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Best Buy Ad 12/26-31

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I just got the weekly ad for bb for next week, here are a few things:


fam guy: stewie griffin movie & napoleon dynamite $12.99


true crime: nyc & gun for ps2, gamecube, xbox $29.99


star wars battlefront 2, dragon quest? viii, 50 cent bulletproof, & need for speed most wanted for ps2 $34.99


direct tv dvr or hd receiver free AR


midnight club 3 dub edition, ssx on tour, marvel nemesis, nba 2k6 asst platforms $19.99


america's army, far cry instincts, matrix path of neo, brothers in arms earned in blood, prince of persia the two thrones, spartan total warrior, shrek super slam, & l.a. rush, asst. platforms $29.99


xmen legens something, tony hawk amer wasteland, call of duty 2 big red one, ultimate spider man, smackdown vs raw 2006 $39.99


star wars 3 $14.99 (dvd)


polar express $9.99


lots of dvds $11.99 each, 3/$30 or 6/$50


40% off all holiday music


lots of tvs, dvd players, cds, cameras, comps, etc on sale


looking for something specific? ask away! :imu2:

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laptops: toshiba 1gb ram, 100gb hard drive, dvd/cd burner, wireless lan $1199.99 AR

gateway 512mb ram, 60gb hd, wireless lan $729.99 after $170 inst savings

hp 512mb ram, 100gb hd, wireless lan, dvd/cd burner, enh virus protection $949.99 AR

sony 512mb ram, 100gb hd, wireless lan, gogorce go 6400 graphics card $1199.99 after $300 inst savings

toshiba 256mb ram, 40gb hd, dvd/cd-rw $499.99 AR

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semi-cheap desktops: compaq w/ 17" flat-screen monitor, canon photo printer, 1024mb ram, 160gb hd, double-layer multi-format lightscribe dvdrw drive, 9-in-1 media reader $449.97 ARs

emachines 17" flat-screen, color printer, 256mb ram, 100gb hd, dvd/cd-rw drive, 8-in-1 media reader $299.97 ARs

hp 17" flat-screen monitor, color printer, windows xp media center 2005, 512mb ram, 200gb hd, dl lightscribve dvdrw, 9-in-1 media reader, ati radeon xpress 200 graphics $579.97 ARs

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what does the little header on the games look like? like, xbox's is black with green at the end, etc...some of the ones i posted above have this little orange bar above them along with the others for ps2, gamecube, etc, but i dont know what it represents


it does say, tho, that all psp movies are 10% off



yes, the polar express thing is dvd, it's the regular single (non-special edition or anything) one


if you just bought it i would think you could get it price-adjusted, most places will do it w/i a reasonable amt of time

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camcorders: canon 1.33 mp dvd w/ 10x optical zoon $649.99 AIS & AR

canon digital w/ built-in dig still camera & 20x optical zoom $309.99 AIS

jvc digital w/ built-in dig. still camera & 25x optical zoom $309.99 AIS

sony handycam, digital w/ 20x optical zoom $284.99 AIS


also on sale: sony 3-pack minidv tapes $17.99 after $2 IS

memorex 3-pack mini dvd-rw or 5-pack mini dvd-r discs $9.99 after $5 IS

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If there's a pic of a psp game/movie, the box is a little thinner and almost all are black all the way to the top, just the psp in thin white letters, hard to see in most ads. Thanks

any idea what the little orange bar represents?




(sorry about the crappy quality, i just snapped a pic of it)

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digital cameras: kodak 4mp w/ easyshare camera dock, tripod, bag, ac adapter, rechargeable battery pack, usb cable, & a/v cable $129.99 AIS

sony cybershot 7.2mp $339.99 AIS

canon powershot 7.1mp $419.99 AIS

fuji finepix 5.2mp $179.99 AIS

kodak easyshare 5.1mp w/ 12x optical zoom & image stabilization $399.99 AIS

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