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Post your Black Friday steals


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Guest Luckycharm

I only went to Meijer as it's a zoo out there today!


I got the $5 Lazer Level w/ $5 rebate on it = FREEEEE for my brother

Crayola Light up Tracing Desk for my son $5.99

Fake Xmas Tree for the Boyfriend as he don't have one and they were 40% off, so I paid I think $50? for a 7 foot one. (THAT was what I went out for)

New cheapo Mixer for when I don't wanna get my big one out $4.44

Grabbed my son a Timex for like $10 (he loses watches)

some other MISC junk that I didn't need LOL


Total was right around $100..........not too shabby!

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hey! just got back from Office Max. god that was FUUUUUN

i got there at about 6am and was about 20th in line. then within 10min line DOUBLED. when it was getting closer to 7, everyone's friends started to come so i was may be 40th person, but since i am 15 and was with my uncle, i didnt crae coz i was gonna skip everyone any way. I met my friend on line and he was there last year so he knew taht we have to go to the door in the back to get most of the free stuff. i RAN to the door like someone was shooting me and i was the 1st one there! hehehe. i fot my stuff then we ran to get the rest. those ****** at office max put free CD-Rs next to $40 ones and the ptice tag was huge so it covered both Cd-Rs, so as you might think, i got the wrong ones and had to refund them after check out. i was lucky that my brother was in the city so he ran to Radio Shack and got CD-Rs from there. so after all, i am VERY happy with my first black friday! thank you guys for posting all the deals.

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Boy, for those that have them, Meijer was the place to be this morning. Got a Portable DVD for $89. Two kids games for $3.75 each--Hi Ho Cherry-O and Don't Spill the Beans. Then I got a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards for $3.50 and a 2L bottle of Mt. Dew for .69 to round out my total to $100 so that I got the $10 reward on future purchase they were offering. That place was CRAZY!!!
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Totally scored at Office Max, got there a little before 6am and was first in line, needless to say I got everything I wanted...sent one of my friends to Kmart to get the Liteon DVD Recorder for me, she only got there an hour early but she was second in line and got one no problem. That DVD recorder was such a deal.


It's great to live in a town just big enough to have an Office Max and Kmart, etc, but not too many people concerned with BF deals. :) :2roller: :)

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Well, that was fun. Started at 4:30 am.

I went to 5 different stores. Got some good deals:



Very crowded. Waited about 20 mins. in checkout line.

- 10 / 12 Cup Coffeemaker - $4.44

- 2 Slice Toaster - $4.44

- Bean Bag Chair - $9.99


People were grabbing the - Apex DVD Player - $18.77 – up so fast. Some had 4-5 in a cart.



Fuhgedaboudit – I walked in and there was a HUGE long line. I headed to the jewelry counter for their sale of 60% + 15% off all Sterling Silver Jewelry. They were taking numbers and were on 84. My number was 15. I walked out.



There was no one in checkout lines when I walked in. I headed back to the Toy Dept. Woooaaa … where did all those people come from? Same with electronics. I got my sale item and was out in 5 minutes.

- 3 pk. mini sports balls (soccer, football, basketball) - $3.00


Radio Shack

- Sharp Touch Screen Organizer - $5.00

- Pen-Style 3-in-1 Digital Camera (captures stills, video clips, use as a webcam). - $10.00 (got 2 for stocking stuffers)



- 50 ft. holiday wrap – buy 1 get 2 free - $1.99

- Walgreen’s invisible tape to wrap pressies – buy 1 get 2 free - $1.99

- Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Set w/carry case - $9.99



I’m no way near done, but am happy with my bargains. :)

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Craftsman 2-drawer tool center, reg $119.99, sale 59.99

Craftsman 18-piece deep socket set, reg. $39.99, sale 19.99

---minus $10 gift card savings and $10 off coupon--- woohoo!


also got some discounted shirts and the $20 HomeMedics seat massager and the $1.99 Christmas lights--two packs. Also had $5 off coupon.


Radio Shack:

mp3 player, $39.99 in store, with $10 MIR


JC Penney's:

boys' shirt w/radio control car, reg. $17.99 (though that might be marked up), sale $7.something


I'm done till payday and very satisfied!

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Went to Best Buy at 4:00 was about 20th in line ! Got the 256.00 Napster Mp3 player for 29.00 after rebates and a 50 pack of dvd-r's for 2.97 Dont think I really needed to be there that early as they had quite a few of the mp3 players and a bunch of the dvd-r but better safe then sorry.


Went to Target and got the Garfield movie 8.88 and the Disney Twice Upon A Christmas 12.88 plus I had a coupon for 3.00 that when I bought huggies so that worked out good.


Showed up to Toys R Us about 8 to see what it was like. My daughter is only 8 months we dont need too many toys this year and was surprised by all the stuff that was still left they ran out of some stuff but still had a few of there sales left thought that was a lot since they opened at 5.


Went to the mall didnt find anything worth waiting in line for an 8 dollar sweater and standing in line for an hour and a half wasnt worth it to me. I was home by 9 now I'll sit back and watch the news for all the crazy stories.

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Liteon DVD Recorder for $83.OO at Circuit City ($132 - $50 rebate), I got the last one in the store at 6:10 am. Also got the $18 DVD player.


Got the $287 15" Magnovox LCD TV at Home Depot


Got some other deals at Target and Office Depot, only thing I wanted that I missed out on was a fax at Office Depot which they sold out in the first 15 minutes but only had about 10 in store

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LOL.. seriously, ready?



