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New for 2020: Win GottaDEAL Mystery Shirt Prize Packs!


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It's looking more and more like this year's Black Friday will not look anything like anything we've experienced before. Most stores will be closed on Thanksgiving and it's doubtful we'll have the massive one-day sales with long lines and huge groups of shoppers. So rather than create new t-shirts which you might not even be able to wear on Black Friday, we're going to do something different this year.

This year we are giving away GottaDEAL Mystery Shirt Prize Packs through our contests here on the forum and on social media (including our Discord server).

These Mystery Shirt Prize Packs will each contain around 10-12 items including at least one "vintage" GottaDEAL or Black Friday t-shirt!

I went into the archives and found nearly 40 different GD merch items from the past 15 years that found their way into these boxes. Besides the guaranteed t-shirt, all boxes are also guaranteed to contain a reusable GottaDEAL grocery shopping bag. Many boxes also include baseball caps, winter beanies, backpacks or other vintage GD swag. A few even contain one of the rare orange 2019 Black Friday shirts from last year.

The GD warehouse was completely emptied to create these boxes as I crammed as much stuff as I could into each box. And if that weren't enough, one lucky box contains a $25 Amazon gift card and two lucky boxes each contain a $20 cash prize!

T-shirt sizes range from medium to 3XL with a good number of each size available to start with. You will be able to specify your size preferences and those will be first come, first served so the first winners will have the best size selection.

I had enough items to create 50 of these special prize packs so these will be more limited than our normal t-shirt and other giveaways. They also will obviously have a higher value than our usual prizes because of the sheer number and quality of items included.

I know many of you will be disappointed that we're not doing new shirts again this year, but nothing this year has gone according to plan. I had a great design that I was going to use this year but it would be better saved for a more "normal" year. I'm going to try to supplement these giveaways with other fun contests on the forum as well for gift cards and other prizes so stay tuned.

Look for the first mystery prize pack contest thread in the coming weeks.

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Going to have a very, very, very (like single digits) small batch of 2020 BF shirts made up just for family and friends. If there are any left I'll open up some of the mystery boxes and throw them in but no promises :)


I had our DNA tested.  We are definitely family.  And, of course, BFFs.

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