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What STORES do you plan to visit on Black Friday?


What STORES do you plan to visit on Black Friday? (Select all that apply.)  

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  1. 1. What STORES do you plan to visit on Black Friday? (Select all that apply.)

    • AAFES Military BX
    • Ace Hardware
    • Bath & Body Works
    • Bed Bath & Beyond
    • Bass Pro Shops
    • Best Buy
    • Big Lots
    • BJ’s
    • Circuit City
    • Costco
    • CVS Pharmacy
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods
    • FYE
    • Harbor Freight
    • Home Depot
    • JC Penney
    • K-Mart
    • Kohls
    • Linens and Things
    • Lowes
    • Macy’s
    • Meijer
    • Office Depot
    • Old Navy
    • OshKosh B’Gosh
    • Radio Shack
    • Rite Aid
    • Sam’s Club
    • Sears
    • Sports Authority
    • Target
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • Toys ‘R’ Us
    • Tractor Supply
    • Walgreens
    • Walmart
    • any Outlet Center
    • Other Store(s)

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Note: You can only 'vote' in a poll once, so make sure to read the ads and WAIT until your plan is "set" before responding to the poll (but you can post comments as many times as you like).


What stores do you plan to visit any time on Black Friday? Select all the stores you expect to visit during the day (or night).


This is one of two related polls. The other asks you to indicate the FIRST store that you plan to visit on Black Friday. This is for all the stores you will visit (time permitting).

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So far, the plan will probably be:





Mall stores for small things like Hot Topic, Claires, etc.

Maybe Michaels?

And then, if I can find a really good deal on a Steam Washer & Dryer set, I might hit one of those stores like a Sears, Best Buy, HH Gregg, or even Home Depot or Lowes.

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I plan to hit Bath and Body works first, then Old Navy, Sears, Borders, and Macy's. I'll have two of my young ones in tow, so I'm going to the smaller mall in my area, but it has all those stores. (I'm taking my mom so she can wait in the food court with the babies while I run into the small stores or super busy stores where a stroller would be too much hassle. We'll take turns with them so we can both shop) After lunch we will probably go across the street to Target and then head home.
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Still waiting for all the ad's, but every year it always seems to be the same game plan. So, I do not see it changing this year.


Usually in this order: JCPenney's (because they open first) Walmart, TRU, Target, Old Navy, AC Moore (for the candles they have every year), then the mall for breakfast and the stores there.

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We'll probably hit stores up in this order:


1 and 2 - Target/Walmart - have to see Walmart's ad and see which has the best TVs prices

3. Bath and Body Works

4. Best Buy

5. Sears

While my sister and I wait for Target my mom hits up Herbergers and after Target she hits up Kohls.

Then go to a smaller town and hit up Target and Walmart for things missed.


I will also do some online shopping at Circuit City

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  • 2 weeks later...

because of most of the stores having the items online today, I cut out 3 stores!


Got Camera binoculars for $24 from JC Penny's (shipped to store too so saved me $). BF doorbuster for $28.88 down from $69.99, but found a coupon code $10 off $25 or more. JCP is the code. Work like a charm. My husband wanted these for hunting.


Blank DVD +R discs from Radio Shack $7.99 plus free shipping to store


TRU Brothers in Arms game for xbox 360 17.99 and FREE shipping with my code and skates for my nieces.



Only stores I am going is JC Penny's for $12.99 Webkinz (opens at 4am) then Walmart for only a few items then Walgreens. Should be home by 8am

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This is the most dismal BF for me yet. I'm thinking about going to the mall just for old times' sake and some people watching.

I'm there with you...

I did some shopping yesterday on Newegg.com, but my only stop this year = RadioShack, for their AT&T renewal deal. :eek:


And even then, we're going for 11:30 am, since the RS employee said they didn't start selling renewals till after 1 pm last BF.

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I forgot to put Office Max and a few other nationalchains in the survey.


I got the last Sony BluRay player at the small Sears outlet in the small town I am visiting the day before Thanksgiving and will get a price adjustment to the doorbuster price later this morning. Just ordered my second priority item, a Garmin GPS from Radio Shack, online at BF price with free shipping to home, so one less thing to carry on airplane home.


No critical "wait in line" items at this point, so I will just head out early and pick up some easier items and cruise the aisles with the crowds.

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