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Who is on your list this year?


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Continuing the yearly post!

Not many on my list this year and hoping for some great deals.

1. Mamaw-Ammo and Range Pass

2. Mom-Jewelry

3. Stepdad-Something Harley(bought)

4. Stepbrother #1-OU Item

5. Stepbrother #2-Camelback System (bought)

6. Niece-Purse (bought), Giftcard Shopping, Kindle Accessories(bought)

7. Ex-5.11 Sabre 2.0-(bought)

8. Inlaws-Dinner Giftcard, Trail Camera, Massage GC

9. Brother-Outfit

10. Future SIL-Bath Set (bought), Earrings (bought)

11. Roommates X2-No Clue Maybe Massage Gift Cards

12. Shift Coworkers X26-BBW Hand Sanitizer/Holder (bought), Edible Goodies

13. Secret Santa-:)

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DH, our 4 children, and my mom is who I plan for. I never know year to year if I will be exchanging gifts with my nieces/nephews although I usually try and pick up at least 1 small item for each of them.


DH is the hardest and easiest; hardest because he always says he does not want anything and easiest because he always puts himself last so I usually have a list of things to pick from that he wants (but won't ask for) and/or could use.

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Husband - not a clue

Daughter (9) - ipad mini, lego friends

Son (7) - ipad mini, legos (purchased on a fantastic walmart clearance last weekend)

Joint kid gifts - possibly replace desktop with laptop, new skylanders game

My parents - sodastream, kindle paperwhite (possibly upgrading my paperwhite to the new one and gifting mine to my mom ( only used mine a few months and have the box, etc. - my family is perfectly fine with gifting this way)

My grandparents - anything they want, may be my grandfather's last. 

My aunt - Keurig of some sort

His parents - not a clue

His grandparents - not a clue

His Aunt and Uncle - not a clue


Most of my black Friday shopping has been for household stuff, things for myself and hubby and toys but my kids are outgrowing the toys (except legos) and are more into electronics/console games. This will be the first year I spend looking at laptops and electronics heavily and possibly camping out. I miss the toys phase all of the sudden. 

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Mom - Coach purse

Brother - Beats by Dre.

Dad - no clue

DH- XBOX ONE and some games

DS (5)- DS3D, Legos, and anything Mario and Sonic

DS (4 mths) tummy time toys

Sister and husband - soda stream

Nephew (2) -not sure

Niece (nb) - not sure

Neighbors - something homemade


Phew, I think that's it

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We  buy for: 

our twin boys age 15

my daughter that will be 7

my niece that is 6

and my nephew that is 13


My husband and I may buy each other a small gift (15.00 or under) depending on if we have the xtra money or not.


We usually spend 5.00 each on my parents, husband's parents, my sister and her husband, and my husband's brother and his wife.  His wife has 3 kids but they are all 16 and older and we are not close so we don't usually get them anything.  The last 2 years they didn't get my kids anything at all but spent like 1000.00 on each of their kids so it is not like they couldn't afford to get them a little something, at least my daughter since she is not really old enough to understand.  My boys really don't care..lol.

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DD-will be 15 at Christmas

Brother (we rotate siblings every year and have a budget of $100 per family)


Nephew 1 1/2

New nephew/niece







Nephew 20 $50-100

Niece 17 $50-100

Grandma $100 ish

Neighbors usually around $100

Secret Santa :lolrun:


This is our bare bones list, we've totally cut back on the amount of people we buy for.  Other close friends get goodie plates/christmasy dish towels etc


ETA: DD's birthday is right before Christmas so usually between the 2 we end up spending close to $1,000.  Parents and Inlaws usually about $50 each

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On my list is my :



mother and father in law, and grandmother


nieces- 6, twin 6 months old

nephews- 5,4,3

sons godmother and godfather

daughters godfather

dd11's dance teachers (3), teacher, bus driver

dd7's teacher, speech teacher, gymnastic coach

ds5's teacher, speech teacher, soccer coach

dh's workers (9 of them) This usually is tins of homemade cookies and then some gourmet chocolates I buy

Angel tree and toys for tots

gottadeal ss

Lawncare workers


This is my list as of now. I dont think Im forgetting anyone but a few extra always end up popping up on my list!

