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I got mine the same way I got my wii. I asked at Target...(you could call as well) If they were expecting them this Sunday (they put them out on sundays so they put it in the Sunday ad. Show up first thing on Sunday morning, at opening, and buy. I did this before the Sunday before Thanksgiving and got one. My sister and I showed up at the same time at different stores. My store had none, even though it was in their ad, (there were 3 very upset women), but hers had 5 and she bought two (cell phones) so I got one through her.


My Target said one per person, (they said it could be a baby as long as they were in the store) but her target was fine with her buying two.


I did this at best buy for the wii last March as they came back in stock after xmas.


It's good to know your Target as well. I know my Target always has low stock, so if my sister hadn't been running back up I would have driven the extra 15 minutes to the next closest target (to be there at 8 am) which has great stock.


But yeah, Sunday mornings 8am is usually how you get them. I would say forget trying to get one online at $89.99, you'll most likely pay a lot more. Try Best Buy, Target, I guess Walmart (i don't shop there, not fond of there politics.)


Good luck, it looks very cool!

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I purchased one on the day of release from Blockbuster. I actually read about it on Amazon, since they were out of stock with no known available date as well. Of course, all of the local stores were sold out, but I called up Blockbuster (closest one is about 20 minutes away, didn't want to make the trip to come out empty-handed) and they had one left and held it for me as well. So, if you can't find it anywhere else, try Blockbuster :)
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ACK!!!! After a full day of shopping yesterday and then lots of phone calls to various stores within a 50 mile radius, I'm not able to find one! There's one online (Target), but after tax and shipping...it comes to $140. I'm just thinking that's more than I want to pay right now. I guess if I'm still without one this time next week, I'll be kicking myself. I've got family in 2 states looking for one and then they'll buy it and mail it to me.
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