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November Tab laptop suppose to be also blitz here it is


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I went to the store and they do have tehm on the floor. and its selling for 698

soo on sale day its a saving of 300 asked about price adjust they said yes if you buy it out on sale time

so say you know its going to be 398 put it in and pay over half. then when add comes out yu pay it off and get it at the sale price.


I called both our walmarts and neither one carries that model.

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I work at wal-mart

and they have a stack under the counter at customer service.

I thought it was the curent ad and picked it up.

was looking at it with fellow employees.

wasnt till later I found the dates and learned it was for nov 5 through the 11.



yesterday out of couriasaty while shopping(it was my day off.lol) I took the model number with me.

and we have them on the floor here and talking to the manager he said we just got them not that long ago.

was talking to him

and asked do you think all the stores have tehm in already?

he said it would depends.

he said for example. he has more computer items.

but the store about an hour away has more dvds and cds and sterios.

a lot depends on what really goes in the area.

sohe said its possiable they could have them but allso its possiable they would not.

he even said ads in different areas could have a different model then listed.

but usually they get the one listed.

he even said stores can get different amounts.

like the other I talked about at blitz last year only got 8 laptops.

our store got 20

it really depends.

its hard to say without calling the store and seeing or going in and looking.

now they might already have a display model showing. and not actually have teh item.

and then there is the person you talk to. did they really know what there selling? did they even look.

sad to say I have seen it happen in my store.

tehy dont want tobe bugged by people they just say they donthave it to get the person gone. when really its there all teh time they just dont want to deal with it.


what I sugest is going in and looking. take the model number and the brand.

you might be suprised it might of just come in.

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yeah true

of course they wont tell you till the sale.LOL

but each store is diferent I know my friend in alska says its more.

of course having lived there I know all things are more because of teh shipping.

some prices even vary from how far they are from the distribatures.

so if they live near they usally pay a lot less.LOl

ok can you tell I use to be a manager at one time ?? LOL


but that was a diferent store and different time.LOL

I sorta like being a peon now less stress.LOL

and the funny part is I get more now.LOL

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I live on the border of Illinois and Iowa and I can tell you that there is sometimes a price difference between the two states. It all has to do with the demographics of an area. I rememeber last year BB had those 149.00 puters I beleive and niether Illinois and Iowa had them by me they had a different ad altogether
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Prices are different in Wisconsin due to law that says no store can sell below cost which is also why I don't know if Wisconsin will get the $4 generic drugs...if we don't I am getting my scripts filled in Iowa.
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ok any of you guys who are good about computer type stuff look at the specifics on this one would it be good for gaming at all?? I mean like say Sims 2 type stuff??

If you use the DVD version of Sims 2, then you should be fine. I actually did a study on this and found that the DVD version ran better than the CD version. :eek:

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WHATS THE DEAL? SPECS FOR LAPTOP STATE 15.4 inch screen...but ad state 14inch.

If the ad said 14, then it's most likely 14. The specs do not necessarily reflect those of that particular item. I'm closing the other thread you started - please keep the discussion in one place... thanks!
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My WM will be putting the laptops out at 12AM, as they have with all "hot" items (elmo is the only one I can remember).

I guess I'll be in line...If they have a dual core on BF I can always put it on ebay...;)

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Ok..So I have been trying to figure out...For the walmarts that are open 24 hours,if these laptops do get put out at midnight- where do you stand in line ? Near the electronics dept ? Just wondering ...

I'm going to see if MIL can get one set aside, I doubt it but it's worth a shot.

The manager here is the friendliest, and has more common sense than any I've met, he said if there is a big enough line whenever (9 pm for example), they'll start ringing them up. (They have 12 as of now and aren't expecting more, but the ad says 15 minimum?)


Ours is laid out different than most I've seen, but I'm going to stand as close to the register as possible without blocking traffic.


Call your store and ask the manager if they put sale stuff out at 12am. There are a few people that said they don't at their store.

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So, does this mean the labtop is going to be $200.00 more than it was originally going to be?

Depends on where you live. Some posters from Wisconsin say that it is a law in their state that items can not be sold below cost as loss leaders. So, the laptops are $200 more in Wisconsin at least.

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Oh, well I live in South Carolina where they even have that tax break on everything for black friday weekend, so it should be 398.00 here then. I'll wait until BF before I get one though, because they'll be cheaper than they are right now most likely.
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WAS 198.94

conon powershot A530 digital camera

5 megapixels. 4x optical zoom. 1.8-inch

lcd display. DIGIC 2-image processor.

If you're looking at this camera Circuit City has it for $129.99 (online only) right now.

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