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GottaDEAL 2024 Prize Club Discussion Thread


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Is it still Black Friday?


I have been sitting on a 20% off discount from an echo dot (which I got free with a Best Buy purchase) trade in since forever waiting for the Echo Show 15 to go on sale.  I was pretty sure the ES15 would not go on sale until after the 20% off expired, but it went on sale 24 minutes ago.  I bought one for $80 off.  Saved another $40 with the 20% off.  Got the stand for 34% off.  


All shipped free and paid for with gift cards!


This is my second ES15.  The first sits on my kitchen counter and entertains me while I am cooking and cleaning.  It is also a phone.  This one will go on my home office desk.  Except for lack of Recast support, this is an excellent Echo Show device.  I use a Sling TV AirTV Anywhere for broadcast television.  It supports Pluto and a bunch of other free streaming TV services as well as the usual suspects (Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Tubi, Paramount+, etc).


My first shipped without a remote, but Amazon sent one for free when an update turned the device into a Fire TV that did Echo Show stuff. 




Items Ordered Price
1 of: Single LCD Computer Monitor Free-Standing Desk Stand Mount Riser for 13 inch to 32 inch Screen with Swivel, Height Adjustable, Rotation, Vesa Base Stand Holds One (1) Screen up to 77Lbs(HT05B-001)), Hemudu
Sold by: Hemudu (seller profile)
Supplied by: Other

Condition: New
1 of: Echo Show 15 | Full HD 15.6" smart display with Alexa and Fire TV built in | Remote included
Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc
Supplied by: Other

Condition: New

Grand Total: $0.00

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8 hours ago, marathonshopper said:

Checking in for February. Better weather here this week after a couple of weeks with very frigid temperatures and a constant running heater. I dread that electric and propane bill!

I dread them even in mild weather.

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Happy February! My luge athlete is back in Lake Placid for the next three weeks, gearing up for Jr. Nationals the first weekend of March. Then there's just one week of training left for this season, right after Easter, leading up to Youth National Championships - that is if it's still cold enough by then to actually race. When we met a teammate in Albany yesterday to carpool the remaining distance to LP, we were remarking how there was already no snow and warmer temps. What a crazy season it's been weather-wise! Anyway, here's a pic and video of my daughter taken by a fellow luge mom today. Oh, and she travels through here at around 75 mph. 😳


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Well, we were finally getting longer days and some sun and warmer temps, then what happens, more snow. At least we didn't get the 4-6 inches they were calling for. My son even got the snow blower out for us. Just a nice coating on the trees and grass and nothing on the roads

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