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Official One-and-Only "What I Got" / "My BF Experience" Thread


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I missed out the last couple of years for BF (last big BF purchase -Walmart BF Laptop back in 2005), but I needed a laptop this year.


Went for the $349 HP Laptop at Office Depot (it was really $399 + $50 MIR - didn't see a MIR star on the list of BF laptops for BF GottaDeal). Stood in line from 10:30p last night til' opening, freezing my butt off. Got the laptop - typing on it right now as we speak.....so far so good! Also got 2 50-pack CD spindles for $10.


Then moved onto Walmart after the BF massacre. Got the Walmart Food Processor for $5 and 27 DVDs (Wedding Crashers, Cat in the Hat, Spiderman 1 and 2, etc.) for ~$60 w/ tax - not going to pass up $2 DVDs!


Then went to JCPenney and Kohls - wife got some clothes from JCPenney, but we didn't see much at Kohls.


But to end my BF, I got interviewed by a local TV station while walking back to my car w/ my wife in the rain. Wrong place, wrong time.....raining, looking like crap, and being up since 6am on 11/27. My wife is [sarcasm]anxious[/sarcasm] to see how much of a dork I look on TV.



LOL!! Dork?? :P

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I got a TON of stuff this morning! Everything on my list in fact, except for the hoodies at WM but that was no big deal. So I picked up my mom at 3:30 and we got some coffee and headed to WM. Hung out by the Air Hogs pallet, talking to some nice people around us, waiting for 5 a.m. Then at 4:45 the associate that was standing there said "Here, just go ahead" and opened the pallet so we were done with everything and in line by 5:10! YAY! Then we heeded across the street to Target where we stood in a line about 300 people deep for about 15 minutes, then got some carts and ran to toys. Got everything we wanted there except the DS games, but again no biggie. Then we went to Lowes and TRU (longest check-out line of the day, 1 hour), and Bob Evans for breakfast. So here's what I got today:



Hot Wheels City Set $20

Kung Fu Panda $9

(4) Hot Wheels 10-pks $5 each

Trivial Pursiut 80's - $10

(2) Air Hogs combo packs - $20 each



Bee Movie - $5.98

National Treasure - $5.98

Happy Feet - $3.98

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark - $5.98

House Season 3 - $13.98

Crayola Glow Station - $23

Littlest Pet Shoppe - $8

Barbie 60-pc furniture set - $29.98

Terrainiac R/C vehicle - $35

Hot Wheels 4-Lane Raceway - $10

Rhino Rampage game - $14



Kobalt 20 pc socket set - $9.98

Kobalt 4 pc locking pliers set - $9.98

Task Force 46 pc tool set $9.98



Toss Across - $17.99

Tumblin' Monkeys - FREE

Spongebob Sno Cone Maker - $7.99

Vtech Learning Laptop - $19.99

(2) Magnext set - $9.99 each

Lego Set - $9.99


So we had a very good day!!!

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my wife got to Walmart at 5.15am and was able to get me the RCA 8GB MP3 player, plus some jeans for the kids.


i went to Target at about 9am and they still had quite a few of the cheap video games and the ladies sweaters my wife wanted.


i then hit Walmart and got a few of the dvd's on sale, a couple of the tracksuits and a pair of jeans for myself.


our Walmart still had a few of the Dell PC's and apparently a few TV's left.


my wife had never gone to a BF and was stunned at the lack of organization at Walmart.

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I stayed home sick in bed both T-day and today :(

Are there anymore good sales still to be had? I am looking for Xbox 360 games and some books..does anyone think Twilight would appeal to 19 and 21 yr old boys/men? I have not read them yet but thought Ds's might enjoy them[/QUOTE]



Yeah the Twilight would be appeal. I got 20-21 year old guy friends reading them!

