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Official One-and-Only "What I Got" / "My BF Experience" Thread


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Got all of the clothes at WM that I wanted, picture frames, movies, Wii games, sheets, mixer, portable dvd, 3 in 1 printer, mp3's, samsung cameras, priced matched movies, cd's, games, and Guitar Hero World Tour, Belk for gift card, $85 purse for $7.00, B&BW for VIP bag and goodies, now home to bed as soon as we finish eating yummy leftovers. Wore my Gottadeal tshirt and got alot of compliments on it. :)

Forgot to add that I got the snowglobe, too.

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I got to wal-mart at 4am the line was half way through the parking lot already!! When the doors opened at 5 everyone ran, people got stepped on, people fell, it was terrible!!! One guy had to get lifted out of the way and put into those motorized shopping carts!!!!!!! What a mess!


I snagged the $2 dvds, Remote control 4 wheeler ($10), Thomas at tidmouth sheds ($15), some other dvd's, then we went to target and picked up thomas set ($15) and House season 3, and PS3 game.



All Done For the day, time to relax!!:)

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Got to Walmart about 3:45 - MIL camped out next to the shrink wrapped PowerWheels while I went around the store and picked up other BF items, some from WM, some to pricematch from Best Buy and KMart

Out the door by 5:07

Off to the Mall - got snow globe and purse at JCP, $15 VIP bag at Bath & Body, and some deals at Gymborree and Children's Place

Stopped in Target for my price adjustments on the BF items I bought last Sunday - walked straight up to customer service and they were happy to help.

Home by 8am - best BF ever!


Oh - and LOTS of compliments on my GD shirt!

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Our WM was crazy, lol. We went last night to check things out and low and behold there were several people already there. So we hung around, they started bringing pallets out around 2am and let people take things off of them as soon as they came out. The XBOX bundles were gone before they even hit the floor, lol, glad I had decided not to get one. Finally got all of the pallets out and then at almost 4am they brought the sheet sets out and by then the store was full and the fights broke out. I was already in line and ready to check out at 5am.
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Still shopping on line but here are the few items I got.


Sam's - As always was very quiet. Had free breakfast and got a couple pairs of Sony noise cancelling head phones, HDMI cables and some other necessities.


Circuity City - Definitely going under. They were sort of busy at 7 AM but many of their shelves were just plain empty with no tags or product numbers. It was like they were selling off what they did have in stock.


SonyStyle.com - Purchased a 32" Bravia for the bedroom for $499 with no tax and no shipping charges.


Still looking for an MP3 player, camera and radar detector.

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Started at Kohl's at 4am

then JCPenny's

Carson Pierre Scott





Home by 7:11 AM


WHOOO HOOO!!!! Got everything I wanted!


Meanwhile, hubby was at Wal Mart, he got everything he wanted, but he changed his mind on the Razor bikes once he saw them. He got the Hot Wheels $88, and everything else!


All in all, a VERY SUCCESSFUL Black Friday! Thanks Gottadeal!!


Only 364 more days til we can do it again!:tongue1:

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Just got home from Round 1 :D Started at Lowes at 5:30am. Only about 6 people waiting and got everything I wanted - fire pit, wine cooler, storage totes B1G1F, and some wrapping paper. Headed to Target for boots which they didnt have, so just picked up some more wrapping paper, DVD's, tree stand, ribbon, bags, etc. Quick drive through Starbucks and over to Michaels to get some garland and ribbon.

I have to say that everyone I have met this morning and all employees have been SO nice, friendly and extremely helpful! Everyone is so pleasant this morning, helpful and going out of their way to help! :)

Im putting together my fire pit right now for later tonight, checking forums, going to get ready and then head out to the mall for a few hours :)

Later on will be nap time LOL, and just relax the rest of the night in the jacuzzi with a glass of wine and a nice fire going :)

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Started with Staples. I got in line at 4:55 and was number 6. Too bad I wasn't in the market for a laptop this year because they actually had it in stock at my local store and I definitely would have gotten it. I picked up WD MyBook 640gb, 8gb Cruzer, Kodak Easyshare, and the free printer.

They let us in about 15 minutes early and started ringing us up at 5 of.


Next I headed over to Officemax and waited another 40 or so minutes for them to open. Grabbed up the Brother HL2140 for 50 bucks.


Went to Best Buy and found nothing of interest.


