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The Holiday Movie Tournament!! Get your entries in NOW!!!!!!


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Hey one and all!!! I have 32 Holiday Movies picked already, but here's YOUR Chance to influence me and add your fave's to the fold by telling me what you want to see listed as a choice!! Like I said....I'm going to make the official tournament on Thanksgiving so make your voices heard and your picks in now!!!


My 32:


1-Miracle on 34th Street- Original 1947 Version starring Natalie Wood and Maureen O'Hara

2-Jingle All the Way

3-Christmas Vacation

4-Mickey's A Christmas Carol

5-Polar Express

6-Four Christmases

7-Fred Claus

8-Christmas with The Kranks

9-A Christmas Story- 2008 Champion

10-Deck the Halls

11-Eight Crazy Nights


13-The Grinch

14-Home Alone

15-Home Alone 2

16-It's a Wonderful Life

17-Muppet Christmas Carol

18-The Santa Clause

19-The Santa Clause 2

20-The Santa Clause 3- The Escape Clause

21-White Christmas


23-Unaccompanied Minors

24-The Nightmare Before Christmas

25-Surviving Christmas


27-Trapped in Paradise

28-One Magical Christmas

29-Mickey's One Upon a Christmas

30-Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

31-I'll Be Home For Christmas

32-The Christmas List

33-Christmas Do Over

34-Holiday in Handcuffs

35-Last Holiday

36-Three Days

37-Bad Santa

38-Die Hard


40-Smokey Mountain Christmas

41-The Holiday

42-Holiday Inn

43-Santa Buddies

44-Love Actually

45-The Ref

46-Christmas in Connecticut

47-The Bishop's Wife

48-A House Without a Christmas Tree

49-Desk Set

50-Meet Me in St. Louis

51-The Homecomming- A Christmas Story

52-The Christmas Shoes

53-Miracle on 34th Street- 1994 version

54-Badder Santa

55-Die Hard 2

56-Home Alone 3

57-The Preacher's Wife

58-A Christmas Carol- 1984- George C. Scott

59-A Christmas Carol- 2004- Kelsey Grammar

60-Scrooge- 1951 - Alistar Sim

61-Ernest Saves Christmas

62-The Nativity Story

63-Santa Claus: The Movie

64-Santa Baby

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WOW!!! Wasn't expecting this kind of response!!!! :)


I'll double check these movies and add them in!! And to answer the following:


Charlie Brown's Christmas, our tradition every year. :)

Charlie Brown is a TV Special. I'm running a separate tournament for that starting next week.


What is the Holiday Movie Tournament? :)


Most of my favorites are already listed, but I also love Jim Hensen's The Christmas Toy and Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are classics.

The Holiday Movie Tournament is a tournament I created last year, where Christmas Movies go head to head against eachother until there is one winner. Last years winner was A Christmas Story! And like I said above, I'm running a separate Tournament for the TV Specials. Rudy and Frosty are in, as is good ole Charlie Brown. If Jim Hensen is a Movie I'll add it to this one, if not I'll add it next week.


The House Without A Christmas Tree

The Homecoming


Bad Santa


I had Bad Santa originally in the bracket above, but switched it out because it got absolutely no votes! I'll addd it again........I thought it was hilarious!!!!



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ok so what is the tournament? Is it a list of movies you think the networks will run before christmas?

I was about to post this question this a.m..... I :confused: either --even though I have been here a few seasons...

I think we need to know, if not for us, how about the newbies!


I was guessing that it was fellow-gotta-dealers trying to convince the OP that OUR CHOICE of Holiday movie was "good enough" to be posted on their list of all time classic Holiday movies......

but need explanation...



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Scanner, I don't know if it matters but you didn't specify if

35-Last Holiday is the 1950 or the 2006 version

also if

46-Christmas in Connecticut is the 1945 or the 1992 version

For me personally its the 1945 version. I didn't know that there was a 1950 Last Holiday. I will have to look it up. Is it worth it?

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Scanner, I don't know if it matters but you didn't specify if

35-Last Holiday is the 1950 or the 2006 version

also if

46-Christmas in Connecticut is the 1945 or the 1992 version

Didn't know there were two versions, they never came on on IMDB or Wiki! Sry! I guess just pick your faves at this point! I'm crunching the numbers now!!

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