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Victoria's Secret offers 3 Sweaters for $30 plus free scarf


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Is it one free scarf per sweater, or one free scarf per sweater? IE 3 sweaters and 3 scarves or 3 sweaters, one scarf? It is only indicating one free scarf for me...wondering if I'm doing something wrong or just supposed to get one. Thanks!

One scarf per order.

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If you are looking for a turtleneck sweater... I bought this sweater in brown a couple months ago and it is very nice; I get compliments every time I wear it. I am not a turtleneck person, but I can stand this one- it is not bothersome on my neck. It says a large is 12-14, but I wear a 10 (DD) and the Large is just right for me; form-fitting but not too tight on the chest. I wish it was in the 3/$30 deal, but even at $19 +/the 20% off it is a great deal.


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I called VS to change my order from M to L size and they told me that my VS credit card had already been billed and they could not change it. Ummm, ok, you got your $, now let's try to be Customer friendly and help the Customer out here. Long and nowhere conversation short:mad:, I got credit for the return label with the order and I am to place another order to get the corrected size (changed after reading posts, as VS/Pink has always run large, to me). So, to not have two billings on one statement, I am reordering, as I would have to pay for both orders before my return is processed. :(


I very rarely order from VS, as I do not like the quality, but will if it a really good deal.

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I am trying to make a decision for my fiance, just the 3 sweaters or scarf or a bathrobe and perfume. :confused:


3 Sweaters + Scarf + Shipping - Deals = $33


3 Sweaters = $30 (orig. $74)

Bathrobe = $30 (orig. $50)

Perfume = $0 (orig. $42)


20% off = -$12

Shipping = $11


Saves over $100 from original price! :cheesy:


Bought her a bathrobe last year and she wears it almost every day, she loves it. :yup: Already bought some stuff from this year and got the free scarf.


decisions, decisions, decisions...:eyepoppin


:) I'm sure what ever decision you make, she'll love it!

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I had a $10 off coupon for my Birthday that expired today and could only put in three codes at a time. So I didn't use the 20% off and my total was $29.xx. Any November birthday people may have an email floating in your box some where that you can use. Just a thought.
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