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Wii Fit at Amazon.com RIGHT NOW! Free Ship - HURRY!


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Amazon.com has wii fit RIGHT NOW with FREE Ship! Hurry if you want one! :tongue1:







I am in for 1!!!!!


I was going to get one of the others but didn't cuz of the shipping



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cool, thanks for the heads up....saved $10 with bill me later (came to $86.69 with the tax) and had it shipped to my mom's in NY where we will be for Christmas


Santa thanks you!!


Is there a code for this? I tried it and it still stays at the same price!

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You can find a Wii Fit in stock online if you search hard enough. The thing is the stores have the prices jacked up so high it's ridiculous. I found a bunch last night but I won't pay $170 for one, especially when it's from an obscure store I've never heard of.
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