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Good Deal on UGG boots @ shopbop.com


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My daughter got a short and tall pair last year in Brown and Beige because I couldnt find Black, I guess all things work out because I just got the black tall ones for 112.00 shipped!!!!


I will never find a better deal than that!


And to all that are not sure..............they are worth every penny!

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Guess Im too much of a bargain shopper....this is still too expensive. Probably never own a pair of UGGs.

Yeah, me too. What the heck makes these boots worth well over $100? Is it just the "name?" I have never been a name-dropper when it comes to clothes...:no:

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Darn, my dd wants the tall classic in chestnut and they don't have a size 7 :(

I ordered a pair of Uggs for my DD last year. She wears a size 81/2 to 9 but they run a little large so we ordered an 8 and they fit perfectly!!! Hopes this help in those wondering about the size.

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