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Official One-and-Only "What I Got" & "My Black Friday Experience" Thread


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Rather than have everyone post their own separate thread detailing their experience shopping on Wednesday night, Thursday & Friday, we're going to do what we always do and have this one main thread.

If you post your experience in a separate thread, we're either going to merge it in here or delete it, so if you want to make sure you don't do all that typing for nothing, make sure it goes in here.

Thanks :)

This is for both online purchases as well as in-store!

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I have spent most of my time on the Walmart website, and goodness knows I've had probably five separate orders... I have thus far ordered the following (which will be divided into categories):




1. Dirt Devil Hand Vac, BD10085

2. Warm Bodies DVD

3. Hanes Men's Undergarments

4. Duck Dynasty Season 3

5. Traveler Club 20" Hardside Rolling Upright Luggage (Chevron)

6. Casper DVD

7. Two pair of Wrangler Men's Relaxed Jeans

8. Anastasia DVD

9. Jack the Giant Slayer DVD

10. Epic DVD

11. Sunpack Lightweight Tripod

12. Identity Thief DVD

13. Monsters University DVD

14. HP Black Licorice 15.6" 2000-2d09WM Laptop (My pride and joy! :D)


Office Max--


1. 3 TB Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive




1. McAfee Antivirus 2014 ($4.99 one)


Office Depot--


1. Samsung S24B150BL 23.6" monitor (My dad is going to be ecstatic about this--maybe he can finally read the screen! lol)




1. 3 poinsettias :D



I'm still going with my Dad and possibly my Mom this afternoon/evening to Target to get a few things in the store. I went last night to "scout out" the store and actually found the Color Cube thing for $12, and they honored it. My sister teaches Pre-K so she needs all the crayons and stuff she can get. I'd say, though, that I got probably 80% of my shopping done online within about 3 hours. That's a first for me. :) I also plan to visit Fred's, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and possibly Stage for something my sister says she doesn't want but secretly does. lol I hope everyone has fun, stays safe and warm, and does well this Black Thursday/Friday.

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As I haven't even gotten out from under the blankets I managed to the PlayStation 3 for 199 at Amazon along with all the movies and video games that were on the wish list. And now I'm going to get up and make myself a cup of coffee and check out the rest of the sites!
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I've got lots of stuff so far.


PS4 from Target on release day $400

Xbox One (Release Ed) from Amazon $500


Best Buy:

Kindle HD $99

Surface 32 GB $199

iPad mini w/ $100 GC $299

32 GB PNY thumb drive $16

Sony iPod Dock/ Clock radio $50

Various Blu-rays $3.99

Various Blu-rays $7.99



Polo boat shoes $50

Various Blu-rays



Battlefield 4 (PC) $30


List is not all inclusive (yet ;))

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I've bought some stuff online this morning from Petsmart, a small boutique store for my daughter and the soda stream from Target with the free $25 gift card so I don't have to go out tonight, but I'm a bit disappointed and having a hard time shopping more without these stores not offering free shipping.   


I am wanting to place an order at Justice and Sephora, but refuse to pay in upwards of $8-10 shipping which pretty much negates the discounts when I can just go to the store tomorrow to pick the items up.


Luckily still only have a handful of items left to buy, but would really prefer to buy more on my computer today.   *sigh*

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I am so happy I don't have to go out tonight or tomorrow. I was able to get everything that I wanted online last night. I was also lucky that my 2 year old woke me up at 3am...since I accidentally fell asleep. I was then able to get my last items from Walmart.



