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Write a Black Friday haiku & win a BF t-shirt - CONTEST OVER!


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Another fun contest where you can win a limited edition Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com t-shirt!


This one is simple: reply to this thread with a Black Friday-themed haiku. For those unfamiliar with it, a haiku is a 3-line poem with the first, second and third lines having 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. It does not have to ryhme, but should create some kind of imagery in the reader's head, so be creative!


An example Black Friday haiku would be:


people skipping lines (5 syllables)

crashing carts into others (7 syllables)

glad i stay at home (5 syllables)


So come up with your own and post it here. Entries will be accepted until Thursday morning at 11am ET and then I'll pick 2 winners from all correctly formed haikus and those 2 members will each receive a BF t-shirt :)



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Leave house in darkness

Looking for a shopper's high

Black Friday is here!


What things will I find

Friendly smiles, shoving matches

Only time will tell!


Black Friday is here

The day we wait all year for

Shop, shop, shop then sleep!


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Your deal in my cart

I've had ads since October

Read back of my shirt


Shopping madness reigns

Husbands passed out from ball games

holidays are here


Up since three pm

rain or snow who really cares?

can't sleep in this year


It's MY doorbuster

a stampeed, outta my way

It's war to save more


Saved more than I spent

credit card i do love you

Bills to pay later


december comes soon

forgot about the wrapping

who bought all this crap?

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