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If you are going to be using a debit card for the majority of your purchases, Keep some 'emergency cash' with you just in case the store's cc machine/network is not working so you don't miss getting that doorbuster you want. With all the shopping that day, the network tends to get shut down or move really slow that day.


Carry a small bag with just what you will need with you to keep the risk of theft to a minimum.


If it's not a doorbuster or a hard to find item, come back for it later. No need to waste time when you could be on to the next store to get the next deal.


And as others have said: GET THERE EARLY! :)

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My own tip: buy as many BF ad items online as you can before you leave the house. Many stores put their BF items online starting Wednesday night and throughout the day Thursday and early Friday morning. If you can buy something online, that's one less thing to fight the crowds for, one less thing to spend time searching for and one less thing taking up space in your vehicle :)

And don't forget to link to those items when possible through Gottadeal so that Brad and the site get credits..... :yup:

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1. Bring the ads with you.


2. Get a few people together with multiple vehicles.


3. Make sure you can reach one another.


4. Don't try to hit all the stores at once, that is why you have #2.


5. Use the drop and go. Drop off someone from your vehicle to go get in line while you either find a place to park, or hit another store when it opens.


6. There are not friends on BF once the door opens!!!! (Making chat in line is great, gets you ideas and makes the time go by)


7. Put snacks in vehicle for in between stores. Who has time to wait in line for food when there are bargains to be had!


8. Don't forget to bring $$$, CC and your budget.


9. List of items needed and hard to buy people for when you are talking to others in line and are getting ideas.


10. Wear depends, there is no time to stop for a bathroom break!!! LOL. :D


**** Wear your GD t-shrit and bring your GD bag!!!!

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Whether you are hosting or being hosted for thanksgiving. It's OVER by 8!... Take what you can to sleep ( because I am always too excited to sleep on my own.), go to bed, sleep for the appropraite amount of time for your store. ( mine is usually Walmrt so I get up at 1am).


Make a plan! I hit walmart and t-r-u on the same road. head up one exit to get Target by 6, bb- if it is not crazy- Kohls, radio shack, kmart, and joanne fabrics ( cute decor and stocking stuffers sometimes) and then it is 730 time for breakfast at the friendly's. Go home sleep, get up at noon and hit the mall ( as all the amatuers are packing it in by then) then the outlets just as all those wonderful clerks have time to restock from the midnight madness.



I also bring little gifts ( cookies, small things) to give to those after noon, because let's face it... HOLY CRAP DOES THEIR DAY SUCK! and it let's them know you appreciate it!



But see it is all in the plan.....

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Make a list before heading out to the stores. That way in all the excitment you don't forget anything (especially if you are price matching from another ad).


If you are price matching, have the ads with you.


If you are going with a friend... communication is the key. You can help each other "grab" items and also charge those phones. Its easy to loose each other in the madness so it helps.


Women... Its so much easier not to have your purse. Buy one of these small pocket wallets so you can just bring your ID, cash, credit cards, etc. This cuts down on purse snatchings and frees up your hands


Dress comfortably. Especially shoes. Its not a fashion show so no need to dress to impress. Haha. Wear layers so you don't have to have that bulky coat, etc. When the door opens you want to be able to move and not wattle because you are so bundled up.


Lastly, enjoy the experience. Yes, its hectic, but isn't that why we go out besides getting that great deal? Just know it only comes once a year and the deals are saving you money in the long run. Watch the impulse buying too..

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I am probably not as good at this as most people....


My tips would be.. Start reading gottadeal every hour starting in July.... I usually just read it 4 or 5 times a day from January until July.. (I might miss something if I did not keep checking this site) If you do that then you will be ahead of the game with the ads, plus other deals that might have come up before BF.


I use my "green" shopping bags so I do not have a cart..

I say "thank you" and "excuse me" to people.. (that got me a bratz doll at TRU last year) It seems to shock people.

Park in a center location if you can so you can drop and go. I have 3 good stores all in one shopping center.


That would probably be my best tips...


:) Happy Friday!

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1. Have your list divided into stores and bring your ads to price comp.

2. If you go any where with clothing get them before it starts to cover anything in your cart

so it won`t be taken.