Here is my list:


Toys R us


-Lego Chima board game

-Rc Helicopter

-Little tikes workhorse

-just like home cleaning trolley

-Thomas the train Quarry climb


Best buy

-TMNT 3ds game

-Spongebob 3ds game





-Nerf Strike Blaster

-Disney Planes activity table set

-TMNT 4 piece bedding set

-Hot wheels 9 pack

-Imaginext bat cave

-Thomas the train multi configuration play set

-Rc truck

-air hogs fly crane

-54" air hockey table

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So far:


Best Buy


Hangover III combo pack - $7.99

Pacific Rim combo pack - $7.99 x2 (1 for  gift)

Hunger Games combo pack - $7.99

Red - $3.99


16GB iPod Nano 7 Gen - $88.95



PS3 12GB  - $135



World War Z combo -$7.20

Star Trek Into the Darkness combo - $7.20

Lord of the Rings extended edition box set - $40.50




Pitch Perfect combo - $8.99

Identity Thief Unrated combo pack - $10


Radio Shack

Sandisk 32GB Flash drive $.7.99 x2



Pretty much all that is left is Monsters University on Blu-Ray and jeans and lounge pants at Wal-Mart. Plus gonna grab some e-cig supplies for 30% from Smokeless Image. Also my tattoo shop is running a special where you buy a $100 gift certificate and get a $100 gift certificate for free.

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So far:




Nikon D5100 (Wife)

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Pink Jeep (Daughter)

Magic Mike Blu Ray (Wife




Samsung ST150F Camera (Grandma)



Logitech C270 HD Webcam (Grandpa)


Will be more coming but I'm glad I didn't have to try and get some of this in store tomorrow since we won't go out today. :)

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I'm feeling pretty good so far!  Got lots of movies between Target and Walmart, sheets at both places, the Stephen King book I needed at Target.  The only thing that wasn't online was the Simpsons Season 10, in store only.  So, I might try to stop at Target after the initial rush.


I will head out tonight and tomorrow to Michaels, Golf Galaxy, Joanns and maybe Kohls if the line isn't out the door to check out. 


Now off to enjoy some Turkey and family!

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So far so good!  



BHG Warmer with wax cubes

Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Monsters University

Magic Mike

Carpet Cleaner



Les Mis combo pack


Victoria's Secret:




I need to go out to Wal-Mart tonight to pick up a few things that people didn't tell me they wanted until after I placed my order.  They were sold out by the time I could get back to a computer.  :-/  Hopefully I'll be able to snag the hard shell suitcase (for a sister that is planning on doing a lot of air travel in the next few months), a few movies, another BHG warmer, the iPad mini, and some PJs.  Then I need to head over to JCP to pick up a pair of boots. 


I woke up around 2:30 this morning for no reason at all.  I couldn't go back to sleep so I started messing around on Facebook.  Thank goodness I did because that's how I found out that the sales were live! 

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I went to Walmart earlier with my Dad, and we saw the hard case suitcases in person. They are pretty small, but they're really nice-looking and seem like they may be able to withstand some use. I ordered my sister's earlier this morning, so I won't be getting one in stores. Hope you can find what you're looking for! :)

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Not much so far but then again, I don't really need/want much. I have not been out yet and don't know if I will.


Walmart.com - B&D programmable coffee pot $10


Target.com - Nikon L320 camera $99 and Battlefield 4 $35


Amazon - True Blood season 5 $10, Modern Family season 1 $10, Just Dance 2014 $15, Borderlands 2 $15, Double Power Android Tablet $39, Monsters University combo pack $10, The Walking Dead season 2 $10, dog pajamas $4, a wooden case art studio $11, The Wizard of Oz 75th Ann. edition $1.96 and  an SD card for $4.88.


I got Just Dance 2014 yesterday on Amazon for $25 but it hadn't shipped yet so canceled and ordered it from there today for $15.


Finally got my order to go through on Peebles website...$150.00 there. Placed another order yesterday.


Didn't go out to any stores. Not real sure if I will next year either. The new early times has done it for me. I'd rather stay home than have to go out and put up with everybody and their kids.

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So irritated. I went to TRU to get the Kindle Fire. Got there shortly after it opened, went to electroniCS dept., waited in line about half hour. When I get there, they're all gone because they only had 3! THREE!!! That's just crazy. How can you advertise something and then only have 3 of them?
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So irritated. I went to TRU to get the Kindle Fire. Got there shortly after it opened, went to electroniCS dept., waited in line about half hour. When I get there, they're all gone because they only had 3! THREE!!! That's just crazy. How can you advertise something and then only have 3 of them?

That's awful! I hate it when stores do that.