Dora Dancing Doll - 12.00

DVD Player - 27.87

Rock and Ride Piano - 10.00

Juice Box - 36.86 (PM K-Mart ad)

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - 24.99 (PM Best Buy)

Family Guy Season 1&2 - 17-77 (PM Target)

Bought more, but it was regular price



Blanket Sleepers -BOGO

Entertainment Center - 12.49

Bought more, but regular price



40 PK. DVD + R - 17.94 with 15.00 rebate



Battery Storage Rack - 2.98

Tube sled - 2.49 (2)

6.5' Pre-Lit Christmas Tree - 19.99

Activity Table - 9.89

Tunes and Tales Lantern - 9.95

Fleece Throws - 2.45 (3)

Wrapping paper - .73 (5)



3-pk sports balls - 3.00

Toaster - 4.50



Kid's boots - 9.99 (2)

Shrek 2 DVD = 11.77


YAY! I'm happy and I'm DONE!!!

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-(2) 17" LCD panel monitors

-(2) 160GB Maxtor Harddrives

-256MB PNY flash drive

-256MB SanDisk SD flash card

-512MB DIMM memory

-Teon 50 pack of DVD-R's

-Teon 40 pack of slim jewel cases

-I/OMagic Dual Layer DVD burner

-Leather Manager's office chair


Harbor Freight-

-10 in one game set

-2000lb winch

-folding utility knife

-air brad nailer

-tool tote

-8500lb tow strap


I think I did ok; I'm upset that some stores aren't here in the Central New York area. The closest OfficeMax and CompUSA are an hour away in Syracuse. Maybe I'll go hit them next year!



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Maxtor 160GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache Hard Drive - $74.95 - $35 MIR = $39.95 (got two of them thanks to someone tagging along)


I know BestBuy had a better deal ($10 less in the end), but the out of pocket expense was higher ($120, then $90 in MIRs), plus the line at BestBuy was significantly longer (as I looked across the street from Staples at the BestBuy line, I noticed their line was already around the building (at least 100-150 people an hour before opening)). The Staples line was only 15-20 people long when I got there. :D

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I didnt get up early, got up at 8am, got to the stores at 9:30.lol But I got everything I wanted, minus the $68 19" tv at Sears, didnt go there.



5.8 GE Telephone 39.96 (wasnt on ad I dont think but it looked better than most, and was on sale)

Mens undies 5.47




Samsung Hi-8 Camcorder 179

Foot Spa 9.95

DVD Player 19.99

6 rolls wrapping paper .49 each


There were tons of items left everywhere I went, same with Walmart. I'm glad I didnt get up early.:)~ Cara

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Ok, let's see :-)


Kohl's 5:30


Pooh bear thing that looks like a Glow Worm- $6.50

Pajama 14:00

LIttle Tikes ferris wheel thing $8.50

2 sweaters to bring the total to $50 to get the free $10 :-)




I ordered the Zire and the free Mp3 player online but I forgot the DVD+r's so I stopped in and picked those up and some cute erasers for 50 cents :-)




A free Pod coffee maker with purchase of the variety pack of Coffee (they were out of this earlier this week, so I was thrilled that they had it in since the coupon expires the 27th!!!)

the Dart Board for $8.88

a Lime green and blue lava lamp (my daughter was with me and she freaked because it matched her room LOL)

Trivial Pursuit 90's edition


Little Wal mart


Terrain Twister RC car was on sale for $49.88--this was what my son asked for well, other than a real car LOL

one of the back rests, 2 of the hair dryers, 2 of the cheap dvd's, and one of hte game bundles




2 of the care bear castles for $16.99!!! WOOHOO!! they are SO SO cute!!

BOGO pajamas (my niece asked for pajamas)


Best Buy (9:30)


The K9 Virgin Kyocera phone for free AR


Wal Mart SuperCenter


3 pair of jeans, (i forgot to look at the little one, and this one is on the way home)

and grocery stuff :-)


This is it for me for today--I had fun and introduced my daughter to BF without it being a rushy hassle because I really didn't want or need anything---Next year maybe she can experience the thrill of the hunt LOL

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Arrived at BB 12:00. Line was longer than when I arrived last year at 1:30. We leave and go to another BB arrive 12:30. About 25th in line. We brought a 20' motorhome with us. We made pizza, watched Tv. had a place to go the bathroom. Got tickets for 3 computers, and a vid camera.

Let my friends wife wait in line while we took a car to OM. Arrive 5:10 about 20th in line, ran and got dvd burner, flash drives camera, printer, lots of blank disks, cases, HD's, chairs, all the free stuff. Had to wait to get out, the computers all crashed. Finally get out, go to Office Depot, they were all standing around that place was empty. Got HD's, flash drives, sd cards, speakers. 10 min tops in there. Go to Staples, get HD's dvd burners, Dvd blanks, slim cases. another 10 min. go to CompUSA, got 256 memory, All in wonder card. Allmost an hour in here.

Get back to BB at 8:45. Just in time to get our computers before the 9:00 deadline. His wife that waited at BB also picked us up the Dvd blanks and a NEC projector for me. We then went to Sears, the lines were so long and we were so tired that it wasn't worth it to buy any tools we really didn't need. I think the 3+ grand we spent before rebates was enough. They dropped me off at 10:00. Now I'm leaving to see Santa land over at the shopping center. Oh yeah I think I'll drop by Circuit City on the way!

Thank you GottaDeal, for all your advance stuff that made our planning easier so that yesterday we were able to spend the day with our familys and not have to plan out what we were looking yesterday,for today. I also bought stuff at BB online 1 A.M.Thursday morning.

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