best Buy
    • Circuit City
    • Compusa
    • Kmart
    • Target
    • Toys r us
    • Walmart
    • Other (specify below)

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As odd as that is to say.....I was super impressed with them this year. Browny points first of all for being the only one of the 'big box' stores willing to PM. Everything was super organized thismorning at our store. Lots of everything in the add. Lots of SAs around that knew where the ad items were. The only thing I was disappointed with was the efficiency of the PMs. They required a SM to to come put a key in the register and it was crowded and the SM were busy so you had to wait around (which didn't make the people behind me inline happy). Otherwise though, A+ to Walmart :)

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in all those categories besides customer service (not to mention crowd control) i have to say walmart - they had some of the best deals, not to mention pm'ing which saved me TONS of time, they advertised everywhere (& early), there were plenty of the hot items (excluding, of course, computers, but thay happens everywhere), & the checkout went faster than it would on a normal day!


for customer service i'd say kohls

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Walmart was awesome this morning. The employees were VERY friendly and helpful, and it was incredibly organized and fair. I was truly impressed. I got in line at 3:30 am (I was 2nd) for the Gameboy Advance SPs, but was out of the store by 5:15. They had all the registers open and it was just great!
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I have to say the Best Buy I went to today was the best. It was certainly worth the drive there. The manager even remembered us from buying a tv there a few days ago. The place was a total mob scene! The line for checkout started at the front, snaked through all the aisles, wound around the whole back length of the store, and back up to the front again. Employees were grabbing stacks of merchandise from the store room and walking around asking people in line if they needed what they had. Even though the store was small, they seemed to have more of what was on sale than the larger BB in my city. Even the other shoppers were nice and polite. No shoving, swearing, or line jumping. They even tolerated my baby screaming when my husband accidentally pulled her hair, and I rolled over this guy's foot with the stroller. I would have been punched at some of the other stores! My only "beef" is that they forgot to charge me for a monitor I bought and I will have to drive there again tomorrow to sort it out. I know most people would just keep it, but I can't enjoy anything if I didn't pay for it.
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Guest Frieked

I was most impressed with Target. They didnt have the best deals, but when I got there 10am, they had everything I wanted. It was so organized, they were constanly restocking, and more than willing to help customers.

Target seems like the most organized of the stors year round also so this seems like no surprise to me.
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Best Buy was the best. They kept the crowd under control and really created a fun/party atmosphere to shop in complete with music and a Santa Clause, lol. I went into Target after Best Buy and their checkout lines went all the way to back of the store and they didn't have very many cashiers. They seemed unprepared entirely for the amount of people they had there.
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Guest all2tired
I was impressed with our new Walmart. They were organized and there was staff everywhere to help if you needed it. The only draw back was some items not rining up with BF prices but that was no biggie since I noticed it as things were being rung up and went directly to CS. Still was out of the store before 5:20 am
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