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12/18 ONLY $5 off a purchase of $20 or more at Walgreens


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Don't forget to check out the clearance shampoos. Some of the clearance infusium, herbal essences (large bottles) and pantene (large bottles) will give you a $10 RR if you purchase 3. I think some of the hair color may work also but I haven't tried it. In the weekly ad it shows if you buy $20 of certain shampoos and hair color you get $10 RR. When I went yesterday some of the types were clearanced for around $3.29 and I bought 3 and got the $10 register reward! If you can find the infusium conditioners they are like $1.59 each and I got 3 of them in a seperate transaction and got the $10 register rewards. So if you need to stock up on shampoo this is a great deal. Hope this makes sense, I was just excited to actually be able to share.
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I took the coupon in on the way to work this morning. They had 12 packs of Cokes for 4 for $11, with a $4 RR for next purchase. No limit on how many times you could do this!


I bought 4 12 packs and 3 pairs of toe socks for stockings (3 for $10), paid $17.56, got $4 back.


Thanks so much!!

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I was able to use my coupon today and also took advantage of the Infusium shampoos on sale for $1.79 and the BOGO on the Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent, the 2//$3 Colgate Total coupons, plus a $1.00 manufacturer coupon on Colgate, the Dove Oil Body Wash was $2.69 and had a $2.00 off coupon from Dove Website, plus some odds and ends for a total of $46.70, after all my coupons, including the $5.00, total came to $23.61. :D Love days like this~!!!
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I went and got the entertainment book and I bought two of the movie size candies but it wouldn't take both coupons even though the cashier put in the $5 off first (it went through but then voided when the $10 coupon went through). I already did the shampoos earlier that day (someone got the conditioners though-which I actually need). I didn't have any of my other coupons with me and my son was in non-stop talk mode. I ended up getting 4 more of the movie candies which bumped me to $31 and then it took both coupons.


First Trip

4 things of coke $11

2 Pantene shampoos @3.59

1 Infusium shampoo @3.59

(i Just started this kind of thing so coupon stock lol)


$16.77-$5 =$11.77 and got $14 in RR


went back and got

Entertainment book $25 (i got the last one)

6 movie candies (2/$2) -needed for movie baskets anyway and was going to Dollar Tree to get it.


used $10 RR and paid $6.07 out of pocket

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I feel like I robbed Walgreens!


I paid $29.61

I saved $38.12

Savings is about 56%, Woo-Hoo!

And the only thing I got that I didn't "need" was the $.25 coloring books for DDs stockings


Had to do it in 3 transactions to use all the register rewards same visit.


I got 2 pair of jammy pants for hubby (took lots of digging, mulitple brands, some were junk)

3 cans of planters nuts

2 rolls of tape

1 fancy dove body wash

3 huge bottles of pantene

8 christmas coloring books (cheesy, but they have Elmo, Spiderman, MLP, Precious Moments)

31 4x6 photo prints (online coupon code = 33% off)

2 tubes of toothpaste

2 kiddie character toothbrushes (Barbie and Hello Kitty)


I feel good!

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Thank you so much great deal on the foot spa

This is what I'm screaming....


They even let me have the pedicure aromatherapy one and pay the $6 difference... so I got the really really cool one for $15!!!! I was so excited and then I got the chair cushion massager too. Total was $23.xx. Mark 2 more gifts off the list.

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I saved over $54.xx on this deal. I was able to get in on the Isadora makeup sets for $7.xx (got the last two in my store) and coloring books 2/$1 and the Lisa Frank sticker sets $.99, two more Dove body washes that were clearanced out to $2.69 each, used two of my $2.00/off coupons and got them each for $.69, then I used my $5.00 off coupon and paid about $16.xx for all that stuff.



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My Walgreens Store Manager decided to be a turd about this $5 off coupon. My stuff rang up at $21.68 total. I gave them the $5 coupon FIRST and they said I needed to run through my other coupons FIRST. I had store coupons, Easy Saver coupons and Man. coupons. Of course, that brought it down to $12.XX. The store manager was near the new cashier and he told her to do it that way. I pointed out that it did not say on the coupon that the puchase had to be over $20 BEFORE coupons. He gave me a blank stare and refused to give me the $5 off. I paid the $12 and left mad.


I would of let it go, BUT, this is the 3rd run in I had with this particular Store Manager. I decided it was time to do something about it. I wrote corporate through their web site and explained the situation. A day later, the Store Manager emailed, apologized and said he was sending me the $5. Today, I got CASH in the mail.

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