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Official "What I Got / Share Your Experiences" Thread


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So far my Walmart order has arrived. Three packages sent by fedex and one handed over to the post office. ??? All three arrived within 10 minutes of each other.

Best Buy videos are still processing so they are in never never land. One still shows in stock and the other is now on back order. Guess they won't ship just one.

Aeropostale order shipping

Target has shipped but FedEx won't post a delivery date.

Bergners/Carson's/ Bon Ton , one item shipped and who knows about the other two. I'll feel lucky if the order is correct. They have a bad reputation with both me and other customers for shipping the wrong item. Even the UPC's don't match what is on the order form. UGH. lol

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Here is my list

Best Buy online 3- Asus 139 laptop

3-16gb thumb drive

3-32 thumb drive


Amazon online

Xbox 1 with 2 games for 299


Staples online

More thumb drives (office goes through them like crazy)

Wireless laser printer


Kohls online 12-2.99 bath towels

2- ninja blender systems for 129 each plus 15% off whole order

2-sets of the food network cookie sheets at 8.99 each

2 sets of cookie racks at 8.99 each

Tried to do Walmart online that was not happening decided to go to Walmart instead got there around 3:30 on Thursday and got online for the 70" tv was 4th inline and they only had 4 the store was empty even at 6 at 6 I got

70" tv

Lego set

2 remote control cars

2 DVDs

1 28 dollar tablet

1 pressure cooker

2 sets of Rubbermaid

3 board games

Checked out by 625 swung around back and they loaded my tv was out of there by 630 went home and we had thanksgiving dinner which had been called for 7 we go to my brother and he watches my kids blackfriday if I get him what he is looking for its a win win.

Left his house around 830 and went back to Walmart with my parents and my husband that round we got

A rice cooker

2- queen sheet sets

Blow up mattress

Some more DVDs

A printer

2-28 dollar tablets

Store was still dead but by the time we left more people where starting to show up my parents are browsers so I will not go with them the first round and don't really let them go themselves they would get hurt in the crowd and they aren't even old they are in their 50's

Took them home went home and got some rest kiddies stayed by brother for the night gd bless him. Got up at 4 am went to target got nothing (there wasn't anything I wanted)

Went to kohls got 4 more of the towels and a shirt and sweater for dh

Checkout was a breeze no one was in the store.

Went to staples got 8 cases of paper for 12 dollars after easy rebate for the office got some more thumb drives

Went to Office Depot got the DVD r for brother

Went back to another Walmart got another few sets of the sheets

Went home for kids fed them lunch and left them with the nanny

Went to Best Buy and got an iMac and the Mac Pro

Went to Home Depot bought a washer and dryer and went home I was exhausted my credit cards are exhausted and u can't walk into the front room of our house right now

Man, I'm 59 and out buzzing around in the crowds!

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My haul for Black Friday 2015:

Best Buy

LG microwave $149

Garmin 20 Dash Cam $150

Fire Tablet x2 $70

128 GB SD card $39

32 GB SD card x2 $20

Disney’s Infinity 3.0 SW Saga $65 (after $10 rewards)

PS4 Controller $40

Metal Gear V PS4 $35


Sixteen Candles $4, Night at the Museum 3 $6, Taken 3 $6, Furious 7 $10, Mad Max $8, Hobbit: Battle of 5 armies $6


Batman 1966 Season 1 $5




Terminator: Genisys $11

Gotham S1 $19.99

Aladdin $10

Falling Skies S4 $10

Southpaw $10


TobyMac: This is not a test $6



LEGO Large creative box $30


Navy Exchange

North Face Men’s Bionic Jacket $85

Surface Pro 3 i3 64GB HD Win 10 $548 ($462 after gift card)

Surface Pro Keyboard $85

iPad mini 2 $165

Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader $9


Donations for Toys for Tots:

Clue $4

Sorry $4

Connect Four $4

Guess Who? $4


Marine Corp Exchange

5 lbs ON Gold Standard Whey Protein $35 x2 (Reg. $70 ea)



EOS Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit Refurbished $199

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So this year was a really good BF. I was hoping to get atleast 90% of my shopping done and I really feel like I did. I even got a few things online Wednesday night and Thursday morning and I've never done that before so I thinking I may be doing more of that next year. Especially after how long I had to wait in line for the Xbox one at Walmart

