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...anyone know what's on sale Friday??? - merged with sale info


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They did this last year....I think it replaced the 12 Days of Christmas Deal. They have a sale starting on Friday from 3:00 PM unil Close with specials only good during those times. Then the next page will be for Saturday morning. Kind of like Doorbusters, but starting Friday afternoons and Saturdays. They will have different stuff for each day. Usually the good stuff will be on Friday when no one in their right mind can get to Toys R Us!


They have the ad in Friday's newpaper, but last year someone on the inside would post what would be on sale by like Wednesday. I thought you could also go to their website and put in your zip code and get the sale ad on Thursday, someone referesh my memeory please!

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Borrowed after some searching. Not 100% sure its accurate though. Maybe someone can confirm.


Toysrus 2 Day Door Busters Sale 10/24-10/25/08

Friday 3pm-10pm and Saturday 8am-1pm



Sony: 2GB Walkman Video MP3 Player - $45

Wii game: Avatar the last airbender: burning earth - $10

Wii game: Balloon o pop - $10

VTECH: write & Learn alphabet book - $11

DR.Seuss the grinch: sing your heart out! game - $12.49

Nintendogs dressables - $7.49

Nintendo ds game: flash focus - $10

Nintendo ds game: Avatar the burning earth - $10

Nintendo ds game: The golden compass - $10

Nintendo ds game: Mater national - $10

The home depot: power sawhorses workshop - $17.49

Fisher price skates - $9.99 - 14.99

Dream dazzlers: Cheerleader practice mat - $5

Matchbox: skybuster airport action - $10.99

Sweet secrets mall playset - $8.99

Bratz Be-bratz.com with doll - $12.49

Buy xbox 360 arcade, wired guitar and your choice of guitar hero aerosmith or guitar hero iii and save $110

Free $15 gc with purchase of spiderman web of shadows for either ps3 or xbox 360

Little tikes: cook'n learn kitchen - $69.99

Creative labs: 2 GB zen stone speaker (black) - $27.99

Power wheels: kfx monster traction - $179.99

Radio flyer: my 1st scooter - $34.99

Memorex sports cd boombox - $19.99

Huffy and street flyer bikes - $49.99 - 59.99

Littlest pet shop: fly paper - $6.49

Kid K'nex: Lots of pals - $9.99

Poingo: Cars & Nemo 2-book set - $24.99

Step 2: Front porch playhouse - $269.99

K'nex: Designer's choice 30 model set - $15.49

Roseart: smart art folding easel - $34.99

Spin master: PixOs starter - $11.99

Hulk: Cinema scene or epic tunnel clash - $14.99

New Bright: 1:10 scale r/c fj cruiser - $41.99

Animal Alley: nutley horses $3.99 - 7.49

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Does anyone know if these deals are better than the ones you can get on BF????? Just wondering if it is worth checking it out now or if I should just hold out. TRU BF AD....WHERE ARE YOU?????:razz:

Usually things that are these types are sales are different then what is on sale BF. If you see something you want or need in the fri/sat sale I would buy it now I doubt that the same item would be featured on BF for any less.

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I didn't notice on the ad but on the second page top left side it says SAVE $110 when you purchase XBox 360 arcade(199.99) and the wired guitar and either the guitar hero 3 or the aerosmith one....so that means you buy the 360 and get the rest of the stuff FREE! I paid less than $250 for the xbox, game, and wired guitar AND the 2 year warranty!!! THAT is a great deal!!!
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