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Contest: Caption Photos & Win Black Friday T-Shirts [Winners Posted]


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1. I got up early to apply for a job, its gonna take longer than expected. 2. You got your coupons! Alright! Bad thing is we won't take them today! 3. Man, I'm up way to early these tv's are not the size the ad dairy they were in the ad.
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1) Oct 21st 9pm. One guy started waiting outside a Best Buy for his girlfriend to get off; 999 people saw a line so they jumped in it.


2) Sprint and AT&T employees try to keep BF shoppers from getting Verizon iPhones.


3) My sister...my sister is covered with moles...Git'r Done!

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1) Really??? Not the fire alarm trick again!

2) Good Job, it's working....almost got the superglue unstuck!

3) Man, what am I going to do if I don't have enough cash when I get up there, I knew I should have went to the ATM, let me add this up again to see if I have enough $....

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Another t-shirt contest! We've done this one the last few years and it's always been pretty fun, so we'll do it again.


Below are 3 photos from past Black Fridays. Come up with a caption for each photo and post them in this thread.


Entries will be accepted until 5pm ET on Friday afternoon. At that point, I'll choose 5 of my favorites to win Black Friday t-shirts and then (for those of you who aren't as creative, lol) I'll choose 5 more at random from all the other entries to also win shirts, so we're going to give away 10 total t-shirts for this contest!


If you've already won a BF t-shirt in a previous contest, you can't be selected as a winner again, but you can still feel free to post your captions.


Also, while you can feel free to post more than one set of captions, there is a limit of one entry for the contest per member.


Good luck and here are the photos:





"Are we in the right place?, there are 2 of every kind here." "Noaha's ark is HUGE-and look Best Buy must have been Noah's sponser, so at least when the flood comes we'll still have our wifi!!!!



Employee in blue"All personell who value their lives, as soon as I open these doors run as fast as possiable!!"

Employee in yellow"Why in the heck am I giving the thumbs up signal when I am scared as heck of getting trampled on in a few secongs-dear Lord hear my prayer!"



Boy in brown "Please coffee don't fail me now-finally got to the register-2DAYS LATER!" Man in gold "Oh God I hate shopping, why am I torturing myself, I don't want to cry in public."
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I'm not at all creative, but here goes ..... Hoping for a random win.


1. Rain Rain go away, Don't you know it's Black Friday?

2. I'll try and hold the door closed while you guys make a run for it. And hey, Charlie, tell my wife I love her.

3. After seeing a group of people in GottaDeal t-shirts run away with all the iPads ....... Oh man, why didn't I think of that? I'm definitely checking out that site next year!

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1. It is true, people lined up for hours to confirm there are BestBuy employees working on Black Friday. See Pic 2 for proof

2. Yes it is true, we do work here on Black Friday. And yes there is a bathroom and running water in the back. It will take you 3 hours to get to the other side of the store though once these doors open.

3. Says the man in the Camo hat, "Did i really forget my wallet?"

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Pic 1- Guy in the grey sweats- Do I try to sneek in line or go back to my car? Do I go to the back of the line or go back to the car? Oh well, I know someone else already has my doorbuster and they probably have one of those cool Gotta Deal shirts that brag about it anyways. I guess there is always next year.


Pic 2- Guy in the yellow- Haha I know we gave you a map but funny thing is we tricked you and decided to put things where we wanted to and not where management wanted us too. Guy in the blue- Uh dude, why didn' you tell me that. Don't let these crazy people in:)


Pic 3- Why did I get up for this? Please don't take my picture. I am ashamed to be wearing a black and gold jacket AKA Steelers colors. LOL!!!


Sorry, had to throw that one in the there seemed fitting this week:)

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1) “Wow, why am I still standing in the back of the line all night while it's cold and raining? Everything will be sold

by the time I get inside!”


2) (Guy in yellow says) “Thumbs up my buddy, got the thing I needed. Thank God I work here and get first



(Guy in Blue says) “Can’t get by me err.....I will hold this door shut.”


3) (Guy with hand on face says) “What the F'!!! My wife is going to kill me because I did not get what she

needed! I think I'm going to cry.....Hopefully nobody see’s me.”


(Girl with cell phone says) “Oh my God I have to hurry and get to Wal-mart. My sis texted that they have a

better deal!”


(Guy with coffee says) “I need more coffee now! Should have supersized it!”

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#1 This actually wasn’t Black Friday it was just a poorly organized Flash Mob.


#2 Hey Bert, yeah Earnie? Watch this, I am going to make them think we are about to open the doors, haha.


#3 If she says “can you hear me now” one more time I am going to pop that headband over her mouth…

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#1 Attention customers. This Best Buy location closed down, we forgot to turn off the lights. Please visit the nearest location which is 300 miles away. Thank You.

#2 Good Job Mom! #1 in line again!!!

#3 OMG! I forgot to put on Underwear!

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OMG, I cant believe I won this time!!!! What a lucky day this has been today. I took my kids to my sisters churchs' fall festival and both me and my boys won cakes at the cake walk. Then both of my boys had their names drawn to win door prizes. They won a Mcdonalds GC and an Itunes card. Now, I log on and find out that I was one of the winners of this contest. How awesome! Thanks Brad. I sent you a msg giving you my name and address. Please let me know if you didn't get it.
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