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Walmart Black Friday Sale (11/22 to 11/26)


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4 hours ago, Brad said:

Preview the deals: https://gottadeal.com/sale/walmart-black-friday-sale


More deals will be added on the 20th. I don't expect today's preview to be anywhere near their full sale.


Scans (screenshots): https://gottadeal.com/scans/walmart-black-friday-sale

walmart-black-friday-sale.pdf 42.12 MB · 26 downloads

Thank you so much for the scans!

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58 minutes ago, Bopeep said:

I could have saved myself $20 on the AirPods if I had only been a little patient, lol. I really expected $189 to be the norm for them this year.

Can you do the old Perimeter Perusing at Target hack of buying again at the same price and returning with the older receipt? Or would you only be refunded the current sale price?

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14 minutes ago, Kash said:

Is it just me or does Walmart seem to have a lot of stuff in their ads this year. There was a lot this last go round now the BF seems big too. 


They've always had a large BF sales ad to me... 

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57 minutes ago, BLKFRI said:

Can you put item in your cart now, and pay at the sale day?

Or will they get kicked out when the sale starts?

cart is emptied, what you can do is add the items to your list, that is what i usually do then you can just add to cart from there when the sale goes live.


but Walmart has been very careful this year, from what i've been seeing is you can't add anything in the sale to your cart as there is no option available to do that, other than add to list

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2 hours ago, Ravenmaniac said:

Are there no deals this year on cell phones where they give you a gift card for upgrading? Seems they have those every year?


Yes they are in the ad but it looks like you have to trade in your old phone before you get the gift card

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