Last I stopped at Wal Mart and found the Garmin Nuvi 200 was still in stock for 97 so I picked that up along with a 10$ laptop case and The Black Dahlia for 2 bucks. I then ended with Staples again and returned the Nuvi 250w I got.


Good day :-)

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Well, I won't be doing Walmart ever again. It was absolutely ridiculous. I got there at about 4:30 and there were easily over 1000 people in line. Cops everywhere though which was good. All I needed was one thing so I asked when I got in where it was and nobody knew. No maps, nothing. I followed the store path around to toys. Asked 3 ee's in toys for it and nobody had a clue. Gave up, got a replacement, got on line and waited 20 minutes behind 1 person because they couldn't figure out how to ring up her stuff. Insane.


Went to Sears for the Shark steam vac, found it right away, got on line, someone pulled me off the line and brought me to another register and rang me up. It was supposed to come with a $20 gift card which didn't work so he just took $20 off the price. Even better :D!!!


Went to Kohl's to get the Leapster I couldn't get from Walmart and the line was wrapped around the WHOLE store. Spent an hour in line there alone.


1st time in 3 years of doing bf that I got back after everyone else was already awake.


I'll stop by Target for a price adjustment later and I still have to try CVS to roll over some ECB's.

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Bought some stuff on Kohls.com late last night then went to Walmart for my first time on black Friday. I'm usually at Target or BB. When we pulled in at 2:30, we thought it might be closed. No one there! We go in and I honestly think we were the only ones there that were not employees. They were moving all of the pallets out. We wandered around for quite a while. Put a few random things in our cart that we were allowed (clothes) then headed for our stations. Got the $97 Garmin, $29 girls bike, one of the kodak digi cameras, some jackets, and a few $2.00 dvds. After we left Walmart we went to Gordmans, got enough to fill my 25% off bag, and came home. We spend so much time leading up to this day then BAM, it's gone in a flash!
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Here it goes : The Best Buy in Nashville TN


Started off thanksgiving morning @ 9 am with me and 2 of my buddies........ Only 2 people were there when we arrived. We met alot of cool people and really just had a great time. We had tents and propane heaters (the whole 9 yards). Finally when it came down to the golden hour there were probably a thousand people in line behind us. I got the Toshiba laptop for 379.99, Magellan GPS for 89.99, T1 hard drive for 149.99, Family Guy got series dvd for 14.99 .


It was a GREAT black friday for me. I wanna think everybody on here for all there great finds and cool stories. I am officially signing out and wont be back till next year. GOODBYE to all

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Got to Best Buy at 5:30. Got the $30 printner/scanner/copier and several of the 4.99 DVDs. 45 minute wait in line and out the door.


Side story...co-worker went to Walmart at 2 am hoping to get one of the trampolines. All she got was a badly bruised foot in the scrum as about 20 people went for 6 trampolines.

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Got the last 42" RCA (instead of Polaroid) from walmart, kinda glad they were sold out online. We seen the RCA the other night and really liked it. We were there right before 4am they only had 10 of them.


It was a mad house there, but I got what I went for so I am happy.


Maps again this year, no ticket system for TV's (associate said first year without them).

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Went to Walmart and I could not believe it. This is the worse year as far as shoppers since I started. I got there at 445 and there were tons of parking spots left. I was close and went in found what I wanted and waited for the rope to drop. Ours does not close. I got everything I went for. Between me and my cousin we spend 267.05 and was nothing like previous years. I have been trying to get a shopvac for 3 years now and I finally got it :) People were crazy about pulling stuff from the middle and going, but that through it right in my hand. LOL Other than that I went to Dollar General to get my free tote bag and went home. I am now done my shopping. I need to pay off 2 layaways at local shops, wrap and put under my tree that is already up!
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Made it to Kohl's just as the doors opened at 4am. Went back for the carpet cleaner and couldn't find any! There was ONE on the shelf that someone had snagged. Took a few minutes but eventually an associate to check in back and they brought us out one. By this time the checkout line was wrapped around the store. Line did move well though.


Got out at 5:25 and headed for WalMart to get the $7 SD Ram cards and some $5 Barbies and other small items for a toy drive. SD cards went literally in seconds from what we heard. Wife and daughter found the Barbies and a couple of other things (daughter wanted that goofy skateboard). Got out quicker by getting in the cash only line. Amazingly... there were 3-4 40-42" LCDs still available (1 Sony, 3 Samsungs)... lots of 19" LCDs and plently of computers stacked.


