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Post your Day After Christmas Finds...


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I didn't score too well on actual Christmas Stuff... went to Lowes for their 75% and they didn't have much.. but did get some outdoor 25 extension cords with posts and outlets every 8ft for 4 bucks a piece.....


Walmart.... Didn't like any of the Christmas stuff... though they did have a ton of those large Dancing Santas for 1/2 off..


Scored on the bath and beauty sets.... I have 3 girls and we are constantly buying favors for parties, and buying presents for parties we go to... so I stocked up. They had the cutest little cloth purses with beads hanging from them with makeup inside for 1.44...I bought 30 for party favors since birthdays are right around the corner... They also had these purses that really had 2 large plastic purses attached to each other, filled with makeup and lip gloss for 3 bucks...bought 8 for the parties we'll have to go to.. They also had cute bath sets for boys, Crayola bug hunt and Dr Bubbles for 3 bucks, bought 4 for gifts.


Target... Not much left... Did buy stocking holder, and some Christmas Cards, they had a 40 pack of the nice sparkly ones that hold a picture for 7 bucks, cute large and small bowls, and of course some boxes to put everything in. Really didn't get much that was Christmasy though...

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We went to the Wal-Mart in a nearby small town. I got a 7.5 foot tree (not pre-lit) for $39 and one of those inflatable snow globes for the yard for $54 (regularly $130!) :yelclap:


Didn't need wrapping paper (we have enough to wrap Florida!), but we did find some cute gift tags, boxes, and a snowman wreath along with a few other Christmas-y items.


Not a bad haul for getting up at 4:30 this morning!

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Woke up to a big snow storm this morning so I did not get out early.. Hubby talked me into taking his truck instead of my van.. I guess he thought it would slow me down some heheee but I got EVERYTHING in the cab of the truck. :g_laughin


I went to lowe's first.. they did not have much at all but got a couple of light sets.


I went to Kmart and they had things Just down to 50% off.. I did not get any thing ... I hope they will bring it down lower as the big stuff like trees were not going.


I then went to JCPENNEY's and scored some wonderful indoor decorations there for 70% off.. I had a ball. I got an amazing rather large nativity set for $30.. and a LOT more :banana01:


Went to Sears and they had the same thing before Christmas 50% off.. and I had already gotten a few things before.


Bath and Body is suppose to have some gift sets 75% off starting tomorrow so I hope I can get out to get some before they are gone.





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We got $$ for Christmas and need a new TV. Hubby wanted a 32" Sony. Tweeter had the floor model only for $448.00 with scratches. Sears prices matched, so we got the TV for $440.00.


I stopped at LNT and the clearance was not set up yet. There was nobody shopping today. I didn't see any good sales.

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I went to Wal mart and got a lot of bath sets and perfumes (I love sunflowers and Brilliant White Diamonds--especially at half off!!) and a 4 qt crock pot for $6 and a hamilton beach food processor thing for $9. It's the one that uses the Glad bowls. I didn't go anywhere else yet. My father in law just left and technically, I was only going to Walmart for milk for breakfast. LOL
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i woke up late & just went over to walmart to see what they had...it was PACKED, yelling, pushing & shoving..i will never go back there day after xmas again, it was all crap that had been picked over 5 times, nothing even half decent, i just got some bags of candy & ribbon, im hoping for better luck & less insanity tomorrow
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I went to Taget, Hallmark, and Lane Bryant.


At Target I got 2 rolls of wrapping paper, gift tags,ornament box and some great jar candles for $3.98


I didnt get anything at Hallmark, i was looking for a "Our first christmas together" ornament. (we are newlyweds)


At Lane Bryant i got a little black dress for $16!!! oringally $60! My hubbys' Christmas party is mid-january. I was happy!!!!

I also got a red sweater for $8

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I could not believe that no one was out today.

Went to Kmart return some pants and walked around but did not buy anything.

Next Circuit City for a GameCube memory card, it was online for 24.99 marked down from 29.99 and it rang up 19.99 and I had 10.00 left over on a giftcard.

Then the Mall - Old Navy and Disney Store-nothing. Childrens Place returned a shirt and pants that my daughter got she ended up with a shirt, jeans, 6 pairs of socks and tights for only 2.33.

Bath and Body for the 5 for $10 hand soaps and returning tommorrow for the 75% sets and soaps.

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I don't think I got any great deals. I bought some wrapping paper at Target, and some lip gloss sets from WM for my nieces for next year.