3. Get your tickets or stand by electronics first, they go fast.

4. Scope out the store to see the quanities of everything you want so your prepared to


5. If you can`t find something ask employees before it starts, they will help you.

6. Tag teamming is always best, be sure to have your phones charged so you can


7. Have fun and wear your shirt!!!:gdtshirt:

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KNOW the store's Price Match Policy!!! No use arguing with them (unless they have changed their mind) if their policy won't allow PMs. Sometimes Black Friday is an exception to the policy.


If their policy allows PM on their own ad for 2 weeks (Target) purchase your items the weekend BEFORE and walk in there after you are finished shopping and get your money back! This will save you a store and possibly waiting in line when you can be at a different store.


If you are camping out at multiple stores, have 1 person available to run between stores and bring you food/coffee while you are waiting.


Put your cellphone on VIBRATE (with or without ring) and put it in a pocket. Unless you have a VERY loud and annoying ring, you may not be able to hear it in the excitement and crowd.

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Pockets!!! I hate carrying my purse on black friday. It's just in the way, and it is one more thing to worry about. Besides I've never have the courage to actually use it as a weapon :) I put my cell phone (for cordinating w/ my bf buddy in the store) and my debit card in my pocket. That way my hands are free and nothing is holding me back!!!



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Make a plan to time out what stores you really want to get to first. Make a list of the first stores you want things from. If you have friends that want to go to certain stores that you want things from give them your list of what you want. And have them give you the list of things they want from the stores you are going to divide and conquer best way to get the deals
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take deodorant... we tend to stink after sleeping on the ground, running, pushing and shoving :gdgirlfight3ol:


Also I seperate my money.... I have different envelopes with the store names on it with my budget money in it.. helps with overshopping and keeps you from having all your money in one spot and risk losing it(like i did one year)

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For big stores, especially like Best Buy or Circuit City:


1. Go to the store a day or two before BF (of course that does not mean Thanksgiving!!), and talk with some of the workers especially one of the managers that may be in the departments. They will usually be more than willing to talk to you about what is in store for BF and give you the scoop on where items will be, how things will be done to get people in and out, etc. That really helped me getting the cheap computers.


2. Make sure you verify which items are the doorbusters so you get to the stores between those hours!!!


3. Make as many friends in line as possible!!!! I was alone on most of my trips, but the friendlier and communicable you are to other folks in line, you can all tag team and get items that each of you want, and if someone gets in before youdo they can get something and hold it until you get in. That worked wonders for me when I went to get some of the presents for my kids.

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Do as much shopping as you can online on thanksgiving or at midnight. The prices usually start right at midnight so you can get the same deals and avoid the lines. You can also almost always find a coupon on gottadeal.com that will make the prices even better! :)
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layer your clothes..it may be cold in standing in line but you will soon want to shed some of them.


be organized so you can get in get out and get on with it


be nice...to other shoppers (yes even when they are crazy) and especially to the poor souls on the other side of the counter

But not too nice otherwise you might not get the deal you want LOL!

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I try to go early enough that I can pick up all pricematch items before the official start time at Walmart. That way, I know I already have them, don't have to fight the crowds to get them, and no one bothers to try to take them, because they wonder why i'm buying something that isn't on sale.


I also try to barter services with others standing at pallets (at WM). I pick them up a cabbage patch if they will grab me some hot wheels, etc. Works great!

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This is specific to BB but...GET A PERSONAL SHOPPER!!!! I can not emphasize this enough! Ours starts taking appts for BF in October sometime.


1. Go to your BB and make an appt with a personal shopper (make sure its before noon).

2. Since we get the BF ads in advance make a list of everything you want that is NOT a door buster.

3. Email list to shopper.

4. You will still need to camp out for anything that is a doorbuster but all other items are pulled in advance and waiting for you in a secure location so all you have to do is get your tickets and wait for your appt.

5. Tickets are good till around noon (may vary, not sure), so you can go do your other shopping until you have to be back for your appt.


We have done this for 3 years in a row (we tend to only care about the BB sale) and have never been in the store more than 30 minutes from the times the doors open because our PS also takes our tickets from us and goes and gathers those items too....she rocks!!!


Ohhh, and get there early...I kid you not, we get there by 11 am on Turkey Day :2letseat: and always have someone either in front of us already or they show up within 10 minutes. And bring a battery TV or have a way of watching TV because there is always football on Thanksgiving!!!! woohoo :2football


For everyone no matter which store:

Not so much a tip but fun....make sure to take a camera when you camp out...you will be amazed at some of the things you see and its great to be able to post them here later.