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DH - was gonna get him a kindle fire which I already bought but ended up giving it to him 2 weeks ago.

DS - not sure..I have a ps4 pre ordered but he doesn't want to wait until Christmas so he is giving me the money back for it. Maybe I'll get him the xbox one.

DD - not sure but she's pretty easy to buy for. So far I do have her some Uggs and house shoes put away though. Thinking maybe a kindle fire for her too.

Dad - not sure but probably the usual....cologne, shirt and a food gift set of some sort.

Mom - not sure

Brother #1 - not sure..he's hard to buy for

Sis in law #1 -  not sure

Brother #2 - not sure but easy to buy for

Sis in law #2 - not sure

Teachers - not sure yet

A few friends of dd's  - not sure yet but probably something from Justice.

I have a few little things that I bought here and there throughout the year put away for some too.

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DH - no clue whatsoever


DS3 - no clue...probably toys.

DS2 - ditto


DM - some kind of bag (Coach or DB) for birthday and I'm not sure what for Christmas. She won't tell me what she wants until a couple of weeks beforehand.

DMIL - probably a Waterford ornament and some bath stuff. I get her the same thing every year. I might get her some of her perfume to switch it up LOL

DFIL - no clue. The hardest person for me to buy for by far. I'd like to find some obscure book he would like to read, maybe.


Assistant and her 2 daughters (ages 6 and 17) - no clue


I bought 2 of the new Elmo hug toys this summer with the idea that they would be part of my boys' Christmas, but I already gave them to them. Oops :)

After reviewing this list, it's clear that I need to get my game plan on!

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This year I have: DH - not getting much, neither am I. Lol 3 kids - 13, 8 and 1 5 nieces/nephews 1 great nephew 1 friends DD 7 BFFs 10 BFFs kids Phew!

Sounds like my list! Dh & I will probably buy a combined gift- I'd like new king mattresses. We have 4 boys ages 17, 14,12, &8.


Plus 29 others. I have a few done and trying to knock out the list of 29 at 2 each week. lol

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Ok, here we go:




DH - Circular Saw

Mom -DONE! 

Dad - Some books and probably some comfy pajamas, odds and ends I see while I'm out 

Brother #1 - Already have a few things but I need his main gift

Brother #2 - Speakers, some odds and ends

Nephew Dog - totally counts; we like to spoil him. Fluffy squeaky toys and such

Neighbor and her family - a nice gift set of food stuffs and a candle

1 bus driver, 2 principals, 3 teachers, 1 mailman, and a partridge in a pear tree

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As every ear, I have:

DS11-legos, bow and arrow, target practice, hunting stuff plus whatever else he asks for

DS6- Nabi 2, bicycle lights plus whatever else he asks for

DH-Not sure yet. I'll get a list from him closer to December.


Everyone else Im about to list, I have no clue what I'm getting for them









3 nieces

2 nephews

Work secret pal

Work dirty santa gift

Work Christmas party gift

Our lab, Daisy

I feel like I am missing someone so there's probably at least another person(s) that I haven't listed.

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My list is short:








The kids all want expensive stuff so it will be pretty empty under the tree this year.


DHs family does a drawing but I don't put much effort into it since i'd rather not even participate. I'll just grab something out of the gift closet.

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My 3 Kids


My mom

Myself lol (I let my husband know what I want but then when Kohl's has a 30% off closer to Christmas I start shopping for me. It kills me to know he pays full price for stuff.)


That's it. My grandparents have passed away, I no longer talk to my aunt, uncle, & cousins. My in-laws use to do an exchange but don't anymore.

