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Walmart - December 24 -30 Ad


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Ok, now I finally have something constructive to add to the forum instead of just reaping the rewards of everyones work. I have a copy of the December 24-30 ad for Walmart.


Small, but here are the details:


Assorted DVD titles (one time offer) 2 for $9.00 - shows Bandits, Harts War, Dirty Work, Weekend at Bernies, The Seven-ups, Broken Arrow, Agent Cody Banks, Courage under Fire,

Return to Me, Comando, Delta Force and one other I cant read.


Assorted Music Titles $9.72 everyday - POD, Foo Fighters, 30 Secondstomar, and 3 others I cant read


Assorted Video Game Titles - $14.88 One Time Offer - ALL PS@ - Street 2, The Incredibles, Sprint Cars, Jak Daxer, Ratchet and Crank?


Emerson - 20" LCD Stereo TV (#EWL20S5) $298.00 every day price - also at Walmart.com


RCA 80 GB DVD Recorder/Player (#DRC8030N) $198.97 One Time offer - also at Walmart.com


Verizon Inpulse Prepaid MOTORazr Phone - $114.98 One Time Offer - also at Walmart.com


Samsung A870 Verizon Wireless Contract Phone - Free with plan I assume - also at Walmrt.com


Sanyo VPC503 Digital Camera - 5 megapixels - $98.67 every day price also at Walmart.com


Motorola HS850 Bluetooth wireless headset $79.86 Roll Back - also at Walmrt.com


Wii remote $39.76 everyday

Wii Nunchuck $19.87 everyday


4 GB Ipod Nano $197.88 everyday


Guitar HeroII $79.92 everyday


PS3 Controller $49.92 everyday


PS3 games everyday prices


XBOX 360 wireless controller $49.92 everyday


Nintendo DS Lite $129.88 everyday


DS games $29.92 everyday - Happy Feet, Yoshis Island, Kirby


Memorex iWake digital am/fm clock radio for iPod $78.64 everyday - also at walmart.com


Xtremac Tuff Wrap Case for Nano $29.86 everyday


Bissell Power Force Turbo Bagless Upright Vaccum #6596 $68.76 everyday - also at Walmart.com


Bissell Powertrak Cyclonic Upright Vacuum #6390 - $89.67 everyday - also at walmart.com


Sharp .8 CF Microwave #R209kk Roll Back $49.88 also at Walmart.com


GE 1.3 CF Microwave #JES1358WL Rollback $79.96 also at walmart.com


Lots of tote boxes some everyday prices, some roll back


Bow Box Container with tray - $4.00 one time offer

20 Count Ornament Box $4.92 one time offer

30" Vertical Gift Wrap Storage Box - $5.00 one time offer


Not much to offer from Walmart for after Christmas, but still on the look out for the supposed Black Friday 2 items. Will advise if I get a scoop

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Thanks for posting this.


There are two ways I can look at that ad. I can either be relieved that nothing that I bought recently is about to go on sale for a drastically (or even a slightly) lower price. Or I can grumble to myself about how there doesn't seem to be much in the way of bargains there. At least, not on anything that I'm interested in.


What's with all the items being listed as their everyday price? You mean that I actually get to buy all those things for the price that I'd ordinarily be able to get them for? Gee, thanks Wal-Mart.

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what and how much are the Lots of tote boxes some at everyday prices, some at rollback?

I have since ditched the ad as there was nothing to make me want to keep it.:yuck: :yuck:


They were the everyday kind of boxes from what I remember other than the ornament boxes, which are in my store already.

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