Came home and found the SD cards were available online and ordered five.


Now it's nap time.... local NHL team has a 2pm game and I need a little sleep.

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Ok my story is kind of long. Let me start off by saying I camped out at BB last year for 23 hours and was first in line. I had every intention on doing the same this year until I saw their ad and no secret deals. So I bought a 50 inch Samsung plasma this past Sunday. That was one item I did could check off. My DM wanted a laptop so as I was checking Gottadeal and Bestbuys website I noticed their 349 hp bundle was already online tuesday for 279. They quickly changed this and fixed their problem but I had already printed it off. So I took it to BB thinking I had no shot at getting it. They sold it to me for 279. So I stayed up Wednesday night into thursday morning waiting to buy a ps3 game and some dvds online at BB. They took forever to update but having a two month old baby keeping me up I was able to wait it out. I got the ps3 game but decided to wait on the dvds because of shipping reasons. So today I got up about 6:30 after a great night of sleep in my bed instead of a tent like usaual went to BB and got the dvds I wanted. My DW went to walmart and pmed a PS3 controller for me as well. She is still out shopping while I am at home on here and taking care of the baby.
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I did not realize this was a place to put everything you got! OOps. I got the food storage, 4 wash clothes, 4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, wet/dry vac, 100 pc legos, twin dolls, 8" portable dvd player, case for dvd player, 4 sets of pjs for my 2 boys, 5 dvd's for 2.00! I was happy. I was going to get a vacuum, but decided not too. So I got everything I wanted to get!
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Here's how everything went down for me.


Waking up at 4AM, I made some coffee and then woke up everyone who was coming along with me. We sat around, talking for a few minutes before we got in the car and went out to Wal-Mart. The parking lot was packed; my sister and I got out to find what we're looking for while Mom parked the car (In the far side of the lot, close to the garden).


The place was packed; it was twice as bad as Black Friday 2003 was. Because employees where useless, the customers where helping each other out, finding what they are looking for. Anyway, the first thing I went after was the 4GB flash drives they had for $9. One lady asked what I was looking for, and when I told her, she handed me one of the many she had. That was one item down...


The next item was Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS. I had been waiting on the price to drop to a reasonable level since I bought my DS back in 2006, and seeing that it was on the same shelf with some of the DS games shown in the ad for $16, I figured it would be part of the sale. The copy I stashed over down the computer accessories aisle behind some speakers a week ago was missing, so I had to fight my way down the video game aisle, finding plenty of copies left.


I actually managed to get what I wanted, though it just wouldn't be Black Friday without something going wrong. Because of how crowded it was, it took my group nearly an hour before we got to check out and leave.


We then went to have breakfast at Whataburger, when it started raining outside as a cold front rolled through. It was pouring down, but thankfully, I didn't buy a Xbox 360, like I originally planned on (I feel sorry for the people who bought the TVs they had on sale if they got caught up in all that). We intended on looking at Goody's while out, but we decided to go home because of the rain.


One of my complaints are the idiots who brought babies with them. They should leave the kid with the grandparents or spouse for a while instead of dragging it along; it's cruel to the kid. Also, I overheard people complaining about the crowd, saying "I'm just going to sleep in next year; I'll never do this again!" (I tend to ignore them, though, because no rotten apple is going to spoil my fun).


Also, I wore my GD shirt to the sale. I did get a comment on it (A guy liked what it said on the back), and who knows; maybe someone saw the address and decided to start coming here.


Other than that, it went smoothly compared to last year. Now I'm back home, enjoying my long weekend. I'm glad I didn't sleep in, like I originally planned.

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My mom and I usually shop but she talked my dad into taking her around 7am cause she really wanted to pick up a flix stix (or flip kick or whatever its called) and she said it was still insane there. This was at our teeny tiny store that usually isnt to busy even on bf.
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Wednesday night got BB laptop for Sister in law $499, TRU MTT Legos $60, and $149 5.1 samsung home theater system for $149 that was better price than at the store, go figure. It sure helped have this message board to see when deals showed up on line.


Then Friday this morning went to Target 3am was 4th in line, had great time with those in line, got in and out with Star wars Star Destroyer ~$60, 750gb exteral HD for ~$80, then went to Big 5 for 3 wind up flashlights for $10 each and slippers $20 for DW, and cool stunt RC car for $14. Great BF, thanks again Gottadeal, this is my 6-7th year so easy.


Got home before kids wake up, 5 more minutes till they come looking for breakfast.