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Went to Michaels. Got some super deals on Melissa and Doug products. They were buy one get one free AND the 30% off your purchase worked too! I didn't think it was supposed to on BOGO but it showed it on the receipt. That's supper good for M & D. I also got some stickers, plastic 4 pack of plastic storage for scrapbooking and that was mostly it. I just went to Shoe Carnival. Got a $10.00 card at the door. I got myself and my oldest DS some Sperrys. I had the $10.00 coupon in the paper so I had them ring them up separately so I could use the coupons on each pair. Stopped at Walmart-what a crazy mess-went in and then turned around and left. Back home and heading to the mall shortly. Don't really need anything but it's fun watching. I have a $10.00 off a $10.00 purchase so I will use that at Younkers. I'll be stopping at Gymboree and Crazy 8 but that's all. Then Joann's tomorrow. :)

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Back from the only store I planned on going to.  In and out in 45 minutes at Walmart (would have been faster, but a little confusion prevented that).


Anyways my haul was 2 Disney Movies- Little Mermaid and Monsters U on Bluray.  Cheap DVD's of Hot Tub Time Machine, Horrible Bosses, and Here Comes The Boom.  NCAA 14 for the 360, 2 of the $5 Hot Wheels, and the rubbermaid plastic.


Now to wait for the Madden 25 deal on Amazon and I'll be set.  I have to go to Walmart tomorrow again, so I might get more DVD's.  I really just wanted the games.  Thought about the $98 TV but I passed.

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Mines been amazing got all the $1.96 movies I needed online at 3am at walmart.com, got Duck Dynasty  seasons 1-3 for $8-$8.50 a piece, got my external hard drive on lightning deal earlier in the week, and went to Shoe Carnival tonight and got the $10 gift card. used on on the $19  makula moccisons bringing them to a wopping $9 (super comfy too I love them!!!!!). As for mom shes had a sucessful black friday too she spent $149 this morning on kohls.com saved $400 and got $45 back in Kohls cash. We're going to head back out about 5 or 5:30 and see if we can pick up a few things at Kohls we couldnt get in our sizes online and check out the dvd sale at Target. Other than that we'll just see where we end up and have fun.

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Target online:

$35 Threshold ottoman

$8 House of Cards DVD

$6 Pitch Perfect DVD

$19.99 Biddeford heated throw blanket


Best Buy online:

Logitech harmony remote


Walmart online:

$15 Farberwear toaster oven



$6 Silver Linings Playbook DVD

$10.96 Monsters University Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy

$9.96 Breaking Bad DVD's. Seasons 1-5


Office Depot (Friday in store)

50% Speck iPhone 4S case

$3.99 800-sheet Bonus pack hp printer paper



My Mom, sister and I decided to brave the crowds at our local Walmart for the 6 pm sale and ended up walking out with the $8.88 package of Sharpies, 4 of the $5 genie bras, 2 pair of the $9.50 men's Wrangler jeans, and the $28.88 Beautyrest memory foam mattress topper. Checked out and back to my parent's house by 6:25 pm. All in all I say that is the best Walmart experience we've had in quite some time, despite the annual towel fight. Maybe that's because it's the first year we've never needed a door buster item.


Are those towels really worth fighting for?? LOL. I make it a point to stay far away from that area! Just happened to be in the checkout line and saw the towels flying through the air and heard all the ruckus of the shouting.


One more trip in the morning to Fred's for iTunes cards and that's it for me.

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Did all of my shopping online this year.  So happy not to have to go out into the craziness! 

I did most of my shopping earlier in the week, except for Walmart, so I don't know if I can remember everything I've gotten..lol



Penguin Pillow Pet

Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow Blaster $11.50

Fisher-Price Wheelies Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park $24.99

Lots of Hello Kitty pajama bottoms and short sets I found on clearance last week.



