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Ordering from Amazon

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Geez louise what a pain in the butt!!!


Dh has been watching a tv at Amazon for over a year waiting on the price to get right.. This weekend he was all excited because it finally hit his price due to a rebate of $200.


I go to make the order and the rebate has now changed to a gift card for Mounted Memorabilia! What in the world?? Who gives a flip for that--we (along w/ bunches of others that saw the original rebate offer) wanted our cash! :mad:


Calling does no good but the price is still excellent so we go for it using the 24 months no interest w/ Amazon card. Great.. until I DH gets home to look at the order to see that the cart has the newer model tv--wanted last years model, and 2 wall mounts for the tv not just 1 as was in the cart? Now I'm really saying WTH!!??


Open the order email and the tv he WANTED--last years model--is in the order but the 2 wall mounts are still there. Call to get that changed--holy crap what a PITA talking to people that have accents stronger than cuban coffee!! After explaining the situation the nice young man puts me on hold for about 5 mins to come back and tell me he could not revise the order but had to cancel it altogether and make a new order w/ the correct items (still getting the right tv :) ) and that everything should be correct now.


Fine.. whatever--get the confirmation email that yes, the order is made but now they're not accepting the amazon card since I'm over my limit! Of course I'm over the limit because the other order is still showing up.. why?? no clue..


CALL again.. now I've been told that yes, the order is cancelled and yes it may take a few HOURS for this to correct itself and that I'll get a new email w/ the confirmation of the order.. All this started on Sunday afternoon..


Now, at 3:30 Monday I've still not gotten it straight until I call yet again to explain my plight. Guy says he's sure that the charge is now $0 and I should call and tell them to put it through again. Nice young lady says I see the order is completely cancelled and we'll put it through again..


Voila.. in only a couple of minutes I've got a confirmation email that the charge has gone through.. whew..


I've never had any kind of problem w/ ordering like this before--even w/ Tiger Direct when we got my dad a new tv and the dern thing wouldn't turn on! Called and got a RTA and off it went.

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As someone who orders from them all the time, I'd say that's not a typical Amazon order process. However, I did see that rebate change, too, and decided to hold off because of it. You could try to sell the Mounted Memories coupon / rebate / whatever it ends up being. They are a pretty big player in sports memorabilia.
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I had similar experiences the last 3 times I ordered from Amazon. I will not order from them in the near future. Dh can if he wants, but I won't. It was such a PITA when I ordered the last 3 times. the orders didn't go through correctly b/c they had a "glitch" according to the representative. And I could hardly understand the reps I talked to. The accents made it totally impossible. Outsourcing your customer service may save some $$ up front, but it is costing you MY BUSINESS. If I can't understand the reps - I iwll buy from someone else!
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I have heard of issues like this with Amazon. Apparently they frequently change their pricing, and rebates to target certain customers. For example, put something in your wish list and go back 24 hours later. The price will be about 5% less because they want you to buy it then. I'm actually surprised they haven't been sued for price discrimination yet.


Amazon however has always been pretty good to me. They're one of the few merchants that I really trust and respect.

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My husband really wanted a Samsung TV (DS busted his 37" LCD this spring with his Wii controller :( )... He has been shopping around for a LONG time, and he, too, saw the $200 rebate at Amazon.com. He was all ready to buy it, but wanted the details of the rebate, and found out that it was a merchandise credit at that place you mentioned.


I think that's a lot like false advertising. Even though they corrected it, they still said "$200 Rebate" on the page. I think it's sad when e-tailers aren't held responsible for their advertising. I understand that mistakes happen, but jeez!



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