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Write a Black Friday haiku & win a BF t-shirt - CONTEST OVER!


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In line for pricematch

Bought my stuff a week ago--

Ha! Who's laughing now?!


Slept all day Thursday,

Yawning in the minivan

the kids are here to block


O Blackest of Days!

Your cups overflow with sales on

Moste generous gifts


Night vision goggles,

maps of the building, but

it's no spy movie... ;)


Wearing my old pads

from football's not cheating, it's

evening the odds.


Economy's bad,

Reselling the deals I get,

Cash to pay the bills.




Economy's bad,

Gifts ahead of time '07,

No BF this year.


Third variant...


Economy's bad,

Getting the best deals 'cause we're

Pinching our pennies!


Keep the car running,

we've got a lot of places

to hit before 6.


Circling the lines,

"Limit one per customer";

There are six of us...


Bobsledding with carts

Plowing our way through the crowds,

No rainchecks today


Gold, frankincense, myrrh--

Wouldn't you prefer a Wii?

(I've got it like that.)


Practicing tackles

and agility training--

an Olympic Sport.


This year I'm getting

a Blu Ray even if

I have to kill you. :eek:


Deck the halls with ads

and coupons! Fa la la la,

Black Friday is here!


Stocking up for three

teenagers, DS Lites are

on my shopping list


I'm a Mac and I'm

a PC this year! Savings

from Best Buy camping.


Iron Man, Batman,

could there be more toys?! (They're

for dad, not li'l boys)


.....argh. This last one was particularly awkward. I hate using "li'l" as a legitimate word, but there you have it. I wanted to express the plight of girls and women everywhere with the one grown man everyone has in their family who wants all the little boy's toys. My family deals with my father with a kind of judgemental ironic weariness, because we have no brothers/sons for him to pretend he's buying action figures for, and thus this poem with a really nifty improvised rhyme scheme! I am proud of it despite its weaknesses.


I also think that snegrif's haiku deserves a nod of appreciation, and I have responded with my own haiku:


You may be there first,

but my kung-fu is better!

Accept challenge? Y/N


The syllable count is dependent on choosing one of the options, and not reading both out loud. Curse my shaky interpretation of east-Asian poetry forms!! HUMILIATION

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frugality's a

way of life; it takes skills and

a.m. sacifice.


no warm bed for me

nor hours of rest, when talking

shopping, i'm the best


when electronics

shopping, watch out for products

with obsolescence.


drowning sorrows in

cold gravy soaked turkey legs

'cause i was too late


scheduled to work fri;

it should be holiday pay!

man, i'm missing out.


filling out these forms

but my time is better spent

trolling GottaDeal...


don't care who wins the

presidential election;

too busy planning!


float like a butter-

fly, sting like a bee, ali

can't shop better'n me

(NOTE: ugh, ugh, I hate these fake words, oh my god.)


these deals almost make

me wish I liked my fam'ly,


(NOTE: okay, this... isn't as bad, because I actually say family with 2 syllables usually. no, it's still terrible.)


the pecan pie is

growing cold, the turkey's

gone; it's time to go.


My job is really boring, guys. I am still at work. Oh, it is so boring. ...Man I hope my boss doesn't catch me. The IT guys probably think this is hilarious. Hi IT guys!!

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waking up early

hurry to store of your choice

buy all the good stuff



stay up all night long

go get coffee and bagel

go to people watch:D



really cold outside

dont really want to go out

save money and sleep

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Take me to the stores

I want to find my bargains

Will you come with me?



I can take you out

I'll run you down with my cart

You can't outrun me!



I love to pricematch

They love to pricematch for me

All my ads in hand.



You and me camping

Trying to keep warm and dry

Best Buy nights are long.



What a holiday!

Black Friday is a great day!

Spend! Spend! Spend! Spend! Spend!



Long lines, sleepy eyes

yawns, cat naps, sleepless people

Then its rush, rush, rush!

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Freezing my butt off

Hot chocolate in my hand

All to save a buck



Open please open

I just have to get inside

Hope to score a deal



Down this aisle quick

Can't believe I got it all

Man check out the line



My trunk is loaded

Time to head home and get sleep

Hubby can unpack

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Laptop, camera,

Digital frame, toys, and more.

These are what I want.




On Thanksgiving Day,

We'll be rummaging through ads.

The excitement grows.



Excited, anxious,

a feeling of happiness.

Bring on Black Friday!




More competition...

Gottadeal is the place

you want to find deals!



Bring me liberty...

and let me shop til I drop.

Or give me death.

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I'm not a poet and I know it. But here is goes;


Black Friday is near

Bargains & gifts for my Dears

GD got in gear


Love shoppin’ BF

Chair, Food, Family & Friends

GottaDeal once again


Hours skimming ads

Planning camping not too bad

First in line I’m glad


Best Buy BF deals

Puters, tvs camera steals

GD here’s my bills


Weeks of planning $0

Standing in line for hours $0


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