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the who is easy ,,,the what is unknown at the moment....


5 boys.(1 sig.other) ..even though they are all teenagers or above now..

my parents,


aunt and uncle.-something together

2 other young nephews/1great nephew

1 nephew 18yrs

2 nieces (both young)

2 nieces (both 18+)

God parents

a family,

secret santa

and several small gifts for drivers,trainers,teachers,ect.

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Just making my list for this year... We are REALLY cutting back this year. I am so tired of buying just to have a "pile" under the tree...  This year, we are doing the "something you  want, something you need, something to wear, something to read..." strategy for our boys.  They are really into their electronics and video games, and get so much from extended family, that we chose to buy one big gift for each and a few smaller things.


DH  - Got him a DVD set so far, and maybe a 15" TV to keep in his truck (he is an OTR truck driver)

Son (11) - Ipod Touch, case, Itunes g/c, a book, new sneakers, Stocking Stuffers, Disney Infinity (will be a group gift for both boys)

Son (10) - Ipod Touch, case, Itunes g/c, a book, new watch, Stocking Stuffers, Disney Infinity (will be a group gift for both boys)

Mom - Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror, and not sure what else yet

Mom's BF - Coffee Mug and Gift card for 7-11 (he gets his coffee there every day)

Dad - New Slippers (I get them for him every year), and some WWII DVDs

Sister (32) - Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner (something she requested and I KNOW she will use)

Sister (22) - Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Machine

Nephew (2.5) - Spiderman Pillow, Spiderman Sneakers, HULK Action Figure

Niece (5 months) - Activity Saucer

Best Friend - Gift Certificate to her favorite restaurant

3 Teachers - Probably gift cards

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DH - Never wants anything and won't volunteer ideas! Some years I get lucky and he is the easiest. This year, not a single idea


DD 16 - She has nothing on her list. Any ideas are welcome!


Cousins 1,3,8

Cousins 18, 21, 22

Brother 35


Dad/SMom - Have everything and can buy anything. I usually buy SMom jewelry.


Some other people will be added as time goes on.....

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My list is very short.  THe boys and Jeff-- stockings

My youngest brother--probably a stocking

Everyone else-- hugs


We moved to a different place this year that accomodates Jeffs growing issues better so  between the out of pocket expenses and prices that grow faster than my income it will be a small (again) Christmas.  THe boys understand and they aren't little... but it doesn't help me get in the mood.  

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my list isnt to bad but its long enough...


daughter (14)

daughter (11)

daughter (8)



niece (19)

nephew (20)

mother n law ...grumpy woman

work I just make a basket up of goodies to share probably


I have my husbands bday as well as one of our daughters birthdays 2weeks before xmas

oh and I also will be buying for my daughters boyfriend they have been dating about a year.

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DH-no clue


DD1-kids tablet, "American Girl" doll and accessories, doggy doo game (BIG maybe), gymnastics incline mat, Sofia the first nightgown, Ice cream shaker maker, Ever After High Raven Queen, monster high dolls


DD2- tablet, baby doll(s) and accessories (car seat, feeding items, etc...), leapfrog animal matching game, slide (?), undies for potty training, Sofia the First bedding


Twin Nieces- Minnie Mouse vacuum, see n say, pajamas

Niece- something barbie

MIL/FIL- no idea... We go in with DH's sisters

Mom- no clue

My grandparents- Rite-Aid gift card and some more things


Cousin 1- journal and dorm room food/gift card

Cousin 2- ? And dorm room food/gift card

Secret Santa 1

Secret Santa 2

My friend's daughter I babysit- Baby Alive and gift card to local mini golf place and local cookie place

My friend's son I babysit- ?? And gift cards listed above

Friend's son- Mickey pjs, ?

Kids' "Nana"-?

DD teacher, gym teacher, principal, music teacher, 2 bus drivers, gymnastics teacher and maybe more- small gift card


Wow! That looks long when I type it out!





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