My big find of the day was when we went to Best Buy. Ds wanted to trade his iPod Nano for a Video iPod, which are sold out in most places. I asked the girl in electronics if anyone had returned any and she said no, but the girl at customer service had told me someone had, so the girl opened the case to check and there was one there. So, ds got to get his iPod (he paid the difference between the Nano and the Video).

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I got a 7.5 foot pre lit tree fully decorated for $95 from Menards. Even though it was pre-lit it had 7 extra strands of lights on it, 4 beaded garlands a ribbon and 136 ornaments (yes I counted :) )

It is a beautiful tree everything is white and silver. We have a tree in our family room which is full of sentimental ornaments etc. but I wanted a nice one to have in the living room front window. Yaay!

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I went to Wal Mart and got the bath sets. My daughter gets invited to so many birthday parties. It's so nice to shop all at once. She just goes into the closet and picks on out. Come in really handy. Also picked up a lighted mirror that had a sign by it that was $4.86. I was charged $14.86 and she said must have been missing the 1 on the sign and she would tell someone.

I didn't buy it because I was looking for good deals.

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got a 7 ft prelit tree - multicolor lights- for $38, reg 100



Wow! Which store?? I'm looking for a new prelit tree, and that's an awesome price. (And did they have mulit-color? I'm not one for only white lites)


EDIT: Nevermind, you already answered. (That's what I get for not reading all the posts before I reply)

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EDIT: Nevermind, you already answered. (That's what I get for not reading all the posts before I reply)

Tis okay, I'm guilty of that too. The one I got was prelit with multicolored lights. Got it this morning at 6. when I went back at 4, every single tree they had was gone, and they had like 30 when I was there earlier. Was bummed cause I missed the clearance trees at the other store - they started clearancing last week - but ended up getting a better deal anyway.

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Walmart: Cologne gift sets: Stetson Black cologne w/ after shave $6 (Qty 2) Curve for Men $8 (w/ aftershave, Big cologne, and body splash), Makeup sets $1.44, bratz sets $2.88 and $1.55, bath sets $4, stocking suffers .46, Cd visor $1, massager $4.50, and some gift bags, christmas cards, and wrapping paper.

My daughter has birthday parties, teacher gift, christmas. I also got some cute Strawberry shortcake bath sets for my nieces for next christmas.

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First stop tonight was TRU


Got some Sponge Bob wrapping paper for .49 a roll

4 Dora sets for the doll house b2g1free

2 v.smile smartidges b1g1 free

2 Intec PS2 steering wheel sets $10 each and a few PS2 games.

4 My little ponies for $1.48 each

Some Fantastic 4 thing that was 50% off for DS



wrapping paper 50% off

Lipsticks/lipglosses .48

bath sets $2-$4

3 sets of 400 lights for $4 a piece

santa light thing for the window for $2.50

some chocolate covered cherries

OCC mug set for $2



great lashes mascara 2 pack for $2

Hickory Farms set $7

Hanukkah gift bags $1

spiderman and fantastic 4 wall walkers .99 a piece


I think that was it for today. I am hitting B&BW tomorrow for their sale!



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I really wanted to go to Wal-Mart today....but I just couldnt bring myself to fight the crowds....instead I stayed home and did the lazy thing...played video games with my girls all day and we MIGHT go shopping tomorrow...or Wed....right now...I cannot fathom the crowds....I dont think even a great discount is worth it yet!...A couple more days and it may be..lol
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Ok, heres what I got yesterday:



4 kids bath sets for $2 each

Care bear lip glosses for $1 (set of 3)

Outdoor Nativity set $19.98

Tons of outdoor lights

Christmas scene villages--I bought 3 pieces for $17.00 plus trees and people to go inside


Hickory Farms:

Huge gift set for $50 (orig. $100)


Bath and Body:

Gift set $16.00

5 of the dispenser soaps for $10 (one day only 5 for $10)


LS Ayres:

4 sweaters for dd for $18 total (coupons + 10 off)



I bought my self 6 shirts and camisoles--prices were from $6-$9

Dd long sleeve shirt $1.24

Velvet dress shirt for $3

MORE christmas lights

Coco gift set $6

Ice cream gift set $6

Christmas totes $6 for the 32 gallon

and the under bed storage totes were $4


Hallmark: (this store was crazy!!)

Peppermint cocoa for $5

Nativity set for $30


I know Im leaving stuff out--and my car by noon was too full to do anymore shopping---my trunk, entire back seat and passenger seat was stuffed!!!!

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