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go almost all my christmas shopping done prior to BF thanks to this site :)


our first stop was our 24 hour walmart, no waiting outside. everything went really well for us. the associates where helpful and told us what was where. they had an assocaite by almost every pallet (would not let anyone have any items till 5am) we were first in line at the photo center.


i got the digital pic frames I wanted and my friends got the camera's that they were after. i got my towels and shop vac. they only thing was there was no 500 count sheet sets anywhere in the store. But all in all it was a great morning at walmart..we were outta there before 5:30.


then it was off to sears where I had an awesome time :)


I had an awesome experience at sears this morning. we went to walmart first so we did not get to sears till about 5:45am. Waited in line (there were 3 or 4 different lines) wouldn't you know I go to the slowest sales person ever (but this actually worked out in my favor in the long run.) there were 4 or 5 people ahead of me. most of them were after the $599 pair. so he is checking people out (deliery late dec/early jan). oh no more white kenmore's are available. so they (the manger/workers) say that is ok...they will give us the kenmore in black for the same price. ok works for me. he completes another transaction or two and the black kenmore's are gone. so they say hold on...come back and they are going to upgrade us to another pair (differnet brand for the $599 price) and we are in luck because we can pick up on dec 3rd. i was a very happy camper at sears today and can not wait untill weds so i can go pick up my new set.



White Frigidaire 3.5 cu. ft. I.E.C. King Size Capacity ENERGY STAR® Washer

Sears item# 02632212000 Mfr. model# GLTF2940FS



White Frigidaire 5.8 cu. ft. Super Capacity Electric Dryer

Sears item# 02642212000 Mfr. model# GLEQ2152ES


with tax both would have been $1389.93 (without warrenty or pedstals)


i got both for $647.99 including tax


so like i said...i was a very happy camper at sears today!


plus a $100 mail in rebate printed with my reciept.


then we hit target and toys r us (both which were mad houses..so we left) we went to CC and then hit the mall, next stop lunch and then back home. all in all it was a great day.

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I thought everything was going to be fine we all stood around and waited. They started to pull plastic off some of the Mega blocks. The next thing you know the people start pulling at the plastic and I reached in to grab a pink leapster and myself, a girl who was about 10, and a few others where thrown to the ground.

The people behind us basiclly used us a floor mat!:eyepoppin:mad: I hung onto the the item in my hand with all I had. Someone was yelling there is a kid in here, I thought ya she is with me!!!!!!!!!!

They knocked the display to the ground when they knocked us to the ground as well.

I have never been in anything like that in my years of doing this ( 12 years).


i think the girl was ok, I had someone walk on my leg and about knock my glasses off.


The register I was at broke down and it took me a hour to check out!


I think the crowd was bigger for one of 2 reasons....atleast at the store I was at.

1.the bargins where really great

2. the economy is what it is now



Some lady I met in line was tackled to the ground more or less she said. She got the last XBox and someone tried to take it. She held on, lost her shoe, and had her arm stepped on.


Someone else had a computer in her cart she went to grab something, and while she turned her back some took off with her cart!!!!!!!!!!!!:yup:


Hope everyone else had a good shopping day and got there needs and wants!!!!:)

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BTW.....just received a telephone call from WM thanking me for the e-mail I sent to coporate office. I was stunned that Wal-mart would take the time to call a "peon" like me about my letter. The manager I spoke with (sorry, didnt catch his name) stated that they printed out my e-mail and read it during the afternoon meeting. WM never ceases to amaze me.
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Well my plan was to start at Bealls at 4:00am. They had 50% off of clearance- for those who are unfortunate to not have a Bealls, they sell a lot of name brand clothes, shoes and home decor for great prices, but is also a nice store, not tore up!


Well I see there are only a couple people there and Wally is right next door letting people in as they are 24 hours. I went in, they asked what I was there for and gave me a map with all the items written on it- very helpful! Everyone was crowded around the pallet with the items they wanted, they could not take anything off until 5am. I noticed a basketball hoop I was wanting to get at Kmart- and it was only $5 more here. I grabbed that as it was not shrink wrapped, checked out and headed back to Bealls. I got $175 in clothes for $35! I was psyched!


