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best zune deal, who can b trusted Help..

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I was searching for cheapest 30 GB ZUNE deal. Missed TRU deal Friday.

I see that Dell has $96 (brown only) and Circuit city has $99 for brown one/free shipping, so price is just a few dollars different.


Does anyone feel another store will have a better deal TOMORROW that has yet to be announced? Also Both dell and CC were rated very poorly for customer service and delivery by most customers... should I trust them??

:confused: feeling nervous, yet desperate for that ZUNE...

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Since my original post, CC and Dell both are out of stock. CC doesn't tell you a delivery date, Dell says 6+weeks. I have emailed Dell..and am waiting for a reply, asking if there is any chance of a sooner delivery date. I think this is the newer model, just the (brown)one no one thought was "cool" I suppose. Good Luck everyone. I am hoping for a miracle.:yup:
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Wow, thanks for the info, but I read about return policy. Newegg says only 7 day return policy for a refund, then up to 30 days for a replacement if there is a problem. After 30 days you are on your own. That is too scary for me :eek: I want longer time to check it all out.

Aside from that, was the one on Newegg the newer model? I thought it was..confused now. The 4 gb and 8 gb look different from the 30 gb... so which is the newest 30gb?

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I purchased one through Dell on 11/25. The order status said delivery in 2/2008!! :eek: So i called and they said they would rush the order, should get it within 3-4 days.


On 12/2 I called again since my order status kept saying "in production". It was then that they told me Dell does not have anymore and won't be shipping them out!!!


Well it would have been nice if they told me!!! :gdparanoid:


I checked my bank and I wasn't charged, so I am calling my bank tomorrow to make sure that doesn't get approved just in case. I am also calling Dell tomorrow to make sure I am not getting charged.


If you also need to refund, call this number 1-800-247-2076 (hours: M-F 7a-9p CST, weekends 8a-5p CST). This is the order modification dept. Some other people have complained that Dell does not willingly return your $$.


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