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CHI Flat Iron $59.99 at Costco


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Yes. They have a couple of options. We pay $50 a year for the gold membership. There is also a higher level that you pay (I think) $100 for and you get 3% cash back on your purchases there.

We have the $100 membership and make it a point to fill our cars with gas there. The money we get back in cash back rebate (especially when you include gas + Costco purchases) more than pays for the membership fee. I was skeptical, but I'm glad we got the higher level membership.

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I am a hairdresser and we cannot get this item for under $90 to $120 at our cost...so its a very good deal. Need to make sure its legitimate as far as the warranty because working with them and selling them they tend to only last about a year and a half or so but the company will fix or replace.
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