Made it back to Wally at 5:06 and the pallets were dumped over, sweatshirts and pajamas all over the floors, people running. I got my airhogs and HSM dolls and headed to Toys R Us. There, I spent most of the time looking for a spot and when I got inside they did not have the skate ramp I wanted, and the checkout line was up and down all the aisles through the whole store so I left!


Made it to Target by 5:50- waited in the road as the line wrapped the front and the side of the building and into the road. Got in, got some games and ran- place was too crazy and really unorganized. Went to Old Navy, was bored, and went back to Toys R Us. I got a bunch of games, the Nerf Dart set, and the Polly Cruise Ship. Since the line went through the store, I also picked up a lot of clothes at 50% off....now I know why they take their sweet time checking us out! Left there and was spent, physically and economically! Oh, I came home and ordered the list of Hollister and AE clothes I was informed I should have under the tree!


Overall, not bad. Was bummed I was by myself, my husband used to go, and my sisters who are in VA now. Luckily I have had most of the shopping done, so everything I got today was a bonus. I really want my darned skate ramp though!

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So I may not make much sense as I write this, but I have been up since 6 am Thanksgiving day!


I stayed up and bought a bunch of stuff at Kohl's.com; Down Alternative Comforter, pr of men's work boots, pr of womens snow boots, 17.99 dog bed, and a hat.


Drug my husband out at 3:30 for his FIRST black friday EVER! (I also think it may have been his last.)

Stopped for coffee at 7 Eleven, the guy who runs it must have known why we were up so early, he asked us to get an SD card for him! LOL... No problem!


Went directly to Kohls for my price adjustments on a bunch of clothes and slippers and robes and a heated blanket. There was NO ONE in line for customer service! I was in and out in 5 minutes! Husband strategically waited with the car running outside (so far so good!) He watched people running to their cars while I was inside and said that it kinda reminded him of the looting scene in Cloverfield...


Drove to JC Penneys.. Got the King size electric blanket, and more slippers and a snowglobe (first time ever!) It took me a while to find the blanket...Long lines, but was out 5 minutes before 5. Again DH with the truck outside...


Went to Sears. Watched the huge line of people from the safety of the Auto Center. Bought tires. The people there were super cool. We were going to come back for the install, but the manager was like "let me put it on the lift now and it will be done in an hour"! We got a gift card for 60$ by purchasing the tires, and a 56$ rebate that was not advertised anywhere in the ad!

There was maybe 1 person other than us in the auto center.

As we waited on the truck, we went in to get more work boots and also a Stainless over the range microwave. It was chaos in there. NO one knew what was going on. The guy who was helping us had no idea what was going on. A total nightmare. However, I got my microwave ordered and I used my gift card and a coupon. Any fun DH may have been having up to this point had now disappeared.


Went to Target and price adjusted seasons 1-3 of The Office. Was refunded 64 bucks! In and out in 5 minutes. Was kinda disappointed with Targets ad this year.


On to Staples. Got the 19.99 shredder and tried to PA the P-Touch. They wouldn't do it, and were incredibly rude. This Staples I had never been to. We ended up going to the staples up the street from me and the SM said they were crazy, and adjusted my p-touch.


Went to a couple more stores and bought nothing. We went to our favorite diner and went home. Back by 10. We got everything we wanted and then some.

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note to Brad: Next year make more shirts so we all have peaceful shopping experiences :)

I thought those t-shirts looked somewhat 'official' :D Guess if people think you work for a major company they don't mess with 'ya.