Boots for $20


Target: ( instore Wed. using Cartwheel app)

Nerf Hail-fire blaster  $15 (reg. $37.99)



Fire Pit $22

Just Dance 2014 $25

BHG Wax Cube Gift Set $4.96

Summer Infant 3-Stage Booster SuperSeat $20

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24" LG LED @Best Buy

Sony Bluray w/ Wifi DVD player @ Best Buy

Hug Me Elmo @ Walmart

9" RCA Portable DVD player @ Target

Clothes @ Carters

246 CT Diapers @ Diapers.com


Want to get the Martha Steward Xmas tree @ Home Depot

Hoping for the Ipad Mini at the NEX


That's it for now, I think.  Thank you GD for making this shopping experience a fun one.  This layout of this website in addition to the great info provided by the mods/posters is second to none.


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I went to the store and got:
1 Samsung 55" smart tv
4 pairs of the baby girl pj's
1 hp printer
1 ninja
2 hdmi cables

My step dd got a bunch of yarn and sock.

My daughter went for the ps4 but they were out of them so she got the x box. She got a few more things too.
And 1 LG blu Ray player :-)


Edited to add:

Went back Friday and got a Doc McStuffins Leap pad game, a sony wifi blu player,a motox phone and 2 iphone c's.We got the wrist bands for the phones because the computers kept locking up!


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B&D programmable coffee maker

Hard side rolling luggage


3 recipe tins

Creatine and Protein (for son)


But best deal was they miscounted how many 40" tvs they had so by the time we made it thru the line and back to pick up, they were out so they gave us two 42" tvs for the same price :lolrun:

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Best Buy online:

- Big Bang Theory Season 5

- Parenthood Season 2

- Modern Family Season 3



- 3 things of sheets

- $29 ottoman

- Argo

- Les Miserables

- HIMYM Season 7

- HIMYM Season 8

- Big Bang Theory Season 6



- Barbie house

- toy helicopters

- house shoes

- wallet

- ornament

- purse

- had the $49.99 luggage but decided against it



- scarf/glove set

- Father Dowling Mysteries


Family Christian Bookstores (online):

- able to get several doorbusters!


Will go to Bath & Body Works tomorrow! 

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Michaels - Melissa and Doug stuff-BOGO and extra 30% off that, scrapbook stickers and plastic storage cases.


Shoe Carnival-Sperrys for me and my ds for 59.99 less $10.00 coupon. May return them-not sure yet.


Younkers - @ $10.00 off $10.00 purchase. Got two really nice Christmas towels using the coupons.


Old Navy-got my ticket to try and win a million dollars! I'll check online shortly. Wish me luck!


Walmart-12 of the $5.00 Hot Wheel 9 packs for Operation Christmas Child for next year, two of the Sharpie sets, 1 of the Crayola twistable sets.


Kohls-3 of the Barbie $7.99 doll with two outfit.sets (less 15%). I shop there ALL the time so they snuck me into a lane since I only had the 3 items. Nice of them. :)


Claires-some 10 for $10.00 clearance stuff, plus they had some $1.00 beanie baby type Smurfs. Got the free watch. (Most of it for the Christmas boxes next year).


Gymboree-50% off storewide plus I had 20% off coupon and $45.00 in rewards.


Target-ordered sewing machine online last night. Got 5 $2.00 washcloth sets for Oper. Christmas child for next year-they are always short on those when they do the annual box packing here.


Tomorrow: Joann's for buttons, thread and a nice scissors! :)

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We went to Target, I wanted the Ipad air with the 100.00 gift card.  We were about 60 people back in line, but my smart son knew where they would be, so he speed walked when the doors opened and was 3rd in line- so I got it!  Got some of the pajamas, looked at the boots but they were cheesey looking, so I passed.


We then went to the mall, which is usually where we score pretty big, but my son's girlfriend had too much to drink at her parent's house, so it was a big fail.  She was trashed.  So my daughter and I hurried thru Victorias Secret, I got some panties and the free bag- which was supposed to have "beauty essentials" in it- just 4 perfume samples :-/.  I got a great deal on some Guess boots at Macy's, but none of the coupons they had in the paper worked, so the checkout girl gave me 15 dollars off.


My daughter and I are going back to mall tomorrow, and back to Target to see if we missed anything. There wasn't anything I really wanted this year, so I am happy with my Ipad.  


Hope everyone scored big!!

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