I keep adding to this :)

Bring some Kleenex or Toilet Paper... first reason is for runny noses as you are waiting overnight..and the 2nd is because even if there is a restroom close by, there is never enough TP.


We also bring our coleman camping stove and a small cooler, as the evening wears on we can heat up water, have hotdogs, whatever...just to have something hot in our stomachs. It also helps turn things into a tailgate party.

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Coffee, good frame of mind, and a smile. We start the morning about 1:00am to our 24-hour walmart with Christmas Music a blaring. I always make friends in the line and help as many people as I can. It makes it less cut throat


I have a binder that I place all ads in, these are tab, I compare these ads to the ones Ive pulled off Gottadeal, and the on-line shopping threads.I write every store I want to go to and what I want and price match as much as I can on the list. Envelopes in the back of the binder for all reciepts.


I go to Walmart first mine is a 24-hour, I enlist enough people to get the door busters so they are stationed all through out the store. I also have two runners who go and help other people who I may make friends with get otems that they may need, I also place in my cart Items I am going to price match ahead of time.


While in Walmart since I go to the same store all the time and they remember me I also buy the early morning workers donuts. I am out of Walmart by 5:45 then on to the next store where we try and do the same thing.


I tell my older children who go we are on a mission and time is very important we waste no time. we all have cell phones and walki talkies. It is the most fun we have in a day. The most fun we had was last year when every wanted transformers from TRU and I found them hidden and helped 4 ladies with getting them so their kids wouldnt be disappointed, Same thing with the sleeping bags, I had no need for them but found them up on the top and helped fill other peoples lists.



Best advice, Make friends, Be orginized, smile, have manners and don't yell at cashiers they are only doing their jobs

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My best tips (for BB customers):


Make your shopping list out early - get the info right here!


Visit the store on Wednesday to start to map out where items will be. Be careful though they may change


Camp out early enough to insure you will get your ticketed items

When the customer service reps come out to hand out tickets ask them where items are located. Usually they will give you a map. Double check to verify the items are where they were at Wednesday.


Ask more than one rep the same questions. Sometimes the answer changes

Prioritize your non-ticketed items you have on your list - Which will go first? Go for those items first, but also keep in mind the store layout. You may end up picking up a lower priority items because you are walking right by it. Map out your plan based on the inforamtion you just gathered - Don't worry, you still have 2 hours to get in!


Don't waste time - pick up the items and move on!


Pick up your ticketed items later in the morning. Come back if need be.


Help out others you may have met in line by picking up items for them and they will do the same.


Get to checkout as quickly as possibly.

Good luck!

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Most importantly, introduce yourself to the people around you in line...if they like you they will look out for you and protect you from the line jumpers (who can really be mean and in your face)...additionally, ive had others from the line grab me something if they are picking one up for themselves and then throw it to me once in the store :) Being nice really matters!!!


Also having a bottle of water and a granola bar in the car to hydrate and re-energize on the way to the next store.


Have your sale ads in the order in which you are hitting those stores, don't waste time sorting through ads!


Lastly, it's supposed to be fun, don't let the crazies hurt your shopping high!

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Watch the websites the night before to see if they have changed their prices online. Sure you may pay shipping (But a lot of places have free shipping around that time) but think of the hours you're not wasting while buying in your warm house in your PJs.


Check Gottadeal.com's message boards if you have cell phone internet or laptop with Wifi - they sometimes will have people in lines chatting on the boards. Helps the time pass.


Dress in layers, especially don't forget a few pair of socks! It gets cold out there.


Ask the first employee you see where the ____ is located. That way you aren't running around aimlessly looking while others are buying up the item you want.


Run! Surely you've seen these people who are crazy enough to run. Become one.


Oh yeah, Walmart pricematches! Only 1 item you "need" at another store. Cut down on that and either spend $1 more elsewhere or pricematch


Make a list before of the stores you want to visit and the items you want. Then re-write it based on how bad you want it and the hours the stores open. This is your gameplan, try to stick to it!


Don't forget family and friends. Ask them to come along or buy for them. Christmas is coming so you need to get stuff for others too!

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