Wonder what would happen if I show up to a Neil Diamond concert with my GD BF t-shirt. :yup:

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I got some really neat responses to mine as well. Everyone wanted to know where I got it and I told them all about this site. Most of them said they would definitely check it out because they had no idea they could see the ads early, lol. Then there were those who repeatedly followed me and asked questions because they figured I was some sort of pro or something. I guess I am since I've been doing it so long. A lady came and asked me about the laptops and I said, "I don't know, I don't work here." Then she said, "Well those people over there said you would know where everything is and where we should be to get the laptops." LMAO, I go every year and NEVER know those things without being there all night and asking tons of questions my self. WM seems to change the "rules" every year.
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Thanks to gottadeal, we were pretty much finished shopping. But, of course I have to do Black Friday. There may be some killer deal I just can't miss out on. I was hoping to get a bunch of the digital picture frames for birthday gifts next year.


Started at 8:00 am, and hit Joann Fabrics first. Got 3 big bags full of stuff for $38. It was all 80% off. Cute aprons for $3, and matching towels for $1.


Next up was Gottschalks, which was the busiest store I went to all morning. Used their $10 off/$10 purchase on a professional knife sharpener (which was originally $70 and was already marked down to $30) and picked up an iron for $5.


Walmart had lots of their doorbusters left. Snagged a bunch of the $2 DVD's. All of the digital picture frames were gone, but no big deal.


Ran into Sportsmans Warehouse for a 12" cast iron kettle that was on sale for $24.99, and Petco for a few things for the dog children.


Last stop was Fred Meyer. Did some grocery shopping and decided to see if they had any of the 7" digital picture frames. It was around 11:00, so I figured they were all gone. Timing is everything as they had just put out a new supply of them, so I scored 5 of them for gifts at $39.99 each.


Picked up DH from work at noon, and we decided to go back and get one more digital picture frame. They were sold out at one store. We went to another and thought they were also sold out. DH saw a basket where the store employees had been cleaning up the shelves, and said "I wonder if there are any in here?" Sure enough, there was one at the bottom of the basket. He has a knack for finding the last couple of anything on sale. Too bad he hates shopping.


Target just opened here last month. I was shocked when their Anchorage ad came out and the prices were $5-$10 higher on items I wanted than the national ad. Like any new national chain that comes to Alaska, they are going have to learn their lesson and be competitive on prices. Walmart prices were way cheaper.


Anyhow, this was the least crowded I've ever seen it on Black Friday, and I've been doing this for years. Talking to people in line, most of them were wise to the fact that most of the deals being advertised were no better than they could have gotten during the year. Most of the stores were no busier than a normal Saturday, and I was in and out of them in about 20 minutes.


I am happy that I was able to get all of my birthday shopping for next year done, too. Got some surprisingly good deals. Hope everyone else had a great day and got everything on their lists.

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Well all was well yesterday until around 7:00 pm... we had our turkey, dressing, and all the goodies. Well at 7 pm EST we realized my dog was gone. Hes a coon hound and has a tendency to try to chase after animals. Well we looked for him for at least 2 to 3 hours. I was so worried. I was crying and whats worse is that I could hear him barking but my dad is pretty sure he was running deer. Well my DH was at work on 3rd shift. So you can bet I enjoyed having to call his supervisor to give him that message. They wont let me talk to him directly.


So I sort of fell asleep around 11:30 last night , woke up around 3:15 am, still didnt see him, woke up at 4:15 this morning ,stayed awake and went ahead and got ready to go out shopping with my mom , trying to get my mind off of where my dog might be. So I was waiting for a phone call all day, fially around 1:30 pm, thankfully my dad found our dog on the back side of our familys farm. He is so tired and looks so pitiful, but hes ok. But other than that had a great BF. Got everything I needed, plus my mom found a great 26' lcd tv for her bedroom for a better price than Circuit City had on the exact same tv at HHGREG. YaY!!

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I forgot to add there was a bunch of the $88 power wheels left too.....


When you say it was crazy, do you mean as in the people or the deals?


I went to Target at 5:55am and that was a mad house and grabbed a few things. When I went back around 1 all the big items were long gone. That's why I was surprised with all the things left at Wally's...

