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Official HOUSE PARTY Thread - 3


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There is a house party coming up later in the year that I would LOVE to participate in. Is there anything special I need to do when applying or is it kind of random??

I think they are random, I am sure that they are looking for certain types of hosts for certain events, those that fit their demographics, but for the most part it is hit or miss.


I never know why I didnt get chosen for some parties (and some of these I really really really wanted)--when I felt I fit what they would be looking for....


you never know. good luck!! They are so much fun, lots of free goodies for everyone, and a great reason to get family and friends together.


BEsto fo luck! HOpe you are chosen for the one you are wanting :yup:

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I got in on the Windows 7 party as well!!!




We'll see how this goes...I'm a Mac user and so are many of my guests but this is an excellent way to try out Windows to see if their OS has gotten any better.


Does anyone recall what comes with this party besides the Windows 7 install?

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well after years of being constantly rejected I stopped applying.


but the cookie houseparty made me apply once again. I'm hoping that I get in. I have never gotten accepted as a HP host :(

not that this is a good thing but glad that I am not the only one that hasn't been accepted. I got in when they first started and just the kid party ones but haven't for 1 1/2 years or more (the last one was the Hersey Bliss one). I notice that the NW isn't all that represented when looking at the demographics map on each party. Washington state and Oregon usually has some representation but very sparse in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas.

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Got my Windows 7 party package! 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 Ultimate, deck of cards, streamers, balloons, a puzzle, canvas party bags, lots of coupons for different PC products, napkins, a poster. I chose the Media Mania party- did those that chose differently get different packages?
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