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Quick contest to win a BF t-shirt - CONTEST OVER!


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OK, another fun contest to see who is the fastest at performing a task.


Find items in your home (or wherever you are) that start with the letters G O T T A D E A L.


(for example, Grapes, an Olive oil bottle, a Towel, etc....


Grab the items, line them up and take a picture of them all together, in correct order.


The first person to do this, post the picture in the thread and type out each item's name in your post wins a BF t-shirt.


Good luck!

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it's gum, orange juice, tablespoon, tissues, applesauce, dictionary, envelope, apple juice, lotion



We have a winner! Congrats :D Check your PMs in a few minutes for more details.


I'll be posting another contest later tonight everyone, so be sure to check for that.

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