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Perimeter Perusing at Target (Target Clearance Deals) - 2010


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oddest thing... Theres an older gentleman I've seen for YEARS at my Target. Hes there for the hot wheels. But hits clearance too. So he saw me mid day when I picked up Rx's. He said that morning it was 75% then they marked it back up saying "it was a mistake" why? huh?
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Any updates on the Lafayette, LA store? haven't had a chance to get there, wondering if it's 75% yet.



You are in my old hometown. I'm from Opelousas and lived in Lafayette while I was going to college. Great to see someone from the area on here.

And to answer your question, I would think (think, not know) that all remaining stores are now 75%.

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Easton, PA was only 50% today and everything was picked over.

That's too bad!! I went to Malvern, Exton, and Oaks, PA Targets yesterday - all were at 75% and all still had quite a bit of stuff, including lights (just string & icicle lights mainly). You probably don't want to travel 1.5 hours - but just FYI.


I plan to go to IKEA in Conshocken today, so will check the Target near there as well (I believe it's listed as Plymouth Meeting), from past experience, they don't mark down on the same schedule as the others nearer me, so may still be at 50%, but will let you know.


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I forgot to add the other day at my target they had the winter flannel sheet sets all sizes for 5 dollars. They had some with mitten patterns which I got for my girls and a solid aqua sea foam color which I got for myself. Our bed is king size so its hard to find 5 dollar sheets that are good lol. I bought these last yr at reg. Price which is 20 and they last and are very warm! ; )
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Were the Hot Wheels in holiday packaging ringing up 50% off at your store? At my store in CA I found them in the regular section, but they were ringing up full price.

I didn't scan them, because I didn't need them, so they might not be clearanced. I just saw the red bow on the box. Hmm...

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75% off in Montgomery Today!!!

This is what I got (I hope it will help someone else find some good bargains):

###040031487 3 pk Merona mens flannel boxers 2.49(in a clear plastic box) some of the boxers look Christmasy and some don't.

###040031496 3 pk Merona mens flannel boxers 2.49

###059033837 Polar Express book with CD and ornament 4.73

###059033850 O Little Town of Bethlehem light up book plays music 2.74

###059033851 Christmas Prayer book 2.49

###071950377 Archer Farm Mixed Nuts 2.49

###002100471 Coin Counting Bank 2.49

###002100477 Coin Counting Bank 2.49 (Note: one of these banks was in the red striped Christmas box and one was NOT. The other one is Emerson brand and the box is green black and blue)

###002100480 Auto Vacuum 2.49 (Shift3 brand, blue, green, black box- doesn't look Christmasy at all)

###062260053 Full Flannel Sheet set (polkadot) 4.99

###06705449 Red cloth napkins (Classic Tidings-green packaging) .49

###067050543 Be Merry Thow (off white or red, green label with black ribbon)

###200020130 12pk bowls (in a big red box) 3.74

###200021777 12 pk mugs (big red box) 3.74 (the mugs and bowls are off white with gold rim)

###05110613 Plastic ware in a red box .75

I also got some cute stuff from the Dollar Spot! Thanks to others that post all these great deals so that I know what to look for.

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Yippee, 75% off here. I got a ton of stuff.

2 pack of trees

Those bright boxed ornaments and matching boxed garland-pink, purple, green, blue sets, and I got various other ornaments that will match.

Penguin lite up for outside for my daughter-in-law.

Tons of the LED lights-the pink ones that are really more purple, the multi colored ones and 6 boxes of white ones.

Tissue paper, bags, boxes, tags, bubblewrap, Christmas designed Scotch mailing tape

The poker dealer nutcracker and one of the lady ones. I'm going to paint over the 2010 and paint my son and daughter-in-laws names on them. They both work at the casino here so they will be cute to put out next year.

3 cd's and one book.

Several Boxes of the "pie" kleenex.

Christmas tennis balls, nightlights, fancy ornament hooks.

I'm sure there's more but that gives you a good idea!