Our store was CRAZY in that the crowd that came in right before 5am was knocking things over, walking on clothes and grabbing for anything they could get. We were there early and got what we wanted no problems except for one thing that the store didn't get. If our store has ANYTHING left it would be $4 appliances and MAYBE some cheap clothes, but ALL of the big items were gone as soon as they hit the floor. The sheets never made it out to the designated area, the pallet was empty not a minute after they pulled the pallet out of the back of the store. Same with the XBOX bundles, but we got both of those, we had several people with us and in different areas of the store.:yup:

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My friend and I went to Circuit City at 1:45 he was trying to get the Xbox 360 arcade bundle, there were about 30 people in line and a few more guys throwin a football and stuff in the parking lot, so we sat in the car for a bit, then we left to get some drinks and came back at 2:30 and got in line until they opened. It rained heavy for a while in the middle and it was generally a wet experience (my first time actually waiting for the store to open on BF), the doors opened and we (with quite a few others) went to the gaming area to find out that THEY ONLY HAD 3 OF THE ARCADE BUNDLE! so all but 3 people were generally upset about that..so my friend just got the premium one and we went back to my house rather disappointed that we stayed up all night for that. By the time the doors opened the line was around the corner of the building.


After a quick nap we went to gamestop for him to get some games..I didn't get anything at all today.

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I worked from 12-12 on Thanksgiving day so I just decided to stay up and went on line at 3:00am to get a few things at WM.com then drove to the local WM store. I was in line for the videorocker (which no body else seemed to want) got my item and checked out. Loaded that item into the car and then I went back into WM to try to find a few other items to price match. Buggy gridlock everywhere! You could not even move around the store unless you did not have a buggy. It was CRAZY in that place. Checked out with a few more items and got home around 6:00 and went to bed for a few hours of sleep. Back up again and back to the stores around 11:00 am for more shopping. It was a successful day of shopping with all the price matching I did at WM but I would say that I did not spend as much money this year (which made my DH very happy):)
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Well I finally felt well enough to venture out for a shot period this afternoon.


Headed to our local (small) Wal Mart and they had tons of a lot of stuff still left (mp3, SD I think it was, hummers, my size barbie, coats, dvds, etc etc) Dh picked up a few of the 2.00 movies and I picked up 2 of the VIP pet shop pets.


We werent there long before I was wore out so we came home. Then about an hour or so ago we headed to game stop to see what used DS games they had. (b2g1 free) We picked up 2 DS games (used) and a used gamecube game. Also went ahead and bought the pink ds lite and Super Mario Bro for it. After that I was done so we came home and I got on Amazon and got another DS game for 9.99.


We are nearing the end of our shopping (other than my amazon impluse buying lol)

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Our Walmart was unbelievably less busy than years before. Only spent 10 minutes in line to check out. All of our stores were dead. Kohls, Target, BB & Walgreens were all still well stocked with doorbusters at 10am. It was shocking. At 8:30, my husband was able to walk in to a BB, get a $9.99 PSP game and walk right up to the register with no waiting.
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I can't even begin to tell you how much stuff I got. So, I will just tell you that I went to the following stores and got at least 1 of the BIG ticket items at said stores. I found it AMAZING that I ended up getting the deals I got and actually getting the big ticket items. I think the latest one I got was at Target.. I got the Wii version of Guitar Hero: World Tour at around 9:30. They still had quite a few too. Anyway... here are the stores I hit up.





BassPro Shop

American Eagle

Hollister Co.

Abercrombie and Fitch


Kay Jewelers


Like I said, I SOMEHOW ended up getting all most EVERY thing on my list. I still have a few giftcards to grab, but for the most part, everything is done.

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I wore mine too and I also had quite a few questions asked about it. It was AWESOME. lol. I told them about the forums and how earl we had some of the ads. They are amazed. I even had one woman ask me about it and I swear she had to be 85-90 years old. She was the coolest older person I've ever met. (No offense to those on here!!!) :P
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