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Ended up at Walmart around 4:30a. Place was open and small groups around the hot items sitting on the racks. TONS of associates, really helpful, but alot did not know where all the items were at. Went to electronics, around 100 people waiting to rush in at 5am to get DVD's.


They Let everyone in early so I grabbed 5-$2 DVD's, 4 $15 Blu-rays. Associate wanted us to pay at electronics but the line was SOOO long already, within 5 mins of letting us in at least 40-50 people deep. We just kept walking, he ignored us....

Wanted to get the Magnavox Blu-Ray. People grabbed it before 5a and there was only 7-10 left. Small group surrounding it, made announcement over the speakers to go ahead and start taking items and then MADNESS:eyepoppin ensued. People were grabbing 2-4 of each item and going bananas:cheesy:. I lucked out and reached around somebody's legs and thankfully grabbed a Magnavox as the guy in front of me grabbed 5!!! WTF. Totally wiped out in 10 seconds. Samsung 42's and 46's disappeared in no time, people had 1-2 in each cart. I grabbed the $94 Flat Panel Stand. GREAT ITEM, super durable. Got the last black one. All the checkouts were open, was done by 5:15a. Great experience since I am used to BB and Fry's madness from years past. Stopped by McDonalds and grabbed some McMuffins, and now im setting up my stand! Good Luck if your still heading out!!!!

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I didn't get to shop like I normally do, thus is the reason I'm already posting. However, I went to Wal-mart at 5 AM and was back home by 6:30 (I debated about buying some stuff). Since I've been home, I've shopped for the first time on Black Friday! I've hit Circuit City and Target, and with only one person left t buy for, I'm done for today. I'm a bit sad since I had big plans to shop, but oh well.


Among the bty I picked up:


The Bourne Ultimatium

Transformers (with Optimus Prime Mask)

The Beverly Hillbillies Movie

Spider-Man 1 & 2


Let's Go To Prison (never seen it but for 2 bucks its worth a shot)

Cinderella Man

A Beautiful Mind

Joy Ride

Robots (with a free full length CD, for only 2 bucks)


I also bought the Bee Movie online at Circuit City.


Among other things I picked up included:

A 5 in 1 card reader

Lil Wayne's new album


Thats just bonus stuff I bought besides gifts (can't say what they are.)


I'm also hoping CC doesn't cancel that Entourage Season 4 mix-up yesterday! :)

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Walmart: Got there 3am. TONS of people surrounding tvs and Blue Ray players. NUTS. All non electronic items they announced you were allowed to put in your cart.

Got 2 pair mens sleeper pants $4 ea, 2 pair juniors sleeper pants $4 ea, Vaccuum $9, Girls lined clogs $4 ea got 3 pair, towels 1.50 ea, and got all my price match stuff done. TONS too. lol


Left Walmart by 5:30am and headed to Circuit City. Got there by 5:50am. They opened at 5am so I didn't think I would get my items, but all there (DS games and xbox 360 games and CDs)


Left Circuit city and headed to JcPenny's. got there around 6:25am. Bought quesadilla maker and 2 full sized Webkinz for my daughter and got my snowglobe.


Left Penny's and got to Walgreens: No one in line (not a 24 hour one). So I got out and was 1st in line. Doors opened at 7am. Ran to the LiL' Kinz - buy one get one free deal. I bought 6 of them. Also got wrapping paper, tags, tape, Sunkist 2-liters were 2 for .58, AW rootbeer .79 each, etc.


Left Walgreens and headed to Sears: Got my daughter's 2 DS games. Thankfully I found them. Surprised too as it was getting late. Got Imagine Master chef and Imagine Figure Skater.


Left Sears and got gas at giant Eagle.


Left gas station, stopped for coffee and to get my daughter McDonalds breakfast. Home by 8:30am.


What a night. No sleep as yet. Thankfully I didn't have to go to 4 other stores as I bought it online the other day. yeah for online sales early. lol

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I got 37 items for $212. I won't bore you all with the details but what a morning. I hit Wal-Mart at 4:30 and the line was already halfway down the local plaza. It was the busiest it has been in my years of BF shopping. I came home and wrapped all of my findings...except those gifts for myself:). I was done my Christmas shopping and wrapping by 8 am. A good year indeed.

All of this after an 8-day work week...:eyepoppin

A side note-I bought 5 pair of the men's lounge pants...Ultra-Comfy!!!

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