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AMC Theatres - Discounted Prices before 12PM on Weekends and Holidays


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Isn't this common knowledge? Most if not all movie theaters offer some sort of matinee price. Used to be before 4pm

Our AMC theater still has the "normal" matinee pricing as well but it is more than the $5 special price. I think the matinee price for adults on a weekday is $6 and on the weekend the price is $6.50 or $7. Regular ticket price is $8.50 - I think. This is a "special" price that AMC advertises I think - they technically don't call it matinee.

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I've been going to the AMC in a local mall with dd7 to movies starting before noon. Each time the tickets were $4 each. Now, if they could just do special pricing on the popcorn.

If you are a moviewatcher member they do sometimes have coupons for free small popcorn - but that is of course only good during the week. I can't remember the last coupon though - it was a while ago.

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