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Write a Black Friday haiku & win a BF t-shirt - CONTEST OVER!


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Looking through the ads

Black Friday is approaching

I can hardly wait


Eat Thanksgiving meal

Pack warm clothes and sleeping bag

Head off to the stores


Waiting in the cold

Making new friends—young and old

Now it’s getting close


Rushing in the door

Grabbing goodies—left and right

Shopping is a thrill


Now my shopping’s done

Toys galore for everyone

I’ll be back next year

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Hi I Love this site!


I wasn't clear if I could only post 3 LINES, so you can either take it together or separate them! This was really fun! Here goes!



Ads from GottaDeal

In my hands, ready to shop

For Toys, games, and gifts!


Dashing through Walmart

No end of this day in sight

Need to split in two!


My cart is now full

Bipitty Bopitty Boo

Got some great deals too!


Cant wait for next year

Thanks to the GottaDeal site

I know where I’ll shop!



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I shouldn't have looked at this one, kind of went crazy with ideas! Here are the 7 I wrote before I could stop myself.


Read through GottaDeal

Choose Black Friday sales I want

Lost sleep but saved lots



Gather up my ads

Waking up bright and early

Bring home lots of deals



Go to bed early

Wake O dark thirty for sales

Rush through many stores



Very little sleep

Drag husband out in the dark

Shop in my new shirt



Christmas is coming

First shopping on Black Friday

Great deals make great gifts



Gottadeal dot com

Find Black Friday ads online

Shop until I drop



Write down shopping list

Sleep then sit at desk to shop

Wearing hard won shirt

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I don't have a Haiku, but thought this may be a cute ad


Turkey's on the table

as we all give thanks

hurry up and shovel it in

mom is on a rampage


got all my ads

Im ready to go

put on my jeans, my shirt, my sweatshirt, my 2 pairs of socks, my snow pants & boots, my gloves, my hat, my scarf

and I am out the door


I can barely put my hands down

I can't even see my toes

I look like Marshmallow man

but last year I nearly froze


I've got my ads, the lawn chair

my purse and my keys

get it all packed in the car

Damn I have to pee


As I repeat lines 7 & 8

I finally make it out

I'm headed on my way

Shopping is all I can think about


I finally make it there

Im the first one in the line

Can't wait for that door to open

After waiting all this time


More and more start to come

we form a little pack

we starting talking about our families

and how they think we're wacked


The many hours pass

5am is right around the bend

adernalin is flowin'

I Just can't wait to get in


Finally it's here

We rush in to find our gifts

taking elbows and shoves

just to get what on our lists


When it's all said and done

and you have all of your gear

The parking lot hears your shout,

"I'm not doing this **** next year!!!"


**REPEAT IN 2009**

Happy BF folks

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