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Black Friday Tshirts


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Opps messed up on quotes..


Originally Posted by sevirj View Post

Front of shirt - Warning, the crowd behind me may be larger than they appear.



Back of shirt - If you can read this, then you should have set that alarm clock a little earlier.




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I'd pick "e" if I were to make one. ha!




WARNING: Known to swing out over ___!


a. laptop deals

b. plasma deals

c. MP3 player deals

d. hot toy deals

e. all of the above




Here's another one.


Back of shirt:


Better re-think next year's strategy.




These are fun!

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GREAT ideas!!!!!


Last year was my first BF shopping experience(not including being dragged along by my mother as a child) and I loved it. I only had time to wait for Wal-mart's doorbuster items b/c I had to come home to a new baby. BUT this year, my best friend and I are going to hit the stores early and with a plan of attack. These Tshirts are a very cute idea, I might have to borrow some ideas and get some cute little shirts printed up.

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