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75% off North DFW. Found the tissues, plastic cups, plastic utensils, 12pack porcelain salad plates (best find at 3.24 for 12 plates), Captain Crunch Holiday cereal, cake mix, frosting, cookies, popcorn (poppycock and target brands), Oreos (peppermint and regular), red box items (golf putter, weather monitor, eyeglasses that are straws, cooler with speakers, world clock organizer, mens valet w/coin counter) and more of the previously mentioned stuff all at 75% off. The only thing that was still ringing 50% was the Ghirardelli.


Pink dot 75% with no signs.


Remember to check the bakery. They had the iced cookies, mini cupcakes and other holiday items at 75% too.

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75% Christmas here today. Didn't find anything not already mentioned but have one tip if you are looking for scotch tape-- my store had the purple package GiftWrap Scotch tape-- the ones that were 75% had "Bonus 50 inches" in the upper right. Found a couple in the regular tape isle. Just scan to be sure :)
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Both of my Targets went 75% off today. I did pick up that light up outdoor snowman and winter wonderland pole sign. I found about the same as everyone else is finding. They had a ton of paper plates/cups and napkins along with table clothes and napkins. Only some of the Christmas cd's were ringing up at 75%. I might go back later and grab the tape that I hid and a few cd's and see if they will mark them down.


To my surpirse this year both stores were nearly out of the "gift" hot chocolates and coffee boxes. I usually stock up and then break them apart and give them out to co-workers the following year (thats not a bad thing). Most of the candy was gone but they still had lots of Pep. Farm Cookies.

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Went to 2 Targets in the Columbus, OH area today and they were both at 75% off, not sure when they went but they still had decent stuff left. I figured that there wouldn't be anything left, but I found all the outside lights that I needed and they still had some outside decorations, like the white deer and light up snowmen left. Also found plain red microfiber pillows that will match our sectional perfectly for 75% off, great deal, they were in with the holiday stuff must have been because they were red.
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Seriously a ZOO at Target today...the parking lot was as full as it was the weekend before Christmas!


It was 75% off and there was a TON left, even with a bunch of people shopping it. (This was at 9:45 or so at the Ward Parkway location).


I got:

###Queen sized flannel sheet set with mitten pattern: $4.99

###LS t-shirt "Joy to the World": $2

###Cars Book "Mater Saves Christmas": $3.24

###Phineas and Ferb book: $1.24

###Marley Book: $1.74

###Goldfish box: $.74

###Cake Mixes: $.42

###Frosting: $.42

###Dove Chocolate (in the regular aisle...just 50% off): $1.74

###Lip Smackers Sets: $.99 each (used a $1/2 coupon)

###Mickey/Minnie cups with snow globe bottoms: $1.49

###Hello Kitty Set: $1.74


From the Dollar Section:

###Felt buckets (great for giving gifts): $.25


Now...the pajama mystery. I scanned a set of women's Nick & Nora PJs (green with snowmen). These were in the regular women's pj section. They scanned 75% off...$6.24. I went back and grabbed every other Nick & Nora style and they all were clearanced, but just at 30% (and most had red stickers). I scanned a set of kids pjs with an identical pattern (green with snowmen) and they were full price, as were all of the Nick & Nora kids pjs, except a couple of prints that were 30% off. However, one set of Carter's PJs in the girls section (Santa pattern) rang up 75% off...just $3.24 for TWO pair (WOO!). Other Christmasy prints were either full price or just 30% off. It's a mystery. Last year the Nick & Nora sets were on the Christmas markdown, but they never moved them to that section. I got 4-5 pair for just $1.29 each when they hit 90% off! This year, no such luck (yet).

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south jerz christmas capn crunch $1.25

target brand mouthwash .34

really nice door mat with penguins $4.98 was $19.99

30 tealights $1

small packs of southern comfort coffee .25


while i was there i cashed in my free starbucks coupon for a large hot chocolate with caramel whip cream and sea salt yum

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Just got back from our local Target. 75%. I hit the pink $ spot as it is perfect for treat bags for my daughter's b-day in a couple weeks. Found some cute infant/toddler phones in the Christmas section. The kind where you can record a message. They were down to $1.99. Saw some good toys at 50%... lots of Liv dolls, some Lego Halo motorcycle set, can't remember what else I saw right now... unfortunately my daughter was with me so I couldn't shop for her although I did pick up a 4 pack of zhu zhu pets for $9.xx. She saw it, but I couldn't pass it up for that price!
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