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Caption Photos & Win Mystery Shirt Prize Packs [Winners Posted]


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1. These are the ghosts of Black Friday past!


2. “When I was your age, we lived outside in tents all year and had to walk uphill both ways to get to Best Buy!”


3. The good old days, when every year had a flu season but hand sanitizer was just for paranoid people and nobody wore anything on their face to keep from spreading their germs. 

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Time for the next contest, and it's one of everyone's favorites:


To be entered to win, reply to this thread with captions for each of these 3 photos from previous Black Fridays (aka the good old days haha):


PHOTO #1--Time for the next store!




PHOTO #2--First in line!  3 days to go!




PHOTO #3--Back in the day, I had to wake up before dawn and wait in line!  None of this "internet" stuff!





Contest will be open until 11pm ET on Saturday, October 24th. I will then randomly choose 5 members who entered and you'll win a Mystery Shirt Prize Pack.


Limit of one prize pack per member but if you win you are still welcome to enter future contests for fun.


For more info on the Mystery Shirt Prize Packs we're giving away this year, see this thread.


Good luck to everyone!




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1. Why is everyone buying TVs, my Mom sent me to buy instock lysol wipes, Dude.( grey hoodie texting guy)


2.As part of our covid procedures you must pass tests at each of our socially distant tents to receive your certificate of entry. 


3. Only 2 people in store at a time due to 25% rules..we appreciate your patience.

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Not so much captions, but more like the beginning of a writing prompt.  Here we go.


Photo 1:
This isn't a photo from when they first started the sale, because nobody has a Gottadeal shirt on.

Photo 2:
In an attempt to prank the entire town, Scotty placed a well lit Best Buy sign up at the old abandoned Circuit City and placed a few tents outside.  So far the prank has worked as 20 people have formed a line behind the tents.

Photo 3:
When this line started all of these people were kids.  They are forever known as Toys R Us Kids, even after the store closed and the had children of their own.

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