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Long CAT5 Ethernet Cable

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I'm getting tired of not being able to move my desk/computer into my closet and this is the only thing stopping me. I'm gonna need at least 30 feet, but maybe more. Some of this stuff gets pretty expensive so could anyone help me out? I've froogled it but haven't been very successful.
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That's a good deal for 50' when you consider the free shipping.

And when you factor in that I have some Buy.com cash around here :)


Thanks for the help guys. My mom has some 25' from one of her schools' old labs. If it's not long enough (I highly doubt that it is) then I'll have to buy some.

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I prefer to "roll my own."


300' + cable ends + crimper tool




Don't forget to use the GOTTADEAL coupon to save even more.

Agreed, with the exception listed below.


For beginners, may be slightly easier to work with plenum or similar wire, although it certainly is more costly. Of course, with three hundred feet, one can afford a few mistakes (connectors are not "reusable" for the most part, however). Finish off with some inexpensive strain-relief boots.


Very nice for long runs, or an occasional cable. If requiring more than 25 or so, save yourself the time and purchase inexpensive pre-made.

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