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New for 2020: Win GottaDEAL Mystery Shirt Prize Packs!


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Shirts will be a difficult fit for this year.  Most of us will be stuck at home and it isn't as likely as we will be out and about to advertise as much from our shirts.


Fortunately, since I am Brad's "brotha from anotha motha", he's going to hook me up with one this year.  Right Brad?




Brad?  You there?  Don't ignore me!

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Second batch of prize packs were dropped off at the post office today so if you've won one of the last two contests, your box is on the way.


With half the boxes gone we haven't run out of any shirt sizes yet, but we're getting close to running out of XL and larger. But don't worry - there's plenty more in the boxes besides the shirt even if you end up with a size that doesn't fit you.

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Thank You Brad!

2” of rain in the rain gauge and its still pouring But It Is A Good Day cuz my SWAG came! 
Very cool! I Looove hats and mine fits just great. Cool shirt! too!
And lots of cool useful stuff, magnets, post-its, pens (that write well), stickers, a very nice shopping bag and a few more things.

You made my rainy day Brad. Thank you so much.


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