One line sales

Toys r us

Disney infinity 3.0


Canon camera package 399.99

Bass pro shop

2 pair of Red head camoboots


I left Thursday evening and got to Walmart around 5:45 and then hit Belk. I got home around 9:45 and kinda sorta slept until 1:30. I was suppose to be ready to leave at 1:30 but I overslept and just as I turned on my bathroom light, my MIl was driving up so I literally got ready in 15 minutes which is a miracle for me to do. LOL! We went to target, Ulta, old navy, the mall, Cabelas, kohls and then home. We got home around 1:30 Friday afternoon and I was exhausted. My whole body ached. Here's all that I got though at the stores.



Xbox 1 w/ $30 gift card. I stood in line for onepver an hour to get this bc they were making us pay for it in the sporting goods dept.


Wii u with splatoon and Mario smash bros games

Forza 6 Xbox game

Madden 16 Xbox game

GTA 5 Xbox game

2 pair of kid pajamas

2 Xbox live cards

1box Rubbermaid bowls

1 set queen sheets

2 Star Wars swords



2 Disney infinity characters

2 iTunes cards

2 men's dove gift packs

About 6 different dollar items for stockings

4 dvd movies

2 neutrogena facial washes

Bounce off game

Eos lip balm

Otter box for iPhone 6



2 pairs boots

2 blue vest

1 box of white plate dish set

2 pair of lee jeans

1 pair of Levi jeans

1 blender

1 initialed necklace

4 men's shirts

1 men's hoodie

1 drone



2 cans of Joico styling foam

1 make up set

1 box of sampled perfumes

2 small stocking stuffer items



1 pair of jeans



1 pair of Kate Spade earrings


Middle of mall

Another drone


Boutique in mall

Scarf blanket



Mount to scope your gun with. ( have no clue what it's exactly called but my hubby wanted it)



Queen bed set


I think that's it but I really feel like I'm missing Lot of stuff that I got at Walmart and target. I just can't remember it all right now. I still feel a little tired but now I gotta get on decorating 2 Christmas trees with the hubby and kids. Debating on whether or not I'll look for some stuff tomorrow on cyber Monday. I still have a few more things to get and then I'll be done. Already can't wait until next year.

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I started at 7 AM on Thanksgiving at Dollar General. Stocked up on the dollar soups, got some of the toys B1G175% Off for stocking stuffers, Christmas lights for $1, 50% Off Candles, and Play-Doh to finish off my eldest nephews present.


Went to my mother's house to watch the parade and go thru the ads (newspaper was huge!). We went out at 5 and got to WM by 5:20, we actually got to park in the parking lot which hasn't happened in at least 5 years. Went in, the 199 HP Laptop was already gone, they did wristbands starting at 4pm and only had 8 in stock. Mom got in line for the 1 hour guarantee laptop, and she got the actual computer. While she was waiting in line for that I got;


4 pairs of Wrangler Jeans (3 for DH, 1 for my Dad)

3 of the 6.50 Realtree/Mossy Oak Thermals

1 Fleece Wrangler Shirt

1 pack of the Men's socks for $4 that are usually gone is seconds, they didn't even put them out, they were in their usual spot but rang up for the right price.

1 8pk of boxer briefs, had to argue with clerk over those, rang up full price and had been all night apparently. Showed her the ad and got it fixed but several things didn't ring up right.

2 yoga sets, one for me and one for my mother who was still waiting in line.

1 infinity scarf, only impulse buy of the night!

1 7pk Ladies crew socks in pretty patterns

8.76 Board Game- Life

2 sets of the $10 wooden blocks, one for angel tree gift

2 Fire Chests, 1 for us and one wedding gift

2 towels for 1.60

1 set of hand towels

1 sheet set

1 copy of BBT Season 8, last one in the movie area, and found it after 8pm when I finally went to the movie line that was still all the way to the front of the store.

1.96 DVDS- Night at the Museum 1 and 2, a Nature program, Imagine With Barney, Space Jam, and a few others

3.96 DVDS- Night at the Museum 3, Dolphin Tale 2- times 2 (1 for me 1 for my niece)

9.96 Blue-Ray- Paddington Gift Set (would have PM Target for $4 for just the DVD but liked the bear)


Went to Walgreens about 9:40ish and picked up the 2/$1 Bobby pins, 2/$1 CarMax and bought 2 Marvel Action Figures for Angel Tree. They were 9.99 so I thought they would be 50% off, but nope, they have a section that is excluded from that sale and it is NOT posted. If I'd known that I would've did Dollar General and gotten 75% off the 2nd toy. Irritating but got angle tree girts done.


On Friday I had to be at work at 7 so I didn't go out overnight, because chasing 5 2 year olds is not fun on no sleep. Went out when I got off at noon, Kmart's lines were ridiculous and since my Mom had already bought the 8.99 pillow/throw set for our family gift swap I couldn't do that. Went to Bass Pro after that, everything I went for was sold out and had been since Thursday at opening.


On Saturday I went to a local supermarket that was doing 20% off all meat and cheese, not your usual weekend after TG sale but it made my grocery budget happy. Went to Dollar General again after that and grabbed another Marvel Action figure for my five year old nephew and a Frozen Tea Set for 2.50 that is usually 10. That will be going in Toys for Tots box at work.


A very good year and I got most of what I wanted and needed. My husband wasn't so lucky though. He went to Academy for a handgun and got there 15 min. to opening. He did NOT get it since the line was all the way to the Sam's next door in a different strip mall. He said next year he'll listen to his wife and go earlier, if he goes at all. It all went smoothly and there were no fights in my area, and that includes the 3rd biggest city in our state.

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Shopped online at Kohl's for the first time, they had a lot of items I needed. Over half of my order was cancelled during fulfillment before shipping 5 days later, don't think I will shop with them again. Walmart Wednesday night online was a similar bust. Took over an hour and a half to check out, had to keep going through the cycle as each time more items went out of stock while waiting. Wound up getting about 1/3 of my shopping cart. Went Friday to Walmart and was able to get the electric pressure cooker, Rubbermaid storage items, Wrangler jeans for hubby, and pajamas for grandkids. Was able to order everything I wanted at Best Buy online, all items ordered shipped, as well as all items from Amazon that I wanted. 


There were a few others-- Aeropostale online had the color of shirts my son wanted and no one else did, very good experience online with them and all items ordered shipped. Got the goody bag online from Bath and Body Works, and had the scents I wanted. Went to Kmart on Saturday, got some needed items still on sale. I am almost done with Christmas shopping, as well as things I needed for myself.

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I went into Sams club to get my daughter the Ninja Pro for $54.98 because she had asked for it.  Then sitting right next to it was a Keurig for $57.98!! I looked in the ad and sure enough the Keurig was pictured same page as the Ninja. But under the Keurig it said Price too low to mention in ad!!! I was so excited....she wanted one of those too :)


The best part of the day was when I was walking through Kohl's wearing my Gottadeal t-shirt I won and a lady walks by me and said "NICE SHIRT" :)

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I have pretty much finished my shopping. Very excited about all I got ( to many family members on here to list details) I have had great success with Walmart.com, Kohls.com, Target.com and Amazon.com. I was up at 2:45 AM Eastern time  waiting for prices to change. So far I have tracking for everything and some already delivered. Did great in stores too. I went to JC Penny, Sears, Target, Office Depot, Steinmart, Toys r Us, and Michaels (I won the $20 gift card at Michaels :)


Favorite store: Sports Authority I got some great deals and the workers were super helpful and friendly


Worst online experience was Kmart.com the said they canceled my order at my request.... I never requested it???? 


Not the best year for bargains, but my family will have a very nice Christmas and I am very close to budget!!

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  As my signature mentions....' Don't get cancelled', lol. It stems from yearly cancellations. It used to be bad in the early days of online BF shopping, but has gotten better. I used to score Best Buy Doorbusters online and sometimes got cancelled. One year BB gave me a $100 credit for cancelling a DB laptop. I immediately bought another (and better) laptop for the same price as the DB after my $100 credit, lol. I've been cancelled just for the sake of not having something in stock as well (yet, I was able to order). I think that was AAFES one year. Either way... it happens. I think it's worse when your packages don't arrive. I had SEVEN packages not reach my home between BF and Christmas a few years ago. That is a HIGH ratio IMO. Complained to the postal service online and they act like there is nothing they can do. It's not like my packages were in the corner and misplaced... they were stolen by someone at the post office. Only happened when the package went through the central PO in the next city. If it came straight to my PO... no problem. Hmmm.

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I was pleased with my BF week shopping this year.



4 "Big One" pillows

3 "Big One" throws

Cookie sheet set

Stacked cooling rack set

Bissell compact upright pet vacuum (already used this once and WOW I totally needed a new vacuum, apparently! Ha!)

1 NFL throw (gift)


Best Buy (online):

Nikon L840 camera bundle + extra 32GB SD card

Samsung Blu-Ray player (the $87.99 one - was a request from family member)

2 Sony Blu-Ray players (the $50 ones for me and my best friend - yes we're finally upgrading! lol)

Several cheap Blu-Rays

4 inexpensive HDMI cables (not on sale, just necessary for the B-R player hookups & such)


Meijer (in store):

9 35-lb pails Tidy Cats litter

40 cans Fancy Feast

Couple small gift items


Walmart (in store):

2 32GB micro SD cards

Several cheap Blu-Rays

2 cheap bath towels

2 sets of cheap hand towels

1 bundle cheap washcloths

1 memory foam bath rug


Bath & Body Works (in store):

3 Twisted Peppermint body cream

3 Twisted Peppermint body wash

2 Twisted Peppermint hand cream

1 Twisted Peppermint hand soap

1 VIP tote


Home Depot (in store):

3 24-pack AA batteries

2 300-ct mini Christmas light reels


Torrid (in store):

1 pair jeans

1 new blouse

A few accessories


PetSmart (in store):

Holiday cat collar (Hodges will hate me soon. Ha!)

Holiday cat toys

Dog toys/treats for Dad's labs


Best Buy (in store):

Lifeproof case

Few more cheap Blu-Rays



- My online shopping was smooth (with all items ordered online now delivered, save for one that will arrive tomorrow).

- In store Thursday night, employees and shoppers were polite and helpful, with several of us shoppers helping each other find various things.

- In store Friday morning started out well with Home Depot employees letting us in out of the rain and offering us free Tim Horton's doughnuts, coffee, and hot cocoa while handing us maps and answering any questions we had about specific items before they turned us loose at 6. Torrid was quiet and I shopped leisurely, as I was there more to keep a friend company who had pulled the overnight shift than to actually do any major shopping. PetSmart was an easy in and out, though it was interesting to see the pallets of Tidy Cats almost untouched for a change. Proof that Meijer won that battle in our town at least (price comp: TC was $7.99 at PS, $6.29 at Meijer). Best Buy was more like a normal Saturday crowd than a BF crowd by the time we got there. It was busy but not overly so. We found the Lifeproof case my buddy wanted to pick up and then browsed through the Blu-Rays. Went home and relaxed after that. :)

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As I sit here looking at the bags for the stuff we bought in store and the boxes for things that we bought online it looks like from us the 3 big winners this year for our money were Target, Kohls and Amazon. Target we did both online and in store and Kohls was only online. After that it's Walmart and then KMart. I know I looked at some stuff on Best Buy but for the first time that I can remember for BF we bought NOTHING from them, nothing stuck out to me and the one thing I wanted I took the more money in a gift card than savings on the purchase route and got it from Target.


Kohls we actually just bought a lot of house stuff for ourselves this year, had good deals on towels so we snagged a dozen or so towels. Got some floor mat's and a few other various things. Movies we ended up getting from Target and Walmart with 1 from KMart this year. Games ended up all online from Amazon who had good deals. Tried to get Rock Band 4 from Target but the system was messing up and I didn't have a chance to head back there.

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My DH keeps complaining about the various boxes that keep showing up.  He said he was surprised the UPS driver did not stop by just to say Hello at least yesterday since nothing came in.  I told him a few more things coming in on Thursday and Saturday and we should be done.  He is soo funny but